7 Lead Generation strategies for your Outbound Sales growth

7 Lead Generation strategies for your Outbound Sales growth


With inbound marketing customers arrive at your website ready to buy and that is great! But, you don’t have control over who your customers are. In order to upmarket your offering, you need to have control over who your customers are or whom you are talking with. That’s exactly where the outbound lead generation process comes into play. Our digital marketing agency in San Francisco, can help you pick and choose your ideal customers, and to reach out directly to them. How? With our pro lead generation strategies. 

Let’s discuss what outbound lead generation is, why outbound lead generation is important and what are the prime outbound lead generation strategies and tactics.


What is Outbound Lead Generation?

The process of focusing your marketing or sales efforts on such  activities that involve you approaching people who fit your ideal customer profile is dealt with outbound lead generation.


Why Outbound Lead Generation?

Though outbound sales and marketing tactics can be daunting at first, because you have to approach people to pitch your solution to them and they might never have heard about your company or product/service. 

It’s not easy. However, it’s worth doing. These are the best way to get in front of people you know are a perfect fit for your product or service. Get yourself into that consideration set, by using outbound lead generation tactics.


Proven Outbound Lead Gen Strategies that accelerates your sales growth

1. Use of Personalised Cold Emails

Data shows that you can get up to a 45% open rate when emailing key decision-makers, if you make them relevant enough.

Cold emails are the best and first outbound lead generation strategies that you should consider. It is easy to do and the ROI could be huge. The key here is in making your email relevant to your offer and are personalised and genuine. See the results following then. 


2. Cold Calling 

Some might say that cold calling gets a bad reputation, but is extremely effective if done well.

HubSpot research shows that 69% of buyers are happy to accept calls from vendors. This is the best way to talk directly with a decision-maker. Only thing being,make your direct dials accurate and your cold call script polished.

Focus on calling highly qualified leads based on relevance and it not just builds initial rapport quickly but also helps to learn about their pain points or areas that you can help.


3. Focus on Your Content with Syndication

Apart from cold calls, content syndication can also be used. This strategy caters to getting your best content in front of the right people. With effective content syndication you will be able to:

– Value your prospects

– Begin a fruitful conversation that can lead to a sale

As you can use your content for a  targeted ad campaign at the same time, content syndication works well as part of a broader ABM strategy as well. 

Our content marketing agency in San Francisco can help you attain this. Please feel free to approach us.


4.Network with LinkedIn Automation

It is estimated that 59% of B2B marketers generate leads on LinkedIn. And is the most popular place for B2B decision-makers to spend their time.

It is an excellent place for networking provided that you use it correctly. The LinkedIn automation tools can help you.

It allows you:

– To send automatic connection requests with a prospect

– To send introductory and also follow up messages

– To get detailed analytics on how a prospect is engaging with you

use LinkedIn to build rapport with prospects. Followed by sending an email or calling those who are most engaged and interested in your solution will turn useful.

Learn the ins and outs of the tool because some automation tools in the past have been banned by LinkedIn. Hence, if you can use LinkedIn automation in a sustainable way it will pay you dividends. Thus, it is a strong outbound lead generation strategy,and also helps in  building your personal brand.


5. Let Your Customers do the Work with Referrals

Making use of referrals for your business is going to be extremely beneficial. It allows your customers to help you with your acquisition strategies, and you benefit from the social proof that a referral provides.

A few ideas for referral programs are:

– For SaaS: Offer free credits or upgrades for referring new customers

– For services/agencies: Offer a commission on new referrals

Don’t make your referral program complicated. Making customers like your solution, will make them share it with colleagues or friends in their professional network.

Also consider asking customers for testimonials or reviews. The more your customers can help you, the better it is for you.


6. Adopt remarketing

Remarketing enables you to tag your site visitors and get back in front of them as they go about their business around the web. You can get hold of them even while they are checking their email, searching on Google, watching YouTube, and even hanging out on Facebook. 

Thereby, turn your abandoners into leads. Remarketing can also amplify the effect of all your other startup marketing activities as well, such as  – content marketing, social media marketing, etc. This is made possible by way of positioning you in front of your audience, wherever they go on social media. 


7. Use Gmail ads to target competitors’ customers

Gmail Ads are powerful tools that help to get right in front of your target audience. If yours is a SaaS startup, no audience will be more valuable to you than your competitors’ customers. 

Using Gmail Ads, target your AdWords campaign. Reach people who are receiving emails from your competitors. This gives you direct access to people who are already using similar products.

Target keywords that your competitors are using likely. And a  more accurate solution is to target your competitors’ domains. 

Using Gmail Ads lets you reach the same audience that you will be reaching through a search engine marketing campaign, all at a fraction of the cost.


Wrapping Up

To start a conversation with the key decision makers, outbound marketing campaigns are the best way. You don’t have to wait for new customers to arrive at your website. You can decide on who you’re contacting and how you want to communicate with them.

Our digital marketing agency in San Francisco can help you strategize your outbound lead generation campaigns. So,if you need help, let’s quickly have a chat or call to discuss how our Internal Results can help you grow.

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