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Facebook is one of the giants when it comes to social networks. It has a huge user base and can boast of itself as one of the most active social networking websites across the globe. Almost 97% of marketers still prefer Facebook to run their ads. Let us be in the know regarding running ads on Facebook and how to make them yield the best for improving our business.

#1: Properly defining your target audience

One of the biggest advantages of resorting to Facebook ads is that they can target a specific audience without spamming others and achieving the desired results. You can define your audiences based on various parameters such as location, age, interest, demographics, etc. Selecting custom audiences may also affect your business positively. Also, look-alike audiences can help in empowering your business.

#2: Picking the right kind of advertisements

You must first take into account the three types of goals related to your Facebook ad strategy: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Choosing the goal properly will determine your further course of action.

#3: Sorting out your advertisement creatives

Based on the results of various researches, your ads and campaigns get more momentum if they are entertaining. It’s important to frame your advertisements in such a way that it appeals as entertaining to target users and looks less like an advertisement. If possible, it is recommended to come up with short, crisp and catchy videos with point-specific concepts framed in an entertaining and appealing way. Also, you need to set up a compelling call-to-action.

#4: Testing and tracking your campaigns

You must first learn to properly navigate through the platform and adapt to it before going ahead with your Facebook advertisement strategies. Another highlight of resorting to Facebook ads is its reporting features. The reports provide you almost all the details you will need regarding your ad campaign.

#5: Combining paid campaigns with organic activity

It is highly recommended to try out hybrid social media strategies these days as it is proving to be effective in many cases lately. The hybrid strategy is about targeting customers organically while aiding your Facebook ad strategy with paid campaigns and promotions. This method actually gives you the benefits of both the methodologies and will impact your campaigns positively. Using tools like Sprout’s Analytics makes it easier for you to track your organic as well as paid campaigns and their results simultaneously.

Following these pointers will guide you in the right direction when framing your Facebook advertisement strategies. Summing up, Facebook can be the best social media platform available to you for hassle-free yet offering focused promotion of your business. Having a proper strategy will help you achieve the advertisement goals you set for your business.

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