How do AI chatbots help for lead generation?

AI chatbots help for lead generation


Lead generation and chatbots form a perfect combination that has the power to flood your business with leads. But this does not happen if you sit idle. We can help you formulate chatbot lead generation strategies that are favourable to you in producing more leads. If scarcity of prospects is haunting you or your existing platform doesn’t generate enough leads, you must definitely consider talking to us. 

Through, this article, we aim at giving you a broader perspective of:


How Chatbots help in lead generation?


1: Help understand the audience

If you totally don’t know the needs and interests of customers, selling products to them can be really hard. Here’s when Chatbot eases your hard job. You get to know your audience, identify their interests, likes and dislikes and (whatever other info they are ready to share, ok, jokes apart). This aids your lead engagement as you understand the customer better. 

A chatbot can even conduct surveys, quizzes, and ask questions whenever users talk to it. Thereby you get a better idea about your best and least-performing products too.

If you are an eCommerce store, you can think about using a sales chatbot to increase lead generation.

For example, as a user visits your website, the bot can ask his interests. And if the user enters the handbags, the bot can show the best handbags that  you have in your inventory.


2: Segmenting audience

Segmentation plays a key role in keeping your content relevant thereby escalating your lead generation strategy. Segmenting of the audience based on the data that they provide happens with chatbot. Segmentation is possible on many factors like demographics, age, interests, gender and so on. 

If you suggest to the US residents a tour package, valid for the Indian citizens, this can spoil the customers’ experience. With chatbots this mistake wouldn’t happen. 

Chatbots also help in lead nurturing. You can deal with the customers category wise with the solution you have for that section.

For example, if a user celebrates Christmas, your chatbot can show the apt presents available for the customer to give during Christmas.

Impactfully target your audience with a fitting solution. We can help you with it in a tailor-made manner. 


3: Build Relationships

Trust is the foundation of all relationships and a chatbot can help you build that trust by having a regular talk with your audience.

Engage with your subscribers by providing instant support. This gives an assurance to the users  that there’s a brand that they can always rely on. Lead generation happens through this. 

You can provide customer support via chatbot. Addressing any issues related to shopping experience that a customer might encounter or their account, can be fixed by themselves with the help of bot. They’ll ask the bot how to fix it.


4: Replace forms

Filling out forms is truly a tedious task to do and is not engaging as well. You can replace these forms with chatbots, in a super-effective way and generate leads cleverly.

Chatbots ask the users details within the conversation as the user goes further. This helps to lessen the friction and streamlining of data collection process happens favourably. With chatbots, boost your lead generation strategy, because a customer doesn’t have to make efforts in filling forms.

Psychologically, users find it easier to give information in reply to an answer. Having a chatbot to collect the lead information doesn’t actually bore a user. 

We can build a chatbot for you that can ask any user’s name, email, phone, address and any specific information that you want. Also, by providing autofill options, customers do less typing and this fastens the detail giving process too.


5: Educate the audience

To educate about the product, is an essential element in the lead generation process. Without the necessary knowledge about the product, the customer wouldn’t buy it. This can be achieved easily with a chatbot.

Many organizations are making use of chatbots to teach their audience inorder to make them regular subscribers. Some customers even subscribe to many platforms on facebook messenger just to read blog articles on their favorite topics.

By just entering the term you want the blog to read, you get the articles in just a few seconds. Chatbots also lets the user find the content that you have on your website.


Benefits of Integrating Chatbot with your CRM

To be aware of your customer’s stage is necessary if you want to do lead nurturing. 

Integrating your bot with CRM facilitates in identifying your customer’s journey. It also helps in streamlining your chatbot lead generation strategies.

Chatbots help to grab the data of every subscriber in your CRM. Ideally you can identify what should be your next move. If a new subscriber moves one step ahead in the buying stage, that information will be reflected on the CRM.

 This helps to organize your lead data and also makes your lead management fluent. Your sales team can then accordingly contact the customer to provide the services he showed interest in. Or your sales bot can even suggest the products itself to make him buy.

Set a scoring mechanism for your leads by distinguishing different kinds of leads easily with the help of chatbots. You can even give scores to the leads based on their activities. For example, if a lead is ready to buy a product, you can assign a good score to classify him as a hot lead. Likewise, scores can be assigned to differentiate between leads.


Chatbots are the future

Chatbots are the present and the future of any business. Lead generation increases many fold by integrating AI chatbots. Chatbot lead generation strategies can get you more effective leads that convert into paying customers. As people prefer chat to communicate with businesses, the chatbot conversion rate is higher. 

We help you build your own chatbot that generates high-quality leads. Give your lead generation strategy a boost with our pro AI Chatbot services. Grow your business with our lead qualification bots. Our lead generation chatbots will be the best tool to leverage AI capabilities and increase your conversational experience with your prospects. We are just a call away.

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