In the most light-hearted social media post ever, the picture of a gold-coloured egg that was posted on 4th of January 2019 managed to attract over 50.5 million likes on Instagram. The just-previous most-liked Instagram post was that of Kylie Jenner’s announcement of her daughter Stormi’s birth. This post garnered 18.7 million likes.

The record-breaking egg post had the simple photograph with a caption that ‘egged’ followers to press like and make it the most liked post. On 14th January, the post had crossed 36 million likes and gathered over 1.5 million comments.

As to why the post gathered so many likes, social media gurus think that it is the humour element, tethered with the name of a famous person, and used a popular social media channel. Al these helped the Instagrammers to unite for the goal. This post taught us a few things:

#1: Build Online Communities

It is true that it is worth building online communities. They will help to bring in the revenues and the growth that is required. Therefore building a community is important for your business, whatever it may be.

#2: Easier to grow with influencer marketing

To make a page grow quickly, it is important to have lots of information and more important to connect with others having similar target audiences. Members of the new audience groups will start to follow you if they find informative content in your pages.

#3: Meme marketing is more popular now

Meme marketing is getting to be more popular now. Last week it was the turn of the Netflix movie to go viral with the Bird Box meme. Hereafter it is predicted that meme marketing will be on the upward trend. It is as easy as Social Media Management Services humbly asking people to support and accomplish a goal that would make the world turn around and take a look.

In the year 2019, it is already very clear that social media holds an important position in brand recognition and global awareness. If you own a business in California, you can engage a reputable Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco like to take care of your social media campaigns. They will help you to engage your users and help to promote their unified action to reach a goal as in the record-breaking egg campaign.

The world is waiting for more astounding social media campaigns to follow.

In the earlier part of the Internet era, search Engine tech giants like Bing and Google have started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their search algorithms. This was intended to help customers with search listings better suited to their requirements.  This effort paid off really well and today we are at the beginning of the next revolution wherein AI is going to contribute to better search results.

Today, those businesses that use SEO techniques around improved AI ideas are bound to succeed. There are three areas in which AI can be used to improve SEO: Automation, Insights, and Personalization.


SEO is an industry that requires constant attention from the professionals that are managing the optimization. However, improved AI techniques can help to automate some of the procedures that would end up producing the same results as their human counterparts’ outputs. This can free up time for the professionals who can devote this time to better and more productive pursuits.

Computers can be made to replace peoples’ efforts in areas such as keyword research, content optimization and distribution, internal linking, technical audits, etc. However, it is important to work out the correct balance between the automation required and the human labour factors.


The speed with which AI can assimilate and interpret data cannot be imagined. Humans can never match that speed. Therefore, it is recommended that search strategists make use of this speed and use the information gleaned using AI methods. Common jobs where AI can be used fruitfully are:

  • Market analysis for projection of trends
  • Performance analysis of sites
  • SEO spend management
  • Spend management for the PPC Marketing Agency you have hired
  • SERP performance
  • Competitor performance details

In every area mentioned above, AI can reveal newer insights that can go unnoticed otherwise. Newer search modes such as visual search are eliciting newer methods for newer types of media in which AI can be used to the organization’s advantage.

Google Lens is an example of the latest attempt by the company to use objects as queries instead of words. A large amount of data that is generated would have to be processed to appropriately modify search strategies by using AI.


Personalization is a tool that helps marketers to create experiences that are suited to each customer’s wants. If you want to provide personalized experiences to your customers,, a Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco can give you the technical assistance to incorporate AI in your SEO endeavour.

A typical example in this niche is Amazon, which has been using personalization for a long time now.  It uses old historical data to suggest appropriate products for the user. For those that use Amazon, it helps them to reach out to good products according to the individual consumer’s that otherwise never appear on sites.

Though AI systems are invisible to the eye, their significance cannot be undermined in the generation, assimilation, and processing of large amounts of data that humans cannot manage to do.  

In spite of having the best content strategy, nobody will get to see it unless you use the correct SEO principles. Just picking the relevant keywords and using them may not get what you want in terms of the site rank.

However, by using the following SEO principles and working with the best SEO Services in USA like, it is possible to get your pages to start ranking faster than you had imagined.

Placement of Keywords

Your page rank will not improve if you simply stuff the keywords. This may actually earn you title of a spammer. At the same time, it is important to have a primary keyword for every post that you have created. The primary keywords should be included in the URL for the post, within the first 150 words, in the meta tag, and at least in one heading.

In the rest of the post, it is important that you use other related keywords while maintaining the natural flow of the post. The most important point to be kept in mind is that the content should be written for humans to read/see. You can get the best SEO Company in San Francisco to do this for you.

Optimization of Images

It is predicted that more importance will be given to images in blog posts in the future. The SEO Expert Services would know how to SEO optimize the images. This optimization happens in the title of the image, the alt text and the file name. It is best to use the primary keyword once in any one of the images. The rest of the keywords can be used in the text of the image. You should remember to describe the image in the alt text. This will help Google to understand what your image is all about. At the end of it all, the images chosen should be relevant to your post.  

Mobile Friendliness

If you want Google to rank your pages higher, ensure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, Google greatly improves the rankings. You can make sure that your site is friendly by using Google’s Mobile Friendly tester. This can analyse your site’s friendliness and come out with an ‘all clear’ tag if your site is responsive.

Use of External Links

It is recommended that you include at least 3 to 5 external links for every 1000 words of content. The quality of the sites that you link to is as important as the number of external links that you use.  However, an excessive number of links are penalized by Google.

It pays to use the technical SEO tips to optimize the website and boost your page rankings.  At we can help you to get your website rank up by using all of these techniques.