Are Google’s June-July 2021 Core Algo Updates Linked To Page Speed?

Google Page Speed was formulated by Google Inc with an objective to help with a website’s performance optimization process. Page speed indicates the amount of time that it takes for a web page to load and is a direct ranking factor and Influences SEO. Several factors such as a site’s server, image compression and page file size, all affect in determining a page’s loading speed. Google makes certain significant updates a couple of times in a year to the search algorithms that would be taken into account by the webmasters. Such updates are brought about for providing relevant and trustworthy results for the search queries. One such update was the ‘Google’s July 2021 Core Algo Updates.’
An overview into the Google June- July 2021 Core Algo Updates
There were multiple Google updates that happened during June-July 2021. Core Algorithm Update was released during June 2021. However, a Page Experience Update as well as Spam Algorithm Update were both also released. As Google’s John Mueller explained the attributes related with these new updates on the search algo, he has provided an insight into how these are related to page speed. Mueller mentioned how ranking changes could affect page speed but mentioned that the core updates were totally a separate thing.
Whenever a core algorithm update happens, one can’t certainly ascertain the rank fluctuations that occur due to a specific website change or links that had been brought about during these. Ranking drops might occur during this period and it is totally coincidental.
Speed and Core Algorithm Updates Were Separate
John Mueller was the first to point out the distinction between page speed and core algorithm modifications.
A lot of people were sceptical about the June-July 2021 algorithm updates and wanted to know whether it has got anything to do with the page speed.
Google’s John Mueller clarifies on the question ‘Were the Core Algorithm Updates Related to Page Speed?’ He mentions that page speed and core algorithm updates were two separate aspects. Especially with regard to page speed updates, he said that; “Speed…As far as I know, these were essentially separate and unique updates that we did.
He pointed out that both these updates were collectively called core updates because both of these affect Google’s ranking system. But it doesn’t denote that they affect the same core parts of the ranking system. A change that you might notice during one of these updates, doesn’t denote that a change will also be witnessed with the other update.
Mueller’s Take on: ‘Could Page Speed Affect Ranking Changes in June and July 2021?’
Mueller affirmed that speed might be a reason for some ranking changes and he explained the connection between these. He pointed out that definitely there could be a relation with page speed as the update during June 2021 has influenced the Page Experience Update as well. So, in July the changes could have been a bit more evident.
Mueller said that core update couldn’t be a thing that is related to page experience update and that, it is totally a different thing.
Google had published many improvements in June and July 2021 and it may be difficult to separate individual changes and attribute ranking fluctuations to the core algorithm update. Google’s John Mueller however stressed that speed is undoubtedly linked.