5 Proven Social Media Content Hacks to Grow Your Business.

5 Proven Social Media Content Hacks to Grow Your Business


With the rising competitive demand for content, it can be challenging to brainstorm fresh, unique ideas. In order to help you from this creative slump, our social media marketing agency at San Jose has explored five social media content hacks that will not just reinvigorate your ads or inspire new high-quality posts but will also boost native and paid social performance.


1. Make Use of User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) is one that is created by your brand’s users and includes image content, reviews or testimonials, and common queries that are transformed into FAQs. 

UGC decreases your pressure to design content ideas day by day and also serves as a really essential asset for your social media growth. User-generated content is 42 percent more likely to earn you increased traffic. Also, attain more leads and sales from your posts.

How to Incorporate UGC Into Your Content Strategy?

– Use Cohley

Cohley is a content-generating and testing platform that enables users to plan, source, and disperse user-generated content through an easy-to-use platform. 

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– Leverage Reviews

Reviews dictate 93 percent of online purchases and they don’t only drive sales but also can increase website traffic and consumer trust. 

Encourage customers to leave reviews about your brand or products 

– Create a Hashtag Contest

This will encourage your consumers to actively share content, photos or videos aligned with the hashtag. This interaction will drive your hashtag to trend and this will help to enhance your engagement and create brand awareness. 


2. Make Use Go-Live Features to Showcase Your Brand Behind-the-Scenes

Do you know that consumers are watching an average of 92 minutes of digital video a day? Think about how your brand can get in on this massive digital consumption.  

It’s simple. Go live. 

Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, are all equipped with easy live video functionality. Going live allows your followers to interact with you in real-time. 

What Tips To Use For Successful Live Videos?

– Promote Your Live Stream in Advance 

Let your audience in advance you will be going live by sharing the specific details of your live stream well before it kicks off. Also, release other enticing details about the value the go-live will offer to your audience. 

– Build a Plan for Engagement 

People attend live streaming because they want to interact with your brand and, perhaps, get answers to specific questions. Ensure this interaction by setting aside time for questions and strategically preparing the answers. Greet attendees by name as they enter the feed and don’t forget about who you are here to serve. 

– Include a Call to Action 

Whether this is making a purchase or subscribing to your channel, always make a point to mention your intended CTA multiple times throughout your live video. 

– Pick the Right Platform to Broadcast Your Live Videos 

Before hitting “go live” on one of your social channels, you should know where your consumers are. 

– Pick the Right Tools 

A few helpful tools include:


Facebook Live Media


These tools have different functionality and interfacing capabilities. With the help of our social media optimization company, you can easily determine which platform your audience is most active on and use the tools that best complement that platform.


3. Diversify Your Content Assets 

Your intended audience may share a need and there may also be a collection of unique individuals with unique learning styles.

As you diversify your content assets, you increase the likelihood of how your social media content will resonate with more members of your audience. 

We help you create a library of content assets, including infographics, blogs, success stories, whitepapers, videos, and other forms of consumable social media content. 


How to Diversify Assets?

– Use Tools to Help

Tools like Cohley can help you get photos, videos, product reviews, and other visual assets at a noticeably lower cost. Consider options by which you can set and stick to predefined pay ranges for creators.

– Repurpose

Break the bulky downloadable thing on your website up into quotes and smaller, more consumable content pieces like a checklist or infographic.


4. Create Cohesive Campaigns Across Social Channels 

Different channels have different audiences with different requirements and expectations. 

As you craft, your cross-social campaigns aim to tell a unified story that doesn’t bore your reader. 

How to Perform Cohesive Cross-Social Campaigns? 

– Use Tools to Help 

Use tools like the ones mentioned below, to help you craft your cross-social campaigns. 



Meet Edgar

– Identify the Right Performance Indicators

In order to know if you’re achieving your campaign goals, you should assess the metrics you have attributed to each channel which helps to measure the success rate. 

– Testing

To calculate what resonates best with your audience on specific platforms, conducting A/B testing on social media will help.

– Lower Your Internal and External Costs to Produce Assets 

Consider the financial cost as creating new assets can be an extremely budget-taxing process. We are the best social media marketing company in the USA and can help you deal with this process. 


How To Lower The Content Production Costs?

– View Everyone as a Writer

Talk with your subject matter experts about your problems and discuss how to solve them. Then turn that conversation into a blog or FAQ. This can be used as a variety of pieces of social media content without retaining the services of a writer.



Are you feeling completely exhausted by never-ending content needs? You can count on us for full-fledged support then. 

We are the best amongst the social media companies in San Francisco and by employing these five social media content hacks, we help you rebuild and rebrand if necessary. 


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