Effective Digital Marketing Practices for Insurance Companies

Digital Marketing Practices for Insurance Companies


Online search is the easiest and most trusted resort for nearly every purchase irrespective of the fact that it is large or small. This applies to insurance policies too. People are relying on online search not to just gather information, but for a wiser purchase decision on purchasing policies related to automotive, homeowners insurance, renter’s policies, and more. 

If yours is an Insurance company, we advise you to include the best digital practices with the help of our digital marketing agency San Jose, to rightly attract more users and convert them to being your customers. 

The generation right behind millennials – Gen-Z, represents 61 million people who had started using digital at their infant age itself. The eldest among this group is in their early 20s, and are shopping for insurance right now. 

Entrepreneurs, including a few millennials, are showing interest in opportunities created by legacy insurance providers without solid digital marketing strategies. This spruced a rise in insurtech start-ups that garnered about $2.2 billion from investors in the first half of 2019 alone. This had outpaced the total $2.6 billion invested in all of 2018.

The reports show that only 35 percent of insurance customers say they’re satisfied with current providers. Word of mouth and landline aren’t how current generations purchase insurance coverage. 

Marketing automation platforms enable lifecycle marketing by consolidating and automating marketing activities like  email campaigns with conditional logic, web-based content creation and management, and digital advertising. These platforms give a transparent view of the entire journey of each prospect and policyholder. 

It brings so many functions under one umbrella and presents data about audiences and specific customers. Marketing automation is the ultimate catalyst for growth marketing also referred to as “growth hacking”. 

Growth hacking allows companies to achieve good revenue in relatively short timeframes. It operates based on identifying the most lucrative and efficient areas for growth and employs marketing tactics that enable companies to garner more leads, convert at higher rates, and nurture customer connections for the long term.

Marketing automation platforms offer functions to be universal tactics for hacking growth and fueling revenue. 


Here are the top tactics for insurance marketers to dive right in with growth marketing -The top digital marketing tactics

  • Prepare a current buyer persona.

Begin your marketing strategy by keeping ready an outline of several types of buyers for your insurance offerings. Because it is essential to make sure your marketing resonates with your ideal customers.

If you don’t have an up-to-date persona defining your audiences, you’ll be able to create one including the buyer personas, mapping the journey for each, and identifying relevant content. This is required because it provides the basis for executing the most important digital marketing tactics.

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  • Have a top-notch website.

Your site must provide a user experience that accounts for your audience’s understanding of your insurance products. The user experience should fulfill the requirement of any beginner-level prospective policyholder who has a little-to-no understanding of what their end goal should be as far as your products and services.

Information should be highly accessible for the beginner. Navigation should be intuitive and must enable your visitor to advance along the purchasing path easily.

Your site must connect your prospect with an actual person who can offer high-touch customer service via email, telephone, or on-site chatting. Also, note that audiences expect pages to load at lightning-fast speeds and sites that are optimized for mobile.


  • Include high-quality content.

Modern audiences rely on the net and the content to seek recommendations and comparisons. Studies show that 78% of consumers are of the opinion that relevant content increases their purchase intent for a brand’s products and services.

Tracking analytics allows to determine which content gets the highest traffic. This is the key to consistently producing high-quality content. Put your customers’ needs first and ask yourself which content is going to be most useful for your customers. Think about how you can deliver it in ways that make the most sense for them. 


  • Provide irresistible offers for gated content.

Having great content attracts prospective policyholders and generates digital leads. Use means like whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, and online learning courses to capture data from your audience by motivating visitors to input their personal information via a conversion form. 

This data lets you capture information about high-intent insurance purchasers. You can then add these people to your marketing lists and nurture them through the buyer journey. 


  • Email campaigning works.

Email campaigns increase the chance that your audience is going to engage. Your personas will guide you in your email messaging and will collect data via gated content.

This process of building your email distribution lists and reviewing the data will allow you to learn so much more about your audience and their behaviors. Thereby, it opens avenues for highly targeted and personalized email campaigns.

The possibilities are endless once you start building intelligence on your audience. Not sure how to go about with it? Don’t worry. Getting in touch with our social media marketing agency in San Francisco will help you right.


To Conclude

The tactics mentioned in this article must have definitely given you a broader insight into how insurance providers can use marketing automation to grow their digital presence. 

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