How will 2018 reshape influencer marketing?

How will 2018 reshape influencer marketing?

Let’s put things in perspective with some astounding statistics about influencer marketing.

Popularity of influencer marketing is ever- growing with no signs of slow down. The two major reasons for this growing popularity are the versatility i.e. it works for any and every business and non-invasive nature being the second one.
There all the chances that you may be investing in influencer marketing already. But it is crucial to know the influencer marketing trends that will dominate 2018. Here SocialPulsar- a dynamic Digital marketing agency reveals some of the trends that you should embark in 2018.
Social Media Influencers are here to stay
As per a recent survey by Linqia Survey (hyperlink- 92 percent of marketers suggest that Instagram is the most significant platform followed by Facebook with 77 percent for influencer marketing.
If that doesn’t prove the point, the study the Influence of Influencers (, 90% of social media users are inclined to make a purchase after being exposed to content on social media. In addition, 33% users suggest that they trust social media influencers when shopping.
It will be the year of Video Influencers
Be it beauty vlogs or video campaigns, we are definitely in for more video content in 2018. Even Facebook vouches for the same predicting that videos will dominate their feeds.
Video marketing with influencers are highly effective when it comes to driving traffic and sales.
Long term relationship with Macro or Micro- Influencers?
Whether to partner with micro influencers vs. macro influencers has been an ongoing debate. Some studies vouch for macro influencers whereas some are up for micro counterparts.
Combining tier 1 and tier 2 influencers will make campaigns more successful as they have the potential to reach more people.
Marketers will have to consider the pros and cons and at end choose the right combination that is compatible with their goals.
Humanize the Brand
Influencers are the best when it comes to humanizing a brand. In fact, no one can do it better. A steadfast Digital marketing agency would recommend you to leverage the potential of an influencer to voice your brand’s human aspect.
 Engaging Content will be essential
In order to improve your brand perception and enhance engagement, quality content will be pivotal. It will also help improve the brand reputation and help spread the good word.
Instagram retains the throne of core Influencer Marketing Channel
Instagram is all set to surpass the 800 million milestone. At present, the influencer marketing worth on the app is $1 billionand is all set to reach $2 billion by 2019. It will surely payoff to be part of Instagram but only if you devise meaningful strategies with influencers.
To stand out, influencers and brands will have to create campaigns and strategies that will help them soar above their counterparts.
Measuring ROI and KPI is vital
Tracking KPI and ROI is considered to be the biggest challenge when it comes to managing influencer marketing. Also, it is a crucial parameter for the success of influencer marketing.
Below are some steps for you to do better in terms of measuring ROIs:

  • Track metrics like
  • Website traffic
  • Referrals
  • The number of subscribers/sales/newsletter/subscriptions
  • Make use of tools like tracking pixel to measure results
  • Use coupon codes for each marketing campaign to assess the influencer-led results

Despite the fact that Influential Marketing is growing every year, the trends change. Looking forward to 2018, the influencer marketing domain will broaden, grow its reach and create a lasting impact. This not only brings opportunities but also challenges like measuring ROI and KPI, fake influencers, evolving technologies, federal regulations and many more.
Irrespective of your business goal in 2018, brands surely need influencer marketing. Futuristic brands have already primed their influencer marketing strategy for 2018.