8 Ways to Find Content Ideas From What’s Trending on YouTube

8 Ways to Find Content Ideas From What’s Trending on YouTube



Are you lacking on content topics or are you uncertain where your next idea should come from? Then, this is the blog for you.

Off lately, have you seen the videos that are trending on YouTube? These are actually hot topics that thousands of people are interested in. A piece of advice that our digital marketing agency would like to share with you is that whether you’re creating videos, blog posts, or any other piece of content, if you never want to run out of ideas again, here’s everything you need to know.


8 Ways to Find Content Ideas From What’s Trending on YouTube

1. Make Use Of YouTube’s Trending Page To Get Ideas

The best and easiest way to find trending topics is to use YouTube’s Trending tab. This separate section of YouTube displays a wide range of videos that are currently trending in your region ranked by popularity. The section gets updated every 15 minutes, and hence you’re guaranteed to find the very latest hits.

According to its help page, trending aims to find videos that:

– are appealing to a large number of viewers

– aren’t misleading, sensational or clickbaity

– capture the breadth of what’s happening on YouTube and also in the world

– showcase various creators

– are surprising or novel

Youtube considers the metrics like the number of views videos are getting to do this to know where those views are coming from, how old the video is, and how the video compares to similar recently uploaded videos. A digital marketing agency like ours will be able to help you incorporate these ideas into your content generation strategy. 

2. Check the Hashtags

Youtube has made recent changes to the way hashtags work. They are also a great way to find related videos that cover trending topics. Now, YouTube only displays videos that list the hashtag. The videos are sorted and so the best are at the top.

These videos are guaranteed to be related to the topic you’re interested in because YouTube has done the hard work for you by organizing the videos from best to worst. That enables you to see specific angles and headlines that are most popular and use them in your own content.

3. Get Inspired By Your Competitors

Having a lot of competitors is actually a good thing. It is likely that the content their audience likes will resonate with your own audience as well. This means that any of their popular recent videos will make killer blog posts for you.

Check your competitors’ YouTube channels to check out their most recent videos. Parse out a particular topic your audience might be interested in. Or you can also expand on the entire video in your own post.

Our digital marketing agency San Francisco will help you through this task of analysing your competitors’ all-time most popular videos and will make sure there aren’t any topics you’ve missed.

4. You Must Go Niche

Don’t use all of a trending video as inspiration for your content, because going niche and only focusing on one specific aspect of a video can give you a better advantage. A great way to differentiate yourself and create something truly unique is in understanding the angle your audience will find most appealing.

It will also make sure your content always remains focused on your specific audience. When you use trending videos, there’s a danger of creating something too broad or ever so slightly off-topic that won’t engage.

5. Make a Practice to Read the Comments

Yet another way for you to find interesting angles on any trending video is to read the comments. Viewers keep asking questions or will suggest related topics for the content creator to cover. Cherry-pick the most relevant ones to you and start creating content that answers their questions. 

Our digital marketing agency in San Jose, California will make this work well for your own videos as it does for your competitors. We will make sure to search the most popular recent videos and scour the comments for anything you can do better.

6. Make Use Of Google Trends

Google Trends is great for web searches and can also be used to find popular YouTube topics.

Google Trends helps in showing the relative popularity of each term.

As Google explains:

“Trends adjusts search data to make comparisons between terms easier. Each data point is divided by the total searches of the geography and time range it represents, to compare relative popularity.”

Rather than searching the whole of the web, make use of Google Trends to see what’s trending on YouTube specifically. Check the Trends section of Google and search for the top trending queries and topics. Next, change “Web Search” to “YouTube Search” and select your relevant category. Google will serve up a list of the top trending topics and queries. 

7. Make Use Of Predictive Search

YouTube isn’t just about video storage and sharing. It’s also the world’s second-biggest search engine and has an awesome predictive search feature that makes it easy to find relevant trending topics.

As you enter a seed keyword into the search box and YouTube will suggest a dozen or so topics. Not all of them might be relevant, but Google will serve up suggestions based on popularity. As it recommends a relevant topic, you can be sure that your audience is probably already searching for it.

If you were looking for the right digital marketing company the USA, who can help you out, then your search ends with us. Do call us to know more. 

8. Incorporate Tools

A couple of YouTube-focused tools make it easy to discover trending topics on YouTube. Two popular ones are TubeBuddy and vidIQ.

TubeBuddy is a certified extension with a lot of awesome features and its Keyword Explorer tool, helps you find topic ideas, discover trending tags and create long-tail search terms.

vidIQ is a set of YouTube growth tools that provides the creators with everything they need to build their channels. Its keyword research tool helps you find relevant and trending tags to get your creative juices flowing.  


YouTube is definitely an awesome platform and a great way to share video content and grow your audience. It is also a great way to find topics for your next blog post. 

We are the best digital marketing company and we have helped numerous companies across various industries in finding relevant, trending topics, that allow them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Do you also want to create fresh content for your audience? With our plentiful ways of finding trending topics on YouTube, you’ll never run out of ideas again. We make sure your content strategy and article optimization process are both on point and help you create the best content possible.


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