Know the Digital Marketing Trend for 2022


The pandemic has definitely caused quite some amount of disruption to the marketers and hence the business models and technological applications that had worked for you in the past might not strike well today. You will require to change the digital marketing strategy and find newer ways to digitally engage consumers. With 2022 on the horizon, our aim as the top digital marketing company is to harness the potential of technological innovations that best fulfills our client’s digital marketing needs. 


7 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

As businesses and companies are entering the fall season, marketing departments are prepping for a successful 2022. To successfully attain this goal for 2022 there are certain major digital marketing strategies that should be implemented. Being a digital marketing agency, we make sure that these are successfully carried out in our clients’ businesses.


1. The Rise of AI 

The use of Artificial Intelligence of AI has already been made by companies and industries like retail, banking, and healthcare and so on as part of their marketing efforts. Marketers are still exploring AI applications wherein it can be used to predict what customers are likely to buy in the future. This will be based on their past purchases and browsing history.

The most common application of AI is in marketing automation to automate basic tasks such as reporting on website traffic and recommending keywords that can optimize a company’s organic search results.

AI in combination with SEO is all set to do wonders and to know more on how your company can benefit from this and enhance your digital marketing strategies, you might want to consider talking with us. 


2. AI-Powered Influencer Marketing 

The influencer market is estimated to reach $15 billion by 2022 being valued at $9.7 billion now, in 2020. A majority of marketers have already reported that they are already anticipating a 20% hike in their spending on influencer content.

As a digital marketing agency, we tell you that influencer marketing in its next phase will involve the widespread adoption of AI on everything. With AI, watching and assessing influencer videos can be done faster and more efficiently than humans can. This predictive AI-powered model is beneficial for your ROI, as you only pay for the conversions and sales influencers. 


3. Virtual Assistants

Same as AI, yet another increasingly popular trend for 2020 would be the virtual assistant. It’s been estimated that the market value of voice search shopping will hit $40 billion by 2022, while consumer spending via voice assistants will reach 18 percent.

Though your business might be already making use of a virtual assistant to automate customer service needs through varied applications that efficiently helps in handling customer inquiries on your social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and other online platforms, there is still a multitude of benefits that are associated with a virtual assistants or “chatbots;” tool. They are:

1. Even with company interventions, chatbots can answer consumer questions.

2. The AI that powers the chatbot gives it a distinct personality. This livens up the customer experience.

3. Through chatbots, customer interactions are increased as it provides a personalized and enjoyable experience.

4. Hybrid Events 

Virtual events became the mainstay in 2020 and 2021 in the wake of COVID-19. This continued to engage your business with customers and leads. Now as the market is getting opened and scenarios are changing positively, people are starting to feel comfortable with gathering physically again. Marketers are left with a choice now. Should events take place in a physical location or should the virtual concept be continued with?

Thus came the trend of the hybrid event approach. Event plans for 2022 will have a strong digital component and utilization of technologies like AR and VR to create an immersive experience. 


5. Content Marketing

Aligning your PR, leadership, and SEO makes you stand out in the industry. Enjoy boosted visibility, credibility, and authority by aligning these areas. Want to know how this kind of strategy works? Talk to us. 

Starting with the B2B content on your site helps you get a solid base of authority on different topics. Subsequently, adding the PR element gains you credibility. Finally, making sure that people are getting linked to your generated content is the key.


6. MobileFirst Marketing

 People today are spending a significant amount of time online, either browsing or interacting. Internet usage among adults has also increased by five percent when compared to the last few years. 

The way people perceive the internet and buy and shop has also changed along with the uptick in internet usage.

Most people are using smartphones and tablets over desktops to browse products or services on the web. Hence, businesses need to create mobile-friendly content that will enable them to rank higher in search engines.


7. Alternatives to Third-Party Cookies 

Undoubtedly consumers’ demand is greater when it comes to privacy protections and control over their data. Google also recently announced its plan to phase out support for third-party cookies. What today’s marketers should do is to increase the efforts to gather and fully exploit first-party data.

Tools like Google’s Privacy Sandbox or FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) helps to achieve personalization and consumer targeting without having to encroach upon user privacy. Marketing success also greatly depends on CRM tools, surveys, and interactive content. 


To conclude

The landscape for marketers has certainly seen a change ever since the ongoing pandemic. Pre-pandemic 2020, the digital marketing trends and digital marketing services were way different from what it is projected to be starting from 2022. So, if you righty want to re-think your strategies for your coming years, it is beneficial for you to approach us to have a heightened plan that enables you enhanced efficiency, market presence, and better ROI.

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