10 Effective Tips for Organic LinkedIn Marketing

Organic LinkedIn Marketing


Paid Ads on LinkedIn is the only way to reach a large audience. Yes, It might take time to build your audience and to engage them through organic LinkedIn marketing, but it’s well worth the time and effort. Approaching a social media marketing agency like ours will benefit you in aptly applying the 10 tips for rendering a successful organic linkedIn marketing. 


Here are the 10 Tips for Organic LinkedIn Marketing

Social media in digital marketing efforts will help you build your organic LinkedIn reach that allows you to offer an authentic and right value through customer engagements.

1. Make Engagements With Other People in Your Niche

Reach out to your audience who is spending time on LinkedIn and engage with them, and bring them to your website.

It’s also about building connections and sharing knowledge. In order to grow your organic LinkedIn reach you have to engage with other people in your niche and build real connections. Connect with people in your industry, and showcase the value your content offers. They’re likely to share it with their audience which further expands your reach.

LinkedIn’s search tool is a great way to discover new people in business. Search for your keywords to filter between people, groups, companies, posts, and other useful options.

2. Use The Concept of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership does exceptionally well in LinkedIn. The focus LinkedIn has on business shows that people are looking for new information and ideas to share, and as an industry expert, you can offer them this.

Social media is about exchanging engagement for the value of your content. Use your knowledge and harness your industry connections. This helps to create high-quality content that offers people useful insights. 

Ours is a social media optimization company that helps you to grow your connections and aids you to understand what type of information your audience is looking for. 

3. Post Videos That Creates Impact

Long lines of text don’t help you to grab people’s attention in the same way as a video does.

Videos convey messages much more efficiently than text and are extremely useful when you’re trying to get your point across. The key to remember is to keep it human.

As LinkedIn is business-focused, people are still drawn to human stories. Use this opportunity right to showcase the culture and people behind your brand.

Video is great at grabbing people’s attention, but you’ve got to be able to keep it personable. Showing the human side of your brand and keeping things light are great ways to do this.

4. Explore the Potential of Using Hashtags

Hashtags help LinkedIn to organize content. This makes it easily discoverable for users when you include industry or topic-specific hashtags with your posts. Users who are interested in those subjects can easily search for your content.

This will make your post more likely to show up on someone’s feed and also allows you to show up in the search results. 

These hashtags give more visibility and allow your audience to quickly identify what your post is about. 

5. Share and Comment on Relevant Content

Authenticity is essential for a successful organic LinkedIn marketing approach.

Ours is one of the best social media marketing companies in the USA and our services make it easy to grow your network and increase the level of engagement. Part of being authentic is in participating in the community by means of sharing and commenting on relevant content.

Whatever niche you’re working in, there are lots of other people with great ideas talking about it on LinkedIn. Use this opportunity to learn new things and to grow your brand.

Just leaving a thought-provoking opinion in the comments is a perfect way to associate your brand with a relevant topic. It shows your active participation in industry discussions. 

6. Be Authentic and Make Use Your Brand Voice

Writing as a brand is totally different from writing as an individual and it should be no less characterful. Brands have amazing stories and people behind them. Harness this to find your brand voice.

Define your brand voice and keep it consistent with your social media posts.

Organic LinkedIn helps in engaging people and if your brand is more lighthearted and fun, you must definitely showcase that in your thought leadership, videos and comments.

Having a good understanding of your target audience, and a clearly defined brand voice, easily portrays an authentic, human brand rather than a faceless entity.

7. Cross-Promote Your Content Through Other Social Media Platforms

Our digital marketing agency San Francisco helps you grow your organic LinkedIn reach by creating content that’s specifically targeted towards your LinkedIn audience. 

Also cross-promoting it on other profiles of yours will maximum reach. The more the content shared, the more data you collect to help inform future strategies.

8. Join Useful Industry Groups

Groups are another great tool that LinkedIn offers. Groups allow you to do everything on this list and you’ve got an engaged audience that shares similar interests to you.

But, you’ve still got to be authentic and offer value. Be an active participant in the group and draw attention to other people who are doing great things in your industry. Mix it in with your ideas and thought leadership.

9. Keep Posting Regularly

Being consistent and constantly creating amazing content, making social media posts, commenting on industry discussions, and engaging your email list all help increase engagements.

It takes time to see the results of your organic LinkedIn efforts. Don’t get tempted by the shortcut of paid advertising and their organic reach falls by the wayside.

When it comes to social media, consistency is key and we help you achieve this by creating a content calendar and by curating apt content for you. 

10. Test The Content Types

You can grow your audience much more quickly if you learn from what you’re doing. LinkedIn analytics gives you powerful insights into what works and what doesn’t and this can help you formulate your strategy.

Know what types of content get the best engagement, which CTAs result in the highest number of clicks and which headlines grab your audience’s attention.

The more the audience, the more information you will have to help you create optimized content that gets people clicking on your website.



LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best places to target your audience. Our digital marketing agency in San Jose, California can help you reach your right audience by incorporating the right strategies that truly favour you. 


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