How to Use Images to Increase Search Visibility and Get More Clicks

Increase Search Visibility and Get More Click

Visual results have grown in importance like never before and it is not going to cease growing anytime soon. Google has started focusing on mobile searches for some time now and this adds to the importance of visibility. Few search results come without an image displayed along with the meta description.
Here is everything you want to know about how to build organic visibility using images.

The Visual Advantage
It is obvious that people are more drawn to content with an image than plain text. Adding image certainly contributes to clickability but the quality of the image matters too as they have a significant influence on click-through rates. Use relevant and catchy images. Anything that is missing the aforementioned factors is of no use.
A visual search snippet can make a lot of difference in Google search as it improves search visibility. Make sure to include a unique image and specify the thumbnail on each page. As important as is to ensure that the image is clear and related so is image SEO. Your SEO strategy is never complete without image SEO.

Wise usage of the image in promotions
Images give a clear idea about your content to the audience. When a user clicks on the Google search result that displays the thumbnail image, he/she has every intention of taking an action on your page. You can use the same image in your retargeting campaigns as familiar images strike a chord with the audience easily. 

Feature your images
Featured snippets can work wonders is utilized the right way. Many featured snippets comprise images making them catchy. However, if your image lacks clarity or isn’t optimized, Google usually selects another fitting image from an entirely different website. This is unfortunate as it steals clicks and creates a wrong brand impression as the user who clicks on the image will end up on a different site while he was expecting the text-based answers (from your website) that came up on the SERP. You must recognize the opportunities for featured snippet images and there are plenty of tools that help you do that by checking if the image aligns with the text.

Realize the Importance
People accessing the internet from their phones have increased to unforeseen levels. Google’s mobile SERPs have started loving images and visuals more than ever. The right visual strategy can be highly beneficial.
Use only clear and relevant images on your websites. Branding should be outright visible and pleasing. Maintain consistency in the use of images and retargeting. Keep an eye on the featured snippets lest competitors or irrelevant sites steal your traffic.
Do not overlook the influence of visual impact.