How To Advertise On TikTok In 2020

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There’s hardly a more popular form of online entertainment these days than TikTok. People across the world make fun videos on TikTok and share it across social media platforms. Lip-syncing, dancing, acting – the funny things you could do with this has made it immensely popular. This has also made it a valuable product to advertise on and ensure an unbelievable reach. 


So, how do you advertise on TikTok? SocialPulsar, one of the top social media marketing agency in USA, offers you all that it takes to make an impression in the online space. Ranked high among the best digital marketing agency in San Francisco, SocialPulsar has for you a few tips on how to make the most of TikTok to reap fruitful marketing benefits. 

What it exactly is?

TikTok is a kind of social media platform that includes video and music. Users get to choose from a range of audio clips to perform their acts. Videos can be edited, though a single video can only be for 15 seconds. Users can react to these videos and even duet themselves by filming a side-by-side video along with the existing one. There is an option to interact with the content, leave comments, send messages and even ‘heart’ the content. 

How does it work? 

The basic intent of TikTok is to promote short video content. You get to follow other users and see all the content they share. You can also use the search function to look up hashtags, keywords and so on and also look for trending videos. TikTok can be used in both individual and group capacities. 

Advertising options 

TikTok is popular especially, among younger audiences. This throws open a wide world of possibilities for marketers to cash-in. TikTok is still in a state of growth; the reason why advertising possibilities are minimal as of now. The current formats for advertising on TikTok are: 

1. Biddable ads 

The re-based ad set up of TikTok is not for these types of ads. The shortage of options extends to the kinds of biddable ad units. Currently, TikTok offers only the in-stream video option. There are three action models available for in-stream videos – Cpclick, CPM and CPView. As for targeting, TikTok offers three options – age, gender, and location. 

2. Brand Takeover

This refers to the ad appearing just after a user opens the app, taking over the opening screen. This type of ad is more expensive than biddable ads and only the advertiser can get the advantage of this ad per day. 

3. Hashtag challenge

The hashtag challenge is designed to take full advantage of TikTok’s user-generated content. The campaign will last for 6 days and users participate in a challenge campaign where they post videos on a particular theme. 

4. Branded Lenses

These are yet another interesting option, just like the ones offered by Instagram and Snapchat. Filters include face filters and augmented reality. 


So, even with such limited options available, you can actually create impressive results on TikTok if you are willing to take a few risks and constantly engage with the audience. Just like all other social media platforms, paid ads are the best way to keep people noticing you. Simply make sure that the content you release suits the preferences of your target community.