Media and entertainment marketing is an integral part of digital marketing now. The reach and the size of the audience are unparalleled in the case of media and entertainment marketing. Top digital marketing agencies have realized the potential of digital marketing for the media and entertainment industry and have adopted strategies to address this.

Traditional marketing techniques and strategies have almost gone obsolete. It is the digital age and digital marketing has proven to be substantially cheaper than traditional marketing. Digital marketing has made it more interactive with clickable links and actionable buttons. The connection with the audience has improved more than ever.

What are the ingredients to successful digital marketing campaigns in the media and entertainment industry? Let’s take a look.

Know the Audience

You must go beyond your regular loyal followers and fan base. There have to be more people who might be interested in your programs, videos who are waiting to be reached. Go cross-platform. Promote your new content, series, videos etc. outside your platform. Sharing teasers, motion posters, and trailers on different social media channels can spread the word. Come up with some eye-catching extended trailers or clips and run them on the platforms where the potential audience is likely to be online.

Provide Experience Unmatched

The competition in the entertainment and media industry is intense and this calls for highly competitive content/strategy that provides an exorbitant experience to the audience. As studies suggest audience response towards events and contests have been very positive. They love to be part of events and would be more than happy to participate in the contests you run.

Give out obvious hints on what kind of experience should the audience expect out of your shows or program. Are they going to be a family fun ride or are they going to be a nail-biting thriller of an experience? Spare no efforts to grab their attention.

The Influence of Video Marketing

The power of video marketing is undeniable in the media and entertainment industry. Be it a newspaper, publication, streaming company, content creators, or any other field, video marketing is a dominant player. Video ads perform exceptionally well irrespective of platforms and help you increase revenue more than any other type of ads.

Uphold Values and Ethics

Trust is hard to gain and harder to maintain. While your outstanding content can have many takers if you are difficult to work with and lack transparency the popularity wouldn’t last. Fake news and videos should be a strict no-no. Fact-checking and research must be integrated into your work culture. Anything that could hamper your online persona is not to be entertained. Creating presence across all relevant social channels exhibiting a consistent value proposition could contribute to gaining trust in many ways.

Standing up for a social cause and doing good on public platforms would never go unnoticed and it can create a much-needed connection with the audience.

Engagement is the Key

The followers you created with your excellent series or any other content are your assets. Always remember to keep them in the loop. Let them know when a new season is going to be released. Being in the entertainment and media industry, trigger discussions and reactions with micro-videos or trailers. Use retargeting, prompt them to watch the episodes or parts they left off.

Wrapping Up

The approach towards digital marketing for the media and entertainment industry is entirely different from other industries. Your content could be phenomenal but the competition is fierce too. The key lies in how are you going to appeal to your target audience and make them yearn for more of your content.

Heatmaps provide marketers insight into user intent and user needs by letting them understand how users interact with their website. Heatmaps are data visualization tools that help website owners understand how users are interacting with your website and present information like how good is the navigation on your website, what images do the users find interesting and it helps to develop the overall SEO Strategy of the website. They use colors to represent data sets. The user behaviors are represented in a range of colors from red to blue. Warm colors mean high engagement while cool colors mean low engagement levels.

There are different types of heat maps that serve different purposes. Hover maps that track the cursor movement on the page, Click maps that track the user clicks on CTA buttons, images, navigation bars, etc. and Scroll maps are a few prominent examples of heatmaps.

Heatmap to Boost SEO

Top SEO companies in San Francisco use heatmaps to boost SEO. How? Read on.

How heatmaps help boost SEO?

Tweak Page Layout

The factors that make a webpage user-friendly are more than H2s and H3s. Heatmaps reveal a lot of details on how customers interact with your website through CTA buttons, navigation buttons. Heatmaps can tell what elements on your webpage have managed to catch customers' attraction. Based on these reports, you could tweak your webpage for better user experience.


Don't Forget User Intent

Forgetting user intent is forgetting the whole purpose of the website. Heatmaps help you learn audience behavior by tracking what users particularly like on your website. Where do users stop, what do they skip, where do they stop scrolling and where do they finally drop off. 

Now, that is a lot of data and you can leverage this to optimize your digital marketing strategies and PPC campaigns. You could also compare the heatmap data with manual data that you acquire which could help you in integrating more elements on your website, providing the users with exactly what they are seeking.

Combine Heatmaps and Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to track activities on your website but heatmaps unveil the reasons/motivation for the activities. The data from Google Analytics like page views, referral traffic, bounces etc. should be stacked up against heatmaps to identify the elements that influenced user behavior. Making changes according to this comparison could improve customer experience and conversions.

Heatmap for SEO

Contented with Content

Scroll maps come in handy if you doubt the content is too long and intricate. They help you know where the content starts to stretch by showing where users drop off after scrolling. If they are dropping off too early, it might mean that they already found what they found or the first part of the content proved to be a turn-off. Observe the data and you will be able to know what have you done right and where have you gone wrong with the content.

Make the Clicks Click

Utilize Click maps to your advantage. Your webpage must be optimized to comprise only very relevant links. Irrelevant links would take your customers away from your website. Click maps provide you the information on which links do users click in general and which links are ignored. They also could reveal information on what is missing at a particular area on your page. For instance, you will know that customers did expect some clickable link/button to be present at a place if the cursor hovered over that particular area in weird patterns. Clearly conveys that users didn't find what they wanted or expected.

Click maps also give you insight into the performance of internal and external links. This can help you optimize link placements. 

To Conclude

Heatmaps give you an understanding of user intent, user experience level of your website, how users interact with different elements on your website etc. This data when effectively leveraged could enhance user experience while increasing conversions at the same time.

Gaming is no longer considered to be confined to a certain group of people. It is no longer viewed as the refuge of the lazy and indolent. Gaming has risen in prominence and gamers come from all walks of life.

The gaming industry has witnessed humongous growth and a gazillion games are out there. There are online offerings to digital downloads, free to play games, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile games. Tapping into the potential of digital marketing for the gaming industry has always been a challenge considering the diverse platforms.

Gaming Influencers

Influencer marketing is a quite familiar term by now. All reputed brands are banking on social media celebrities to reach a vast audience. One great influencer could do the trick for your brand. You could tap into demographics that were way beyond your imagination.

Social media influencers, especially gaming influencers on YouTube can take you a long way with a single post. Most great gaming influencers today were once just hobbyists, unnoticed. At the same time, we can't overlook the fact that it is really hard to stay significant for a long time with the kind of fierce competition in the field.

Gaming Influencers

Let's look at a few factors that could help you crack it.

How can modern digital marketing find its way into the gaming industry?

The world called "Mobile"

51% of the global revenue from the gaming industry is contributed by mobile games. The figures are more than promising, aren't they? The mobile gaming market is huge and is waiting to be tapped. A best dgitial marketing company can help you build brand awareness rather quickly if you choose to target the mobile gaming market.

Video content matters

Video marketing has skyrocketed to soaring heights. The kind of engagement video content attracts is unmatched and it has the potential to influence consumers more than any other type of content.

The mounting number of gaming channels on YouTube is evidence of the growing significance of video content in the gaming industry. Newbies, aspiring gamers, and champions watch gaming videos for hours, either polishing their skills or just for the sheer thrill of watching them. They usually tend to watch their favorite gaming influencers and follow them for tips and tricks.


Spread the word by sharing

Sharing your games on gaming boards like TouchArcade and GameFAQs is a surefire way to spread the word. Let the audience get the feel of your game. Feedbacks should pour in but don't let negative feedback get the better of you. Instead, use them to make improvements to your game.

Women power

Why should boys have all the fun? It shouldn't come as a surprise that 45% of gamers are women but the transition is quite evident. This is good news for companies. Women gamers are not limited to battle games, racing games, and other action-packed games. They don't tend to stick to the most played online games and are open to trying every other new game. Companies can leverage this to reach a wide audience.

digital marketing in gaming industry

Brand Integrity

Let it be apparent that you have a definite notion in favor of a social cause/causes. A substantial percentage of gamers are known to develop an emotional connection towards such brands and this can significantly influence their decisions on which brand to choose. You could very well partner with some of those great influencers extending the emotional connection to your target audience.

To Sum Up

Unlike marketing in other industries, marketing in the gaming industry could involve any and everyone. It is no niche. Be more inclusive, break the stereotypes, and devise games and characters that cater to a wider audience. Uphold your brand identity and you can win hearts.