Instagram story for your business

“Nothing is more simple than greatness”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Yes, being simple is always attractive and pulls attention. With just 2 months old, Instagram stories are running with whooping 100 million active users posting something or the other every day. And digital marketers see a new hope and a new scape for growth through Instagram stories. But the sad truth is, none really care when it comes to ad stories, they are either skipped or swiped to the next. So what’s going wrong with your stories or how can you make most of this simple tool that can reach millions of your targeted audience.

Understand the Instagram story and its potential as social media marketing strategy can help you build your business.

Stories allow the uses to upload pictures and video footages into slides on which text or emojis can be added. They mostly convey live updates or texts or anything that is visually calling. These are 24 hours bound, which makes this feature more interesting. After 24 hours, they are taken out of your story feed which makes the story more playful, effective and content marketing done in a very informal way.

Digital marketing companies are trying to analyse and help various business organizations to grow with the help of Instagram stories. We enlist some quick bites on social media marketing strategy through Instagram stories.

  1. Creative process

Let the audience know your creative process, maybe from a simple sketch or chiselling the wood or making a craft piece post it as your Instagram story. Let your audience or potential customers get a chance to see how the whole process of their favourite product or a service is made.

This brings in more loyalty to the brand. If a new product is going to be launched, stories can be used to catch the curiosity of the audience. You can always go live and interact with possible customers.

  1. Live mode ON.

Engage your audience more with live updates. Its shows audience how real you are and your efforts to each them. The feature is more advantageous than the normal story posts that you do since its felt more authentic. The ability of the audience to comment in real time and which is replied in real time always works in this way of business. You can also make the audience curious and excited by posting a story about the upcoming live video. A creative post to build excitement and with a content that’s mysterious always brings more audience during the live session.  

  1. Exclusivity

Social media marketing companies knows how good sponsored ad works. With Instagram, let’s say it working pretty well and you won’t be disappointed with the result. These story ads when placed appropriately understanding the time and need of the audience can churn your business some gain.  With images, GIFs or videos can be posted in story ads with an extension to take the audience to web pages with detailed descriptions. The latest update of Instagram allows multiple media usage in story ads which enhances the depth of storytelling. The story Ad works so well because in less than 10 seconds before the audience to swipe next the story should have been hooked them so badly. The content needs to be short, precise and meeting the purpose of your business. In a recent study by a leading digital marketing company found that the conversation rate for a paid story Ad is much more than a normal posting.


Instagram is the most happening place in the whole social media spectrum. With around 500 million active daily users, there can’t be any better platform to showcase your brand online. Counts say that 68% of users engage with brands regularly.

Whether you are trying to establish your brand, build loyalty or awareness about your brand, Instagram stories is one of the best social media tools. With regular updates and adding better features, Instagram seems to have no intention of stopping it to be more awesome for individuals or business alike.

If in case, if you don’t have any content to give the audience then you can definitely ask your audience what they want to see as your brand stories. You can work on it and is a sure bet of winning more gain to your brand.

Instagram Story For Your Business Social Media Strategy