6 Things You Need for Successful Social Media Campaigning

Nowadays almost every company is trying to gain attention by running one campaign or the other. From beauty to hotel brands are starting campaigns on social media understanding the potential and reach of just a hashtag. Setting aside all the purpose of the campaign we can pin down the real reason for any brand for starting a campaign is to boost brand awareness, customer engagement and brand affinity.

Contest and campaign which engage the audience to act on social media. Initiating a social media campaign is a well-made strategy by a brand, knowing the pulse of the audience and need. Some brands take the campaign as a social responsibility or discuss the current political situation or maybe feminism. The idea being, to emotionally seek the attention of the audience thereby anchoring a brand into every mind. So, here are 6 tips put forward by one of the best digital marketing company in San Francisco, SocialPulsar, on how to run a successful campaign.
1.The Objective
The campaign should have a specific purpose. What’s the reason for the campaign? What do you achieve with such a campaign? What do you expect from the outcome? The last and the most important,  how does your brand get noticed with a specific campaign.
2.The Platform
Decide which is the social media platform that gives your campaign an extra mileage. Is it facebook, twitter or Instagram? Identify which platform has the most number of reach for your brand and start the campaign there. Make sure your brand has visible display pictures and impressive contents.
3.The Engagement and Celebration
Bring on a hashtag or a social activity that can engage the maximum number of people. When someone likes or comments or do an activity( like taking a selfie or groupie, posting pictures), let the brand take an effort in appreciating the effort taken, thereby you make them feel its more human and a real connection is happening between the brand and the audience.
You can also add links like subscribe us or Read newsletter so that you understand how much curious or interested are your audience with your brand.
Make a point to celebrate with customers. The most wonderful comment or activity or maximum share done by an audient should be published on the brand page, of course with their consent. This will lead to loyalty and sustain the brand name among customers as well as the audience.
4. The results
Analysis of the campaign results. What made an audient do a particular activity in social media. Through Google analytic, you can obtain a statics of how the campaign worked among all if it was a failure or a success. With the analysis, you will also come to know the conversion rates. How did the campaign try to reach the overall goal of the brand?  Measure both quantitative and qualitative results.
5. The Response
Don’t be silent or unresponsive over a customers comment. Campaigns are mostly open to all, to all includes even your competitors. Expect negative comments and activities that might tarnish the brand name. Don’t be silent, unresponsive or harsh. Respond happily, reach the customer as soon as possible and try resolving the issue.
Do check out famous brands on Facebook as well as Twitter pages to know how they handle adversity.
6. The presence
Campaigns aren’t a regular event that happens every fortnight or weekly. A campaign happens when there is a need for a brand to address certain issues that can be political, moral or anything, that can be related to your product or service. Don’t make customers overwhelm too much with your social media presence.
Know your platform, which social media works best for you. You don’t need to be active in facebook, twitter or Instagram all the time. A jackfruit seller might not need a  LinkedIn account.
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