Before we actually begin to discuss the effective development and placement of a PPC ad, let’s have a brief look into a list of common errors that could occur while setting up a PPC ad.

1. Contactless ads

Advertisements without contact information are useless, it takes up less space in SERP and loses to competitors’ ads.

2. Lack of quick links and favicon

This error leads to a decrease in traffic, CTR, and means that the ad budgets will increase.

3. Ads are not optimized for the Google Display Network

A search engine ad campaign is different from one displayed on the Google Display Network. If you just copy ads, you’ll not get a good result.

The main difference between campaigns on the thematic sites and in search:

  • Images are not shown in search but on thematic sites, they must be added.

  • Advertising on thematic sites should be more creative than in search. 

4. Lack of division into the industry and regional campaigns

With campaign division, you’ll identify which industries or regions are more effective, which particular part of the campaign should get more attention and budget.

5. Improper structure of PPC ads campaigns

Your campaign needs a strategically developed structural quality to remain consistent and accepted in the market. 

6. The site doesn’t load when clicked

Issues with the loading of your website is a matter of concern, you should fix it ASAP to prevent your campaign from deterioration. 

Setting up a campaign

You have to prepare yourself well before getting started. You should carry out a direct analysis of contextual ads, their results, as well as competitors. Keep in mind certain key aspects included in the development phase of a campaign such as.

Target Audience

Fix a group of the target audience, analyze their behavior, and deliver quality content for their requirement. 

The product

You should be capable to answer all the probable questions that could be raised by the audience regarding your product.

The niche 

You required to have a clear idea of whom to sell, how to sell etc.

Competitors Ad

You have to be prepared enough to compete against any upcoming rivals in the market. You should need to be vigilant to foresee the entry of such a competitor. 

Checklist for creating an effective Campaign

  1. You need to make good ads:

    • Keywords in the title

    • Qualifying words

    • Keyword in the display link

    • Keyword in the description

    • Call to action(CTA)

    • Quick link with a keyword

    • Contacts

  2. To increase the effectiveness of your ad, you can use different ad extensions features: Structured snippets, call, location, price extensions, and more.

  3. Limit the prescribed budget for ineffective keywords, platforms, channels.

  4. Use dynamic remarketing on incomplete activities, and abandoned baskets. It allows you to trace and contact users who are already on your site. 

  5. Remember that ads can be displayed at the wrong time for your company. For example, if you have a B2B offer, you should not spend budget at night or on weekends. 

Analyze your campaign

Different tools are available in the market which can be efficiently used for the purpose of monitoring and reporting the performance of your campaign. Analyzing the performance will provide a fair idea, how productive the campaign is, and is it worth running it. 

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Having a massive follower base of 2.26 billion users worldwide Facebook is one of the popular public platforms for business promotion. Expert Data analysis reveals the fact that Facebook occupies the second position to YouTube in terms of popularity among US audiences, and the world-renowned social network is twice as popular as its nearest like-for-like competitor. This clearly states that your PPC campaigns will be accessible for a larger number of audiences if run efficiently on the Facebook page.

We provide some of the key factors to be understood while carrying out a paid campaign on Facebook. 


Optimize your sales funnel

When it comes to Facebook ads the behavior of the audience you are addressing has to be considered effective, as they include your target audience. In Facebook paid marketing campaigns it is always advised to organize a series of campaigns with different motives and different methods of presentation for inviting audience attention. It’s potentially most useful if you run a series of campaigns at the same time, all with different goals which could lead to creating your own social sales funnel. 


Ensure building engaging content for prospective customers and optimize your campaigns. By targeting that set of audiences who have already engaged in viewing your campaign, it’s possible to achieve much higher conversion rates.


Build exposure through frequencies 

Through ad frequency method it is possible to figure out how many times a particular person has viewed your campaign. This is an important factor as audiences who witness your ad repeatedly are more likely to recall it. It is also equally important to make sure that your campaign is not occurring repeatedly. Repeated occurrence might destroy the campaign quality. Be sure to place a frequency cap on your advertising report for the efficient monitoring of your campaign. Once the audience is saturated, your PPC costs will slowly begin to increase. If you notice sharp increases in your costs, it is advised to duplicate your ad set and re-launching it for new targets – thus helping to realign your campaign for fresh audiences. 


Set your budget

If you are organizing multiple campaigns at a time, you should be able to monitor the efficiency of each. Understanding the productivity of each campaign you should assign the budget. Allocate more funds for those campaigns that are running efficiently. Google Analytics has a reliable platform for gaining insights into campaigns, this will enable you to understand the effective performances of each campaign. 


Effective Placement

Once you are set with your campaign idea, you should require to decide where to effectively run it. It is important to analyze the outcomes each platform may bring to you and act accordingly. Each social platform has got its own merits and demerits. One should be very much aware before confirming a platform. It is equally important to assure that no money invested in the campaign is wasted.


Choosing the right Bidding option

Bidding in social media has to be performed efficiently, as the viewability of your ad is greatly dependent on your bidding amount. These platforms prioritize the promotion of ads based on the bidding amount. Advertisers are required to select the type of campaign they want to host – whether it’s based on conversions in the form of link clicks, landing page views, or certain on-site interactions. 


Recycle your ad

This is an important factor when it comes to preserving the engagement figures of a particular ad. Sometimes, the ad tests that you would perform to improve your campaign might remove all the engagement actions registered in that particular ad and restart the process from the beginning. To avoid such an action from occurring you can utilize the technique called “Social Stacking”.


For performing social stacking, go to the ad preview page of the existing advertisement you’re aiming to keep. Click on the drop-down menu to the top right of the preview and select the option ‘Facebook Post With Comments’. Copy the end of the existing URL for your ad and then choose to ‘Use Existing Post’ when setting up a new campaign. Paste the copied Post ID from the previous step and voila – a brand new PPC ad with all the relevant likes and comments carried over.


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It is quite often nowadays that people tend to spend much time browsing through Various YouTube channels in search of quality content as a part of an adequate process to kill their time. Let’s have a brief look at the top 10 channels on YouTube that have managed to receive millions of subscribers, and are actively existing for years. Each channel focuses on the diverse genre to find out your favorite channel from the list.

10) WWE

If you are a wrestling enthusiast, then you will be having a fair about the term WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The channel comprises hundreds of wrestling videos that users can refer to in case if they have missed any shows when they were telecasted on television. The channel has ranked over 40 billion views since its launch in May 2007.

9) 5-Minutes Crafts

The channel that was launched less than 3 years ago, has managed to achieve marvelous growth surpassing hundreds of YouTube channels that holds the same genre. With 66.2 million subscribers it is one of the top channels in the list. They provide simple contents such as “20 bathroom hacks to make life easier” and “35 unbelievable cooking hacks”.


8) SET India 

Sony Entertainment India is a 24hr Hindi specific channel with 68.1 million subscribers. The channel made its entry on YouTube in 2005. Now, it holds a massive library of 31,000 videos, which also include top-rated shows such as “The Kapil Sharma Show” and crime thriller such as “Crime Patrol”.

7) Sports

This is a consolidated content hub that contains related theme contents of various other popular YouTube channels. The channel came into light on December 2013, according to the channels about section, this channel was automatically generated by YouTube’s video discovery system. The channel holds 75.2 million subscribers.

6) Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes

This channel primarily focusses on nursery rhymes, poems, and songs set to 3D animation. Actually known as ABCkidTV, Cocomelon is one of the longest-running channels on YouTube. The channel comprises of total subscriber strength of 79.6 million with an average of 3million new subscribers every month. 

5) Gaming

The gaming channel holding a total subscriber strength of 84.4 million is another auto-generated YouTube channel. It comprises of a consolidated set of gaming contents from various popular channels. The channel was created in 2013. 

4) PewDiePie

Created by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg in 2010, that channel is well known for its let’s party videos and blogs. Achieving a magnificent subscriber base of 103 million PewDiePie occupies 4th position in the list.

3)YouTube Movies

In this channel, you can watch a variety of movies via renting, purchasing, or choosing to watch movies that are free of ads. You can also watch Tv shows. The channel holds total subscriber support of 109 million. 


This auto-generated YouTube channel was created in 2013. The channel contains related content from various providers under one roof. The contents include music videos, song playlists, and live performances. 


T-series is a popular Indian music company with 133 million subscribers, over 3billion monthly views. It is the first channel to reach 100 million clubs. T-series is popularly known for its Bollywood music soundtracks. It is the most subscribed Indian YouTube channel. The channel was launched in 2006. 

Now you might have gained a fair idea about the most popular groups ruling the YouTube platform. Each channel produces authentic content based on a particular genre for its users. The list also reveals the fact that content is the king if you have quality content and if you present it impressively, tomorrow maybe you can also get featured on the list.

You might be wondering what effect does a negative keyword cause in a PPC campaign, the answer is well known. Use of negative keyword functions well to exclude terms from your campaign and helps you to only focus on a certain keyword that is only relevant to your topic. In simple words, a negative keyword performs the function of filtering out unwanted traffic that a non-relating search term might invite to your website. This practice maximizes the ROI of a Google Ad Campaign. SocialPulsar introduces 2 vital steps that depict the proper usage of negative keyword in Google paid search campaigns.

Step 1: Identifying negative keywords

Selecting ideas that will never make sense is the first and foremost approach in identifying negative keywords. These can include:

  • Questions: “why”, “how”, “what”, “when”, “who”
  • Entertainment seekers: “news”, “died”, “happen”, “real”, “today”
  • Accidental industry “budget-bombing”
  • Random search terms that will never relate to your business

There are 3 methods to find negative keywords they are: Manual searching, Google suggest, and keyword research.

Step 2: Applying your negatives

Once you have successfully identified your keyword the next step is to apply it effectively. 

The negatives that we obtained can be applied to one of the three-match types

  • Broad: the word (or words) is anywhere present in the search query.
  • Phrase: the word (or words) is anywhere present in the search query in order.
  • Exact: the word (or words) itself is the search query (nothing added, nothing missing).

The most important aspect to note is that negative keywords do not account for close variants. Additionally, search networks cap negatives at 10,000 per campaign.

Applications of negative keyword

  • Negative keywords for DSA campaigns: If you preparing to run a dynamic search ad campaign you will need to include all keywords you are actively targeting as negative keywords. 
  • Using Branded/Competitor as negatives everywhere save for branded campaigns: This helps to ensure that your campaign runs well with the intended budget. 

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In the wake of a deadly virus that is continuing to disrupt the regular lifestyle of human beings, the time that people tend to spend on online media has seen a drastic shift. As over half the global population is in their homes spending their time with family, the probability of people allocating time for online activities has changed.

Social media management strategies have to be altered according to the convenience of the customer. Here we reveal the latest updates regarding the adequate time to post on various social media platforms.


Best time to post on Facebook

As we all are very much aware, Facebook possesses a generous relationship with its users. People tend to behave freely and happily while they use the platform. It has also turned out to be adequate for business development.

The suitable time to post on Facebook based on research analysis is proven to be from 10-11 am on weekdays especially on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There has noted a daily peak in the traffic and audience response in the period close to 11 am which may lead up to 2 pm. Hence, it is the best time to get the maximum audience to notice your post and register their interactions.


Best time to post on Instagram

The activities of Instagram are now mostly concentrated on workdays. There has also happened a drastic swift from morning active hours of heavy interactions to mid-afternoon.

Before, the statistic revealed Wednesday and Friday as the active heavy traffic recommending days with a peak from 10 am to 11 am. Now the trend has changed to Monday, Tuesday, and Friday specifically from a period of 11 am to 2 pm.

Now the Instagram user has been highly active during weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. It looks as if any time is ideal to post on Instagram as long as it is before 6 pm.


Best time to post on Twitter

Twitter has not experienced many changes in active interaction hours when compared to the scenario before. The current best time to post on Twitter is Friday 7–9 a.m., with 9 a.m. showing the peak of activity. Twitter has been widely used to stay updated at this period, it offers reliable and genuine information regarding the situations.


Best time to post on LinkedIn

There have been no notable changes in the time of active interaction in LinkedIn. More or less they remain the same, the situations have not affected their functioning procedures and systems. Currently, the most adequate times to post on LinkedIn are

  • Wednesday at 3 p.m
  • Thursday at 9–10 a.m.
  • Friday from 11 a.m.-noon.

Now, LinkedIn engagement begins around 8 a.m. rather than 7 a.m. every day and tends to end a little late.

Analyzing the active engagement time frame of the audience is important to stabilize your business, monitoring the trends carefully, and promoting engaging content to an interactive set of audience drives in results. We at SocialPulsar offer quality Digital Marketing Services comprehending your requirements contributing qualified support.

Nearly half of the world population counting to 3.81 billion are active in varied social media platforms. As the number of users increased, their engagement in those social media accounts also increased. With no time social media accounts transformed to those platforms were societal, personal, political, cultural  and many more issues were discussed.The reactions for all these were not affirmative and optimistic. This flagged for arguments and verbal abuse. Foremost platforms including Facebook and Instagram had opted for some corrective measures on this regard. Twitter has also forged ahead against harmful tweets.


  • Measures adopted by Twitter

Twitter has taken the initiative to send warnings for its users against those tweet replies which  involve any baleful words which could sow the seeds for any unnecessary arguments. For this it has launched a new, limited test on iOS that will provide warnings on  harmful tweet replies. 


  • How does it work?

Twitter’s system has identified some common offensive, aggressive, harmful or provoking tweets. When you are about to post a tweet, it will look over the presence of any such identified words in it.  If it finds anything suspicious,  a prompt will now appear, asking whether you might want to revise your response to avoid potentially causing offense.

Warning system, being in its initial stage, is only a small scale test at the moment. It also initiates efforts to improve on-platform discussion that could keep away abusals via tweets. This creates a significant impact as it is mostly based on the language that people use which will be emphasised in Twitter’s new test in order to promote a re-think. This could ensure the users  protection against such social evils. 


  • Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook  in it’s recent report says that misrepresentation was a key element in causing unnecessary arguments among Facebook users. On this behalf Facebook plans to implement tools similar to that of Instagram to stop such angst.

Instagram introduced comment warnings, which simply prompt users to re-think their wording in order to reduce the potential for offence.


  • The impact

These progressive steps have probably acted as an effective deterrent on Instagram. It could also support a positive effect on tweet interactions, significantly on the grounds of  expressing nuance in tweets. Reduces the chance for your short responses to be interpreted in a way you may not have intended.

It will be great for letting people take a moment to consider how their words could be taken the wrong way. And by this a lot of unnecessary arguments could be eliminated.

Google’s Danny Sullivan has announced that a core algorithm update is rolling out on May 4, 2020 via Twitter. About an hour past he announced, the update would take about 1-2 weeks to roll out completely. This is the second update from Google this year. First update of 2020 was on January 22nd which was on Featured Snippet Deduplication. Let us see the new update “May 2020 Core Update” in essence.


  •  Purpose of Core Updates

Broad core algorithm updates aim in making some notable effects across search results all over the world. Google strives to serve the most relevant content for the search queries. To enhance the quality of  search engine results, it implements core updates. Sites will inevitably notice drops or gains in search rankings when a core update rolls out due to the reflection of content relevancy. If the content becomes relevant since the last update it secures higher rank and vice versa.


  • Covid impact in search behaviour

This was the first update from Google since the pandemic struck the world. So, it occupies a status of volatility. Not only the economies were changed, it also made some significant shifts in the user’s search behavior. COVID-19 has changed what people need from Google’s search results. Searches on  travel, entertainment and more which was highly relevant once had a great fall. And new Keywords like COVID  itself began to reign the search. Search engines are flooded with search queries requesting information about the virus itself, or places offering remote services, or where to buy much needed products online.


  • Relevance of the update in the pandemic

Due to the instantaneous shift in the user’s search behaviour, Google is put to face the unique challenge of catching up with how the world is searching. As ever it never compromises for bringing the best user experience, with time we can see how people are finding it easier to access the information they need through Google Search.


  • Role of SEO in the Update

During this pandemic content plays an important role in search engines and thus May 2020 Core Update ends up being a good thing for SEOs. As the services provided by SEOs are valuable at times of algorithm updates,  companies will have room in their budget for SEO when the update fully rolls out. That means SEOs may soon find themselves in a position where there’s a significant rise in demand for their work.


  • Aim of the Update 

Google advises the site owners to optimize their site content regularly to serve the most relevant information to the users. It also reminds that there isn’t anything special to fix, if the rankings of the website drop after a core update. Generally, we could interpret that Google gives a hint to make each piece of content the most holistic resource on the web for a user’s specific query.



  • Innovations regarding Heat maps

Heat maps can be used to show where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, or used to display the results of eye-tracking testsThe heat maps created on the data extracted from Google Analytics can help you easily identify and visualize trends within your important Google Analytics  metrics such as the number of new visitors, pages/session etc.

How to recover from the update?

As the websites are being ranked against other websites relevant to your query, the rankings could be dropped or increased for unique reasons. Thus Google cannot suggest any ways for improving or withstanding. Focussing on some prime elements like User intent, Quality content, Clean architecture and Google’s guidelines could help you to recover from the down throws.

The Digital world offers a massive ocean of opportunities. Like there are thousands or even more digital marketing companies to support your organization with efficient services there are also companies that deliver degrading services. These services might not only be useless but also unlawful, they might also violate Google guidelines. These group of companies has to be identified. SocialPulsar being the best SEO company in the USA would like to make it to some of the tricks that some companies use to fake competence.

SEO Incompetence

All the small business owners online have been forced by Google to monitor their incoming links. But how to identify which SEO specialist is truly qualified?

Don't hire the first person who claims to be an SEO. Be very careful of anyone who cold calls you via email, social media, your contact form, or anywhere else. Seek recommendations from your acquaintances or consultants for an expert service.

The problem with ambitious incompetents

Ambitious incompetents develop a perception of competence without actually trying to be competent. They just create an appealing impression through counterfeit documents and testimonials. One has to be very cautious while dealing with such kinds of fake members.

The fake authority with social proof

Corrupt marketers pay to be promoted as reputed marketers in major publications and various other public platforms. Those paid-for articles will then be used as social proof to attract potential customers. Buying paid “mentions” in articles can also mean buying social proof that can be used to influence potential customers.

Social proof: Fake client testimonials

Some companies promote their past clientele to gain a position in the market as well as in the minds of potential customers. They pay for writing good about their services, sometimes they provide free services in return for an excellent testimonial content. Most people approach companies for services after doing detailed research about their whereabouts which primarily include testimonials. By developing an impressive testimonial, companies can hide their actual capabilities.  

Business owners should be able to figure out fraud companies and their intentions. They should gain expert opinion and advice before consulting any digital marketing providers out there. SocialPulsar has been recognized as the best digital marketing agency in San Francisco by reliable sources. We provide comprehensive solutions to all your business queries online. 

Google discovery is a revamped version of Google feed which was introduced in December 2018. Unlike the traditional content searching mechanism, this latest version does not require the user to enter a particular query. Instead, content related to their respective queries will be already present in the recommendation and the user just needs to click it.

Just like a normal social media feed, Google Discover exhibits various content. However, instead of following the users, here you are following different categories of interests. Earning 800 million users in its arsenal, Google discover is undoubtedly the best avenue to promote the content.

Technical SEO for discovery

Mobile friendly, your content should be compatible to work well in mobile and other related platforms as Discovery is only available on Smartphones and tablets. You have to make sure that your content is not only suitable to work on mobile platforms but also it should load on time. You should ensure site speed.

Image optimization also plays a vital role in inviting traffic. Your image is recognized as the first impression for your content, as a result, it’s crucial to have unique imagery that is very much relating to your content to ensure better results. 

The image SEO practices are equally important. Also, you have to make sure that your image size has to be compressed, required to have a descriptive file name suitable for your image, appropriate alt text, and descriptive caption. 

Content Strategy

As the user frequently interacts with google and the discovery, it will investigate and gains a fare good idea about your content preferences. As a result, the user will be bombarded with similar but unique content that they might not have gone through. To succeed in your Google Discover strategy, your content needs to be a mix of evergreen pieces that should go in hand with the latest industry trends. 

Time Sensitivity

vital aspect to be noted down is that Discover does yield to real-time events and time sensitivity. As different users possess different hobbies and interests it’s important to understand their area of interest and deliver them will similar relating content.

Setting client expectation

It’s important to set client expectations in order to receive Google Discover coverage. The average life span for a post in the Google Discover feed is about 2-3 days based on its quality and acceptability. 

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Anyone working in an SEO environment might have come across a situation where they would mistake a feature request for a bug. It’s a common issue that can create confusion and bring about issues in the SEO process. That is why it is important to understand the difference between the two when approaching SEO problems. 

SocialPulsar is an agency that offers the top SEO services in San Francisco. One of the best digital marketing agencies in USA, SocialPulsar has been at the forefront of offering a wide array of clients with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. Let’s know more about SEO bugs and features requests, along with their differences. 

All about SEO Bug 

SEO professionals have to find basic and technical issues on a site that causes SEO non-compliance. Non-compliant URL reports in crawling tools need to be addressed consistently. A software bug refers to a problem causing a program to crash or produce invalid output. A bug can be written out by describing in detail what you see. Explain what the expected result is and add screenshots to visualize. Add reports you have to showcase the impact. Rarely, you will have to justify the impact to prioritize the bug.  Regardless of how big or small your SEO team is, you need to constantly monitor and keep a track of bugs, seeing them through to completion. 

Feature Requests 

Feature requests for SEO are mentioned when SEO handles user issues or a rectification needed to improve SEO that touches the content, design or usability of a site. A feature is often considered an enhancement which is referred to as a request for extra functionality that doesn’t exist. Consider the following when you draft your feature request for SEO: 

  1. Will the requested feature benefit other lines of businesses? 

  2. Is the request in sync with the company’s long-term strategy and vision? 

  3. What would be the level of effort needed? 

  4. Where would the team’s resources fit in their priority list? 

What to include in the request

Make your feature request as detailed as possible. User scenarios and acceptance criteria should be clear. User scenarios will detail out what search engines should see. Sometimes you will have to simplify a story for the benefit of first-time users. Include relevant documentation to solve the problem. You can add webmaster guidelines, crawl reports, case studies, blogs, and so on. 

It is important to follow-up and engages with the people who are working on requests. You need to keep a positive outlook and encourage feedback. When you clearly understand what a bug is and what you ask as a new feature, SEOs will understand that the teams they work with are receptive to the questions being asked. 

If you like to know more about the topic or anything related to SEO, do get in touch with SocialPulsar. Our expert team will be happy to help you out.