9 SEO Hacks To Outperform Your Competitors.

9 SEO Hacks To Outperform Your Competitors


Here are 9 SEO hacks that very few people know about. In fact, one Backlinko reader had used these exact techniques to rank #1 for his target keyword: So, if you have been sick of reading the same old strategies, you’ll love these little-known tips. Hiring an SEO company will work wonders for you.

Let’s look into the SEO hacks.


  • Use These Words In Your Title Tag, Get More Traffic

A few years ago, SEO pro-Ross Hudgens had run an interesting experiment.

Ross analyzed 7,999 pages that ranked on the first page of Google and he discovered that top-ranking pages tended to use these 7 words in their title tags. It was noted that Google ranks those websites that get a high organic click-through rate.

According to Ross, these terms attract more clicks from Google searches and the use of these words in their title will get more clicks and higher rankings.

Here are some terms that maximize the organic click-through rate.

–  Today

–  Right now

–  Fast

–  Works quickly

–  Easy

–  Simple

–  Quick

–  Step-By-Step

–  New

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  • Find Long Tail Keywords with “Searches Related To…”

The method to execute this technique is to first, type a keyword into Google. Scrolling to the bottom of the search results until you hit the “Related Searches” section is required. This is the section where Google will show you the keywords that are similar to the one you just searched for and since these terms come straight from Google, they make long-tail keywords that are beneficial for you to target.

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  • Use These Little-Known Sources of Awesome Keyword Ideas

It is advisable to use Google Suggest to find long-tail keywords. This is the method of typing a phrase into Google and observing which keywords Google will suggest. This tactic is very useful. But there’s a problem with this approach. Everyone knows about this tactic and is following it. Hence, it is recommended to use untapped sources of suggested keywords such as YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and Bing.

Instead of typing into Google, try YouTube and you’d get a whole new set of suggestions. You may even get more awesome keyword ideas by doing the same thing in Bing.

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  • Reduce Your Bounce Rate. Get Higher Rankings

On analyzing 11.8 million Google search results in order to figure out why certain pages rank higher than others, the findings revealed that pages with a low bounce rate tend to outrank pages with a high bounce rate. But it’s not clear if Google uses bounce rate as a direct ranking signal.

The findings could be based on a  correlation and not always equal causation. For instance, if pages with a low bounce rate might have straight-up better content and that’s the reason Google ranks them so highly.

Or it could also be because Google uses bounce rate as a direct ranking signal. Either way, it is recommended that find pages on your site with a high bounce rate and improve the content so people stick around.

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  • Use Google Ads to Optimize For Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

It was already mentioned that a higher CTR can help you get higher rankings. And the best way to boost CTR is through Google Ads. Google Ads works are basically a big auction. But unlike most auctions, Adwords also takes into account an ad’s click-through rate.

If an ad has a high CTR, it gets a steep discount on every click. Every ad you see in Google is optimized to maximize clicks. These ads help to write your page’s title and description tag.

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  • Build Backlinks From “Link Roundups”

It’s time for the first link-building technique and backlinks are still a must for SEO. Backlinks are one of Google’s top 3 rankings signals.

By publishing high-quality content on your site, you have a good chance of getting your content included in a roundup.

Here’s the backlink using the process that helps to find link roundups in your industry.

All you need to do is search in Google using these search strings.

         “your keyword” + “link roundup”

         “your keyword” + roundup

         “your keyword” + “best of”

         “your keyword” + this week

And you should find a handful of roundups that are a good fit for your site and find out each person that runs the link roundup. Use or Voila Norbert to find the person’s email address. They run a great roundup and your content might be a good fit.

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  • Resource Page Link Building.

Resource Page Link Building is a white hat link building technique. This strategy is similar to link roundups and includes the all-time best content on that topic.

Here’s how to build links from resource pages.

First, use these search strings to find resource pages in your niche.

        “fitness” + “resource page”

       “fitness” + “resources”

       “fitness” + “recommended sites”

       “fitness” + “links”

And when you find a page where your link would make sense, send them this tested script:

Hey [Name],

I was looking for some content on [Your Topic] today when I found your excellent resource page.

Great stuff!

I really like that you [Something Unique About Their Resource Page or Website].

Actually, I recently published a piece of content on [Your Topic].

It might make a nice addition to your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work 


[Your First Name]

Obviously, this is a number’s game and if your content is amazing, you’ll find that lots of people have no issue adding your link to their resource page.


Bottom line

Always target keywords that don’t have a lot of SERP features because you won’t rank for a keyword that ends up getting very few organic clicks. Thinking about how to go about with this or what can work best for you? Do get in touch with our SEO agency in San Jose. 


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