Best tips for easy B2B lead generation

Best tips for easy B2B lead generation



Mentioned here are some major B2B lead generation ideas: 


1. Run A/B tests on key pages 

As thousands of visitors were browsing WallMonkeys for office wallpapers, WallMonkeys started using a heat map tool to see where visitors’ eyes landed first on their website. 

After reviewing the results, the WallMonkey team got confident that they could increase their B2B sales leads by tweaking their homepage.

Putting this theory to the test, they split tested a new background image and search bar. This boosted their conversions by 550 percent. 

Similarly, will changing your landing page image increase your conversions?

Or, will a homepage redesign convert more visitors to your site into leads?

An A/B split testing can help you with this. For a better grip on things, you may consider contacting our b2b lead generation agency in San Francisco


2. Make use of epic content campaigns to generate leads 

This is an example. Snack Nation, which is an office snack supplier, was able to increase its B2B leads through its SEO efforts in less than 100 monthly searches for its target keyword.

They aimed for a bigger audience that would ideally generate bigger B2B leads. They achieved this by creating an epic post on “employee wellness”. This was a broader search term that their target buyers used. 

While producing the post, they made sure that it was indeed epic enough to generate favorable leads.

The results were:

1. They outdid their competitors by featuring 121 ideas on “employee wellness.”

2. They could include a large number of contributions from other authorities in the industry. 

3. They could also utilize an aggressive outreach strategy to get influencers to share their posts. 

The post leads Snack Nation to the # 1 spot on Google for their keyword. The post also generated tons of traffic and leads for them even after 3 years to this day.

This clearly shows that evergreen content can lead to evergreen lead generation. 

Need help to create content that outperforms your competitors? Our b2b marketing agency can help you with it. 


3. Gain your buyers’ trust with social proof 

Because buyers might doubt claims about your product/service. That is natural. But they’ll look for social proof for making a thoughtful purchasing decision. 

The more social proof, the easier it is to build trust and increase sales. 

Hence, consider adding social proof to your landing pages, homepage, while sharing reviews on social media, and when creating case studies. 


4. Build a free tool to generate leads 

Offering a free tool will work for lead generation because:

1. It leads to “try before they buy.” 

2. It gives a solid opt-in offer that attracts high-quality leads into the sales funnel. 


5. Use Quora Q&As to generate more B2B leads

The practice of using content to educate buyers and answer their questions has been in practice for a long. 

The challenge that most of the B2B marketers face are:

1. To get the content in front of buyers.

2. Find the questions that the buyers are asking. 

Both these problems are solved with Quora.

Being a social Q&A site, Quora is actually an underestimated platform that can be used favourably for B2B lead generation. 

Our b2b digital marketing agency can help to find your buyers on Quora, answer their questions, link back to your content, and get you profits. 


6. Use Leadfeeder to power up B2B social sales

Pair Leadfeeder with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve your social sales.

Follow or retarget cold visitors as warm connections on LinkedIn using Leadfeeder and personalize your approach. 

And whenever these visitors return to your site, Leadfeeder will let you know they’re from LinkedIn. 


7. Publish and promote more case studies 

B2B buyers tend to be highly analytical, are usually risk-averse, and definitely need the approval of multiple ROI-minded decision-makers before they make any purchase.

Many buyers have also admitted that they go through the case studies, which show the actual sales enablement content (for the middle-to-end stages) of the lead generation process.  

Promote your case studies to skyrocket your credibility. 


8. Publish original research to generate sales from savvy buyers 

It is estimated that on average, a B2B buyer encounters 13 content pieces before making a purchase. Content can include information on a vendor’s website, in-depth reports, and also third-party reviews. 

Radically transform your inbound lead generation by publishing original research to generate sales.   

Becoming a source for industry-related information, trends, and data aids in: 

–  Becoming a respected authority in your industry. 

–  Generating strong SEO backlinks and PR coverage.

–  Delivering value to your potential leads.


9. Generate quick wins from landing page tweaks 

Your landing pages can create transformative points in the buyer journey leading to increased b2b sales.

Win lead generation on your landing page by following these steps:  

1.   Back up every copy of yours with social proof 

2.   Make your CTA more relevant. 

3.   Upgrading your headline can catch the attention of buyers.

4.   The use of the live chat feature on your page educates and helps to overcome objections.


10. Personalize your website with dynamic web pages 

Website personalization is a must in B2B lead generation. 

Use dynamic pages and content that adapt to your visitor’s, in order to personalize the buying experience on your site 

–   Name

–   Location

–   Industry

–   Company 

ABM efforts can help to add an intimate touch to your buyer’s journey that can create a powerfully personal experience. 


11. Create hard-hitting lead magnets and incentives

Creating an effective lead magnet happens only with a focus on your buyer personas and how effectively you can address the specific challenge that they have.

Most companies get the lead magnet thing wrong. They just offer surface-level content that’s already available on a typical blog post. Don’t ever do that. 

Unless you’re sure that it’s valuable, scrap the high-level content. Instead, you can share your detailed, real-world experience in the format of:

–   In-depth guides

–   Comprehensive how-tos

–   Detailed case studies

–   Resource libraries

–   Workbooks or checklists 

–   Templates 


12. Cater to a visual B2B audience with in-depth YouTube videos

Make use of videos in your lead generation campaigns, here’s why: 

1.  Video is the best way to repurpose B2B content and ninety percent of marketers agree to that 

2.  YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the web.  

Our b2b marketing company in the USA can help you achieve this by simply turning your existing content into informative videos that can generate leads. 


13. Experiment with creative outreach 

While your competitors stick to boring email scripts, a little bit of creativity in your outreach will help you outperform and go a long way to generating B2B leads. 


14. Target high-value leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the right place for getting high-value B2B lead generation. The tradeoff is the ability to hyper-target your audience though the competition is rife and cost-per-click is higher than other platforms.

Before advertising  on LinkedIn, make sure you offer: 

A premium B2B product or service.

Larger lifetime value allows for the large budget you need to play on LinkedIn

Unique, high-level education

LinkedIn members are mostly career and skill-minded. So, if you offer content that will help them, you’re likely to see better returns from your ads. 


15. Experiment with alternative social media platforms 

Do not be reluctant to test out new platforms like TikTok, Clubhouse, and Vero. Getting there first, might just turn out to be a fortunate point. 


16. Cast a wider B2B lead generation “net” with guest posts

Do you know that the Inbound lead generation pros like Hubspot still use guest posting to increase B2B sales? It is actually an underused strategy that works. 

Guest posting is still the number one link-building strategy that SEOs recommend. 

Our b2b digital marketing agency can help you enhance your overall SEO, and present you as an authority to a fresh audience of new B2B leads. 


17. Cater to new B2B buyers on mobile 

Since mobile traffic is growing continuously, optimizing for mobile is becoming an increasingly important part of an effective B2B lead generation strategy. 

According to a report by DemandGen: 

–   91% of B2B buyer searches happen on a mobile device.  

–    74% of B2B buyers tend to research half or more of their purchases online before making a decision.

It is also found that B2B marketers who are already optimizing for mobile are experiencing a reduced purchasing time and higher customer loyalty.

It takes just seconds to check your site’s compatibility with mobile devices, and hence, there’s no excuse for not being mobile-friendly. 


18. Optimize for long-tail keywords to get more qualified leads

A long-tail keyword is usually three or more words long and is very specific. And it usually gets a very low search volume. 

But targeting the right long-tail keyword can trade-off search volume for extremely high purchase intent. This helps to increase sales with very little SEO effort.


19. Run campaigns based on competitor keywords

If your competitors are flocking on to certain sites for backlinks or seem to be favoring or optimizing a noticeable group of keywords, that should be indicated as a pretty big deal.

Our b2b marketing agency in the USA can help you gain much from winning keywords that will generate leads. 

SEO research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, are useful while targeting the same sites and keywords to drive more sales-ready traffic to your site. 


Bottom Line

The tips discussed here definitely help when it comes to b2b lead generation and for expert hands helping you with it, we recommend you get in touch with our b2b lead generation agency in San Jose. We can assure you that the time and money you invest will undoubtedly attract and convert your ideal B2B leads. 


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