What Increases the Efficiency of Social Media Marketing?

What Increases the efficiency of Social Media Marketing


The role that social media marketing plays in driving website traffic, brand awareness and business leads are inevitable and brilliant. But if you fail to keep up with current trends, it can go south really fast and also cut into your resources resulting in unfavorable results. So, how do you go about it or what is going to be right for your business? Nothing to panic about, when we are here to help you out. Ours is a digital marketing agency in San Francisco with an impeccable reputation and record of successful client stories. 

The influence of social media is huge in our lives today. Around 90% adults aged between 18-29 are using social media today and 35% adults aged 65+ are also active users. A third of Millennials prefer this source of communication even with their businesses. 

The potential of social media marketing is huge and you need to be active and catering continuously on this medium to be able to maintain the growing audience. 

The best social media optimization company in San Francisco is ours and we always take the following into consideration before kickstarting your social media marketing campaigns for all our clients:


1. Defining Goals

Setting the goal or aim of the campaign is important. One must be clear as to why we are running this campaign, what do we hope to accomplish, do we need more traffic to your purchase page or are we looking for increased e-commerce sales? Know your goal exactly. 

Defining goals around specific actions is necessary: For eg: You may want people to fill out lead forms on your website. 

Get this right in the beginning of the process itself and the rest will follow.


2. Aim for Success through Numbers

Do pick a number which defines your outcome. For example, you might want to add at least 500 subscribers before the end of this month or might want a 20% boost in new leads. Whatever the numbers that you are aiming for, set that in prior and work towards it. 

This will give you something to drive towards and measuring success will be quicker and easier. And if your resources aren’t worth the outcome, you can shift your campaign goals accordingly.


3. Focus on One Platform at a Time

It’s generally a good practice to only focus on one platform and devote most of your time to understanding its features, starand, and devising strategies to leveraging those features.

Understand one platform good enough to be able to take the advantages of its advanced features, and then you can execute your objectives on the others as well.


4. Make everything in Writing

Create your social media mission statement, by putting down everything in writing. Like; what tactics are you going to employ, when should the sub-tasks be executed, who’s been tasked with what and so on.  Everything is about your timing and execution. 


5. Use Visuals to Bring it to Life 

There is no successful social media campaign till date without visuals involved in one way or another. Visuals have the ability to catch attention better than anything else. Be it an image, an infographic or a video. Visuals also have a higher likelihood of going viral and are more shareable. Our digital marketing agency in San Francisco always makes it a point to include powerful and appealing visuals in all our campaigns. 

Good to know:

1)    87% of Facebook page engagement occurs on photos

2)   34% tweets with images get more frequently retweeted

3)    88% organizations today rely on social channels for marketing


6. Keep Monitoring and Fine-Tuning

Use analytics throughout to assess how effective your campaign is, right from the start to the finish. Get the job done and do it as often as you can using analytics tools. Some of the best ones are Keyhole, Buffer and Google Analytics.

If something works well, do it more often; i.e. in your Facebook ad campaigns, if a particular ad message is leading more conversions, allocate more resources towards that. Monitor them closely and shift your tactics accordingly.


7. Invest appropriately in a Social Media Management Tool

Using tools bolsters your productivity. Use of an appropriate social media management tool for your social media campaigns will scale your efforts easily.

To schedule posts in advance, tools like Everypost and SocialOomph are of great help. You can also align your content calendar with scheduled posts in your management tool, among other things. Our social media marketing agency in San Jose, San Francisco, US makes specific plans for clients that works best for them.


8. Profile and be Specific in Selecting Your Ideal Customer

Always be as specific as you can. In case your target audience are couples in the age group of 25-50, who are earning at $50,000 or above a year, and are highly active on popular social media channels and love keeping fit, you are likely to have a higher success ratio.

Finding a highly focused niche is necessary to understand the demographics like age, location, income level, job title, concerns your business can address, and most commonly used social network.


9. Know Your Social Presence

It’s important for the users to understand who you are before they would want to associate with you. It is also essential for you to have a self understanding of your social presence, before you chalk out your business objectives. 

Hence, audit your social media presence by assessing which networks you are active on. Check if your networks are optimized with your cover images, URL, bio etc.

In addition, understand which networks are bringing in the highest value and how your profiles are when compared to your competitor profiles.

For example, if your Facebook page is the one that generates the most sales and engagement, audit your social presence there. Also find ways to spruce up your Facebook Company Page.


10. Identify Your Key Success Indicators

Ever wondered, how to know if your social media marketing is achieving the desired effect? Or how sure can you be about you hitting the projected revenue mark right? 

You must also be thinking if it is wise to continue investing in something that’s having a negative impact on the bottom line?

Identify and consider your key metrics such as conversion rate, customer segment, reach, time spent on website, brand mentions, conversion rate, total shares and try to get answers for these.


11. Twitter is Great Medium for Testing Out Content Ideas

Tap potentially hot and trending topics from Twitter to produce quality content. You can use this to see how well a content will be received and understand consumer interests that are well-aligned with your editorial focus. 


12. Create Highly Engaging Content

Once you have a clear understanding of who your ideal customers are, you need to put that info to good use by both creating and curating content around that focus. 

Creating anything from images, blog posts, videos, eBooks, infographics and interviews, content of any such form will help. 

But the most important thing is to make sure you create content that falls in line with your social media mission statement. Know that content fuels your social media, and thus, it has to be 100% relevant and engaging. Our social media marketing agency in San Francisco can help you perform this. 


Bottom Line

Our social media marketing agency in San Francisco works closely with your social media marketing needs. We help to increase the efficiency of your social media presence by inducing pro tactics that work well with your goals and objectives. 


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