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With location based marketing, companies are able to target consumers at a granular and much more personalized level. This is enabled with the help of online or offline messaging that is based on their physical location. You can use this to gain increased reach to consumers based on selected qualifiers such as : proximity to a store or events happening in their region, and more. Our digital marketing agency in San Francisco has been helping various companies achieve this.

Our location marketing strategies have proven to be effective across customer lifecycles- from discovery and purchase, to engagement and retention. We use this wisely to hone in on specific customer segments with targeted offers and help in improving the customer experience. We are undoubtedly the best SEO agency in San Francisco that you can rely on.

What are the various types of location-based marketing that are available these days?
Location based marketing was made possible with the growth of connected devices and IoT technologies. Today, everything is connected to the internet. People are accustomed to their phones, watches, cars, and even appliances being connected to the internet. And these devices are continuously tracking their owner’s location, meaning there is an abundance of location and spatial data available. Insights derived from such data provide the marketing teams with greater context, reach and the ability to improve overall customer. experience

The different types of location based marketing solutions are:

Geotargeting :This is used to determine the location of a user, in order to send them personalized messaging based on their location. For instance, if a consumer has enabled an app to access their location, they may get messages in the app or push notification based on his region or proximity to a store.
Thus, it is evident that geotargeting works based on IP addresses. The key benefit of geo targeting marketing is thus, that it increases customer experience through personalization . Another common example of geo targeting is that which is done by Uber. When a user is travelling and touches down in a new city, by opening the app they will get a notification about the available cars in that city.

GeoFencing: This form of location based marketing increases sales, customer loyalty and engagements. A “geofence” is known as the physical boundaries of a target location. It could be a specific city, a country, a postal code or a kilometer range around a physical store location. Configuring multiple geofenced marketing channels for businesses with multiple locations is also possible with geofencing marketing.
The marketing team can hence develop ads and content that are tailored specifically to the consumers within the geofence. For instance, people living in Toronto’s priorities and needs may differ from that of people living in rural Saskatchewan, so developing content that appeals equally to both audiences would almost be pointless.
Geofencing targets internet-capable devices, such as smartphones, within the specified geofenced area.
With Geo fencing technology marketers can essentially create a virtual boundary that automatically targets consumers who cross the boundary into the geofenced area.
Our SEO agency in San Francisco helps to develop a multichannel marketing strategy for your brands, considering the potential of geofencing marketing.
Geofencing method of marketing focuses on a specific location instead of trying to appeal to a wider audience online.
Geofencing marketing can be implemented in many ways:
Companies that are traveling for marketing events or industry conferences can set up geofences around future stops. This establishes brand awareness in advance of their local appearances
Healthcare providers and Law firms can geofence their advertising efforts to specific service areas
As a business owner you could set up a geofence around your competitor’s location to entice them with a more attractive offer. To target the closest potential customers, local businesses can set up geofences in the area around their stores.
Here are some benefits of geofencing mobile marketing:
Serves as an ads portal
When the potential customers are close to your store, you can be notified of their presence.
Create precisely targeted high-quality content more easily
Geofencing marketing encourages more precisely aimed content.
Is cheap and effective
With location-based marketing solutions, businesses don’t have to worry about spending money on additional marketing tools.
Helps to integrate your offline business to your online presence
With geofencing, you can look you up on social media for better customer engagement. This serves as your gateway to your social media and internet identity.
It proves real-time analytics
Geofencing makes communication easier and more effective because it notifies you as soon as a customer enters your marketing region.
Allows for timely content delivery
It makes it easier to get the word out to the customers.
Enables your brand to deliver more personalized experiences to customers
Develop content and promotions that align more closely with your targeted customers’ preferences, needs, goals, and interests.

Beaconing: Connection devices that use Bluetooth or WiFi to connect with predetermined applications, which are operating within range of the beacon are known as Beaconing. Beacons help to target existing customers within a small geographic area.
Beaconing sends a signal to your device that prompts a server to send content to your device, in the form of push notification, email, etc.
Users have to be opted-in and have Bluetooth to take advantage of this. This medium of location-based targeting does provide a direct communication channel with customers.
With Beaconing, organizations are able to track users indoors in a more precise manner. This allows specific targeting and helps marketers to obtain a complete understanding of customer behaviour.

Mobile targeting: Mobile targeting happens when consumers are targeted with ads on their mobile devices. As consumers typically want to avoid advertising, marketers aim at making their ad context specific, based on time, device, or location.
Mobile targeting works by creating segments in your mobile ad platform that defines who you want to target and what qualifications you want to target them by.
To gain a personalized connection, this form of location based mobile marketing technique targets users directly on their devices. Marketers often gain greater returns on ad spend using a more targeted approach.
Social media ads that target based on location data are best examples of mobile targeting that encourages visits to a store, restaurant, or event nearby.

Geo-conquesting: Geo-conquesting works by using location data to divert potential customers away from the competition. Geo-conquesting works using GPS technology to target users in the proximity of your competition. Companies can gain market share and new customers. A common example of this is Burger King. Burger King used geo-conquesting to divert customers going to McDonald’s to go back to their own restaurants. Consumers were encouraged to download the Burger King app as they came within 600 feet of McDonalds. The Burger King app sent a promotion for a 1 cent whopper, and attempted to navigate customers to the nearest location.

Major benefits of location based marketing

Improves revenue with relevant and personalized marketing strategies
Our digital marketing agency in San Francisco helps businesses to make their marketing and advertising campaigns as appealing as possible, with location based marketing techniques.Thereby amplifying the marketing game by leveraging the location data provided by customers. This ensures they are only being sent relevant information at all times.
Increases immediate foot traffic
Location based marketing drives foot traffic for local businesses, by informing users in their market of proximity and enticing them with an offer.
Creates a better user experience
Location based marketing helps to target customers when they are likely to need your services and provides them with a better user experience.

To Conclude:

When a client approaches our SEO agency in San Francisco for their SEO needs or specifically for location based marketing we formulate the appropriate strategy after evaluating your customer base and impactful external factors to understand how these location based marketing tactics will affect your ROI. Thereby, we make sure that our plan works closely with your needs and goals.

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