Google’s Search Results, Now Provides New Shipping And Return Annotations

Advertisers are allowed to display brief advertisements, service offerings, video or web users and product listing through Google Ads. This online advertising platform developed by Google is much advantageous as far as the advertisers and users are concerned. Both of them can make much use of these Shopping Ads. Retailers can place their ads in the results of search engines like Google Search and also on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos. The new feature of Google Ads allows retailers to indicate in Google when they offer special shipping and return promotions.

These new features of Google Ads can be utilized by retailers who have paid listing as well as free listing in Google Shopping. The annotations, such as “Get it by Dec 24,” will also be displayed when product listings are returned in search results.

This new feature in Shopping Ads is brought about by Google to specifically target holiday shoppers. The idea to particularly target the holiday shoppers got stronger especially because during this August the US searches for “holiday gift ideas” have already surpassed the 2020 levels.

Further, shoppers are mentioning that they’ll intend to order online significantly more this holiday season than in previous years:

“As of June, 58% of U.S. holiday shoppers said they will shop online more this season than in previous years and 59% said they will shop earlier to avoid an item being out of stock.”

Search Ads are definitely up and all signs point to an online shopping boom this holiday. Though the shipping industry this year is displaying numerous delays, guaranteeing a delivery by December 24 will get you an increased sale over your competitors.


New Shipping Annotations in Google Shopping

The new shipping annotations allow retailers to show customers they offer fast and free shipping. The previous annotations had only allowed to display “fast” or “free” notions.

But now, retailers can promisingly add the following:

  • “Free delivery by Fri, Dec 24,”
  • “Get it by Dec 24”
  • “Free X-day”

That last annotation refers to free shipping promotions within X number of days, such as “Free 2-day shipping.”

Eligibility Criteria

Inorder to qualify to add shipping annotations to your product listings, you’ll need to have:

  • An active Merchant Center heart account that has details of products opted into Shopping ads as well as free listings in the United States.
  • A lively web conversion tracking in your Google Ads account that allows monitoring.
  • Active products in your Merchant Center heart account which you can identify and establish with these annotations.
  • Account-level shipping settings configured for special shipping promotions.
  • Product feed attributes shipping_label and transit_time_label
  • Product touchdown pages and checkout pages with messaging that corresponds to the annotations.

New Return Annotations in Google Shopping

As per the new return annotations in Google shopping, retailers can choose to provide information about return and refund policies when setting up shopping listing itself. The new return annotation gives shoppers guarantee and more confidence as they make a purchase because now they can surely know that they will get a refund within a specified period.

Prior to today the available annotations were generic and not applicable to any particular shopping season, such as “Free 30 day returns.” Retailers can now indicate a specific date within which a holiday purchase can be returned. For example;
“ Free returns until Jan 31.”

By using the return_policy_label attribute in your product feed, returns can be associated with all products, with specific groups of products, or even a single product.


To Summarise

Google’s new shipping and return annotations look promising. And this additional feature that you get as a retailer while placing Google Ads is all set to create a better user experience. Remember that, in order to set up returns annotations, you’ll need to create return policies in your Merchant Center account. Also keep in mind the criteria for shipping annotations that permits you to serve better with your Shopping Ads.

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