Either it can be an aftermath of a pun intended personal opinion, controversial opinion on any public matters or maybe a leisure talk in the circle or one’s close friends. If you have been spending time online, then you have definitely dealt with a troll. Even if we don’t want to take part in one and do everything in power to not participate in a troll event, these days we are always subjective for trolls. If you want to keep your online reputation intact and establish a thriving community that is positively engaging, then every business needs to handle internet trolls effectively. The best Digital Marketing Agency San Francisco is here with some effective tips to counter internet trolls.

Establish a Policy

The foremost step for blocking internet trolls is to establish a strong and cohesive policy for users. It should clearly state that what kind of opinions or statements can be made on the internet platforms of the business. Solid comment policies ensure that your website and social media platforms will remove harassing, anonymous and promotional comments. This will overall revive brand perception among the audience.

Ignore them

Yes. Trolls always demand attention and participation. They want the subject to get angry or frustrated. If we ignore them in the first place, certain trolls are more likely to settle down without even creating chaos. No matter how disturbing the trolls are, ignoring them in the first place is worth a smart move to consider and rightly so. In a Pew Research Center survey, 60 percent of the participants opt to ignore online trolls.


Humour is the best way to handle internet trolls. Respond with humour instead of a wave of expected anger or frustration. Sainsbury’s, one of the grocery chains in the United Kingdom battled a troll after an unsatisfied customer tweeted that the chicken tasted like it was beaten by Hulk Hogan. The brand replied using a mix of an apology as well as a metaphor. They defused and won the scenario by engaging the unhappy customer in a light-hearted manner.

Block the platform

The root cause of trolls is accessibility for trollers to use your website. You can block offensive comments, delete comments or block/ban the members raising the comments. Experts say that disabling comments from your posts can prevent trolls altogether. When there is no platform available, where can trollers sow their offensive remarks? However, while you are blocking the platform, it will also prevent a venue for positive community discussions as well.


If you have the bandwidth, you may want to consider hiring an external team to monitor your website and social media platforms. These moderators timely notice the negative brand comments and take prompt action against them. They will timely deal with the trollers and maintains an overall positive and welcoming tonality for the brand across online channels. There are several tools out there as well for automating the moderating task as well.

Unified Community

If your brand has managed to create and sustain a unified community, then you may not need to bother much on the internet trolls. You have more probability for a genuine user experience discussions happening across your online channels, who possess a certain level of attachment with your brand. Even if a troll surfaces on your channel, the community take matters into their own hands and take genuine attempts to counter them.

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Pinterest has become one of the prominent social media platforms for digital marketing. Launched in 2010, this social image platform has managed to clock a whopping 291 million active users across the globe in less than a decade. The platform forges a venue for users to share images associated with projects, goods, and services and also allows the users to discover new interests based on the photos posted by fellow users.


In a recent update, Pinterest has integrated shoppable pins with visual search in order to make it easier for users to buy the products they have photographed. Pinterest’s feature called Lens allows users to search for items photographed on your phone’s camera. By developing their advanced lens capabilities, Pinterest will start rolling out shoppable pins in visual search results, which is relatively add thrust to the intention to buy the product.


Pinterest’s unique way of empowering users through visual search is found to be effective in researches. The Best Social Media Marketing Agency in San Francisco is here with some of the findings.


  • 80% of Pinterest users start with visual search when shopping vs. 58% of non-users.

  • When shopping online for clothing or furniture, over 85% of users put more importance on visual information than text information.

  • 55% of consumers say that visual search is instrumental in developing their style and taste.

  • 49% of users say they develop a better relationship with brands through visual search.

  • 61% of consumers say visual search elevates their experience while in-store browsing.


The integration of shoppable pins has found to be largely compatible with fashion and home care products. The feature will link directly to the checkout session of the retailer’s website, which means there will be an increase in conversions. Besides this major facelift, the up-gradation of visual search functionality comes with a refreshing design that is relatively easy for users to take and upload pictures. In addition to that, they can pin and save the photos immediately to the board as well. 

The SocialPulsar Impact

Pinterest has been a place where your girlfriend searches for her brand new earrings. It is a fun platform where people plan unrealistic weddings, isn’t it? From the simplest of lifestyle choices to the most important business decisions, Pinterest has gained prominence in our day to day life. People can search for recipes, they can get the blueprints of their homes and much more. It has grown as one of the fruitful slices of social media marketing.


SocialPuslar being the frontrunners among the Digital Marketing Agencies in San Francisco, help you tap the market and generate new leads. Our creative experts are mastery of visual presentation that they hardly need any text to convey what the users were looking for. Apart from Pinterest, our marketing experts run a comprehensive social media strategy, which ensures you filter out quality social media leads. 


We are known for an impeccable track record in social media marketing strategy. Our personalized strategies are capable of addressing the diverse objectives and goals of the brand. Our social media ads maximize your revenue generation so that brands can park the money somewhere else to generate income. Our approach puts the customer in the spotlight of decision making, that too in a persuading way.


Here is what separates us from the rest of the agencies in a nutshell.


  • Adept in designs and visual presentation

  • Comprehensive social media marketing

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • High focus on research and data

  • Focus on the goal-oriented approach

  • Campaign transparency


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Looking for opportunities to add thrust to your brand popularity and gain a competitive advantage? Well, your thoughts to choose paid marketing strategies are exceedingly right, but its high time to maximize the budget efficiency to gain a significant advantage in tapping the market. While running paid search campaigns in highly competitive environments, brands face the heat challenge due to prohibitive CPC’s. Hence it is wise to rely on low CPC’s when thinking of brand visibility before intending to target brand conversations.

Social Ads and Brand Visibility

If the recent findings are to be believed, it was Huel, a food startup that has been the hailed as the highest in terms of social spending in the UK. The startup which has been operating in a competitive vertical (heath and fitness) attempted to create a demand for a product that the consumers didn’t even know whether they need it or not! Being a new entry into the market, Huel’s huge spend was justified and eventually, they succeeded to find space in the market through paid social media strategies.

Diversifying ad spends on social media are highly important in securing a strong foothold in the market. Social media is undisputedly hailed as the prime source of tapping customers and reaching them. There are several advantages to diverting ad spends on social media with the best Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco like,

  • Maximize visibility

  • Increase budget efficiency

  • Gain effective full-funnel coverage

Bespoke planning around user touchpoints

The thumb rule in PPC is that there is no specific strategy that fits universally. Every business vertical, campaign environment, marketing funnel etc demands custom-tailored approach in PPC. However, one user perspective remains the same – the end-user always expect immediate answers wherever they decide to search. Hence an ideal PPC expert should curate a strategy that taps all the touchpoints of the user.

Just like Huel did, new entrants are ideally supposed to align their PPC spends on brand awareness activities. It doesn’t mean that search campaigns need to be completely excluded. However, a major chunk of the spends should be parted for brand publicity as there are several recognized brands engaged in the competition. Without carrying out due diligence in the diversification of ad spends, new entrants risk themselves by spending too much on expensive search terms. Combining awareness and search on social media ads apparently becomes one of the safest strategies with valid impact.

Consider the example of the software industry. A user might make the initial search using informational type search queries, which might go like this – the best fin-tech software, best online food sharing application, etc. and much more. These queries or keywords are cheaper alternatives for gaining visibility in competitive markets. The same user will again browse social media platforms to reach out to his searches, which implies the importance of social media.

Full funnel strategy

For new entrants and novice marketing experts, here is a typical example of various steps involved in diversifying ad spend. Use this comprehensive strategy to target users while they are asking for queries or seeking assistance for products or services pertaining to your industry.

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Conversion

  • Maintain

  • Expand

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