All You Need To Know About LinkedIn Marketing 2019

For businessmen and professionals, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for connecting with each other. The social media platform has released LinkedIn Pages in lieu of Company Pages and has also updated its advertising tools. This makes things easier for professionals and business owners that want to build relationships and grow their businesses. Read on to know more about LinkedIn marketing 2019 features. In order to take advantage of these developments and take your business in San Francisco to the next level, it is important that you work closely with a reputed social media agency in San Francisco.

Page Layout

Earlier on, the Company Page lacked a few features. Now, it is possible for users to associate their LinkedIn Page with hashtags and join conversations related to their business or industry. In addition, there is a call-to-action button which can be customized. Users can start a conversation with customers or prospective employees or customer just by clicking a button. As such, LinkedIn Pages are designed to attract as well as convert.

Mobile App Updates

It was possible earlier on to post images and video content to Company Pages from the mobile app. Now, the app enables admins to even share documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations to enhance their brand’s image. Business owners can tell engaging stories about their company seamlessly on the go with LinkedIn Pages.

Content Suggestions

The Content Suggestions feature allows businesses to know the type of content that the target audience engages with on the network. The recommended post and articles help to enliven the content feed with new as well as trending topics. Businesses have to create their own content instead of just curating content. However, suggestions will definitely be very helpful.

Post Sharing

Further, it is now possible to share the testimonial provided by a customer or a product review on the LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn has made post and conversations sharing extremely easy.

Sponsored Inmail and Content

Page optimization and mastering organic content are not the only strategies that businesses can take advantage of on LinkedIn in 2019. They can combine two different ways of advertising. Sponsored Content or feed ads help to enhance awareness about your posts, events, company news, and blogs. This enables the target audience to learn more about a business or brand. Sponsored InMails or message ads enable conversions by sending messages.

If you want to make good use of these LinkedIn updates in an effective manner, it is important that you seek help from a trustworthy social media management services company. LinkedIn has as many as 590 million users. Therefore, implementing an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy is crucial for your business. Get in touch with for more information.