How to Use Technical SEO to get the best ranks

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In spite of having the best content strategy, nobody will get to see it unless you use the correct SEO principles. Just picking the relevant keywords and using them may not get what you want in terms of the site rank.
However, by using the following SEO principles and working with the best SEO Services in USA like, it is possible to get your pages to start ranking faster than you had imagined.

Placement of Keywords

Your page rank will not improve if you simply stuff the keywords. This may actually earn you title of a spammer. At the same time, it is important to have a primary keyword for every post that you have created. The primary keywords should be included in the URL for the post, within the first 150 words, in the meta tag, and at least in one heading.
In the rest of the post, it is important that you use other related keywords while maintaining the natural flow of the post. The most important point to be kept in mind is that the content should be written for humans to read/see. You can get the best SEO Company in San Francisco to do this for you.

Optimization of Images

It is predicted that more importance will be given to images in blog posts in the future. The SEO Expert Services would know how to SEO optimize the images. This optimization happens in the title of the image, the alt text and the file name. It is best to use the primary keyword once in any one of the images. The rest of the keywords can be used in the text of the image. You should remember to describe the image in the alt text. This will help Google to understand what your image is all about. At the end of it all, the images chosen should be relevant to your post.  

Mobile Friendliness

If you want Google to rank your pages higher, ensure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, Google greatly improves the rankings. You can make sure that your site is friendly by using Google’s Mobile Friendly tester. This can analyse your site’s friendliness and come out with an ‘all clear’ tag if your site is responsive.

Use of External Links

It is recommended that you include at least 3 to 5 external links for every 1000 words of content. The quality of the sites that you link to is as important as the number of external links that you use.  However, an excessive number of links are penalized by Google.
It pays to use the technical SEO tips to optimize the website and boost your page rankings.  At we can help you to get your website rank up by using all of these techniques.