Proven Digital Marketing Channels That Work

Digital Marketing Channels That Work


After three decades of the launch of the iconic banner or display ad, the industry has evolved beyond ads. It now comprises a wide range of internet-based strategies that use digital marketing channels to deliver content and promotional offers.

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Digital Marketing Channels

These are platforms that help to reach your target audience with information about your brand, product, or service. By utilizing these channels, you help your customers with any questions or challenges they may have while positioning your business. Thereby you can get a step closer to your marketing goals.

Not all digital marketing channels will suit your business objectives though. Some are more suitable for certain types of audiences. Others are set up differently depending on what they’re capable of doing. Hence, it is essential to know which digital marketing channel to use and then implement the best practices to achieve a particular goal.

Listed below are the channels with the greatest potential to address your business’s and audience’s needs.


1. Websites (Content Marketing)

Your website is a must-have tool for your business. It is a dedicated platform where you can educate audiences about your brand, products, and services. It requires a solid understanding of your target audience and an effective content marketing strategy.

Irrespective of your company size, creating a website can give your business the online presence it needs to communicate and/or sell to prospects. Studies show that 69% of Americans have purchased an item online. You should invest in a website whether your business is concerned with e-commerce or it’s something that’s more service-oriented like B2C or B2B.


2. Email

There are several reasons why email is a strong digital marketing channel that delivers medium to high ROI for your business. Emails are rich in versatility and although email may not be the newest technology available, it allows you to apply the latest trends in content marketing, such as personalization and automation.

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3. Social Media

Social media marketing is considered one of the best digital channels for very worthwhile reasons. This isn’t just about social media users reaching the 4.48 billion mark. From being a channel where people establish personal connections, social media has evolved into something grander, and better than what it was originally envisioned to be.

Social Media can help you in:

– Customer engagement.

– Wider audience range


4. Organic Search (SEO)

People use search engines for research, shopping, and entertainment, the opportunities for businesses are huge when using Organic Search as a Digital channel.

Whenever prospects or customers look for products or services, they’ll go with whoever ranks higher. If your brand can stand out from the competition at this stage means that you can capture new opportunities organically, and drive a consistent flow of leads down your sales funnel.

If you adopt modern SEO practices like keyword research, blog post optimization, and linkable content creation, improving rankings on search engines will become a lot easier.


5. Paid Search (SEM)

The advantage of using paid search gets your ads are shown above organic search results, by making them more visible to users. Even though you have to pay every time a user clicks on your ad, there’s still a lot of value that is monetary and otherwise.

To be above organic results means you can capture engaged search before they even have a chance to see their other options (your competitors).

Every $1 you spend on Google Ads, earns you an average of $2 in return. That’s 100% ROI right in the bag. Conversely, not utilizing the paid ads channel can lead to 50% less revenue.

Studies also show that PPC results gain 150% more conversions than organic visitors. Hence it is evident that paid search could very well represent a win-win situation for your marketing campaigns.


6. Mobile

With the increase in mobile users, it would be ideal to serve promotional content to mobile users. And with geo-targeting strategies which enable to use of location information to recommend products or services more conveniently, customer experience can be consistently improved as well.

Uses of Mobile as a Digital Channel

– Increase in sales.

– Creating demand for your product/service while driving brand value.


7. Display Ads

Display ads make use of images, audio, and video to communicate your advertising message better. These are incorporated on websites, email platforms, social media, and many other digital channels that offer ad placements, usually in the form of a banner.

Uses of Display Ads

– Brand awareness.

– Sales and conversion.


8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing displays the partnership between merchants and affiliate marketers that helps to promote a product or service through referrals. The easiest way to identify this type of marketing is when you come across something that contains labels like “sponsored post” or “affiliate link.”

Affiliate marketing helps to generate leads and drive sales regardless of where your target audience is in the customer journey. Affiliate marketing serves as a full-funnel strategy that’s worthy of adoption.


9. Video Marketing

The value of video in marketing is associated with not only entertainment factors but also can be used to provide educational advantages. Video marketing leads to higher conversion rates.

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The buyer’s journey has changed drastically over the last decade. How and where they view information has undoubtedly become digital. Traditional media like TV, print, and radio, are slowly declining and non-traditional media, or digital media, is evolving as a primary focus for marketers.

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