Instagram has been rolling out new updates on a regular intervals to bring in more people to them. And the latest addition to this one is the new ‘Type Mode’ feature, the long awaited text only feature. This latest Instagram update enables users to share text-only posts on their Instagram Stories without photos or videos.
Users get to choose from colorful and customizable backgrounds with different text styles. It also has a neon font. You can also use the other recent Instagram update, the GIF stickers. These animated stickers will help you make any photo or video funny, interesting or creative.

Accessing the Type Mode is pretty simple, open the camera in the Instagram app and swipe to “Type,” and write whatever you need to express. Once you have finalised the text and created it tap the button at the bottom of the screen to change the text color, background color, font etc. And if you want more you can also add a background photo by tapping the camera icon on the bottom right.

The new Instagram update has bought in different responses from the users. Many are happy about the update as they can now share their thoughts and feelings without using images or videos.
But there are others who feel that this update was uncalled for. They feel that this update will destroy the essence of Instagram, that is not to have to read anything and just absorb things through photos or videos.

Whatever be the reactions, the feature has already rolled out and whoever approves of this can embrace it with open arms. And the others can ignore it and keep on using photos and videos. And with Instagram being the fast growing medium for social media management service this update will force marketers to build new strategies and techniques to win the market.

And Instagram is not stopping the experiments with new features. According to reports they are testing an option that lets you “regram” public feed posts from other users to your Story. This feature is yet to roll out, so let’s wait and watch.

The ever-growing importance of online reviews is a fact we all know. Reviews can make or break your business irrespective of the fact whether your business is entirely online or offline. If we are to go by statistics, 84% people say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Without an action plan, acquiring reviews can be a tough task. Luckily, you can follow some easy steps to increase the number of reviews (read positive reviews) your brand gets.

Below mentioned are some tried and tested steps by reliable online reputation management services providers that will surely help you get more online reviews.

Easy to review is the key

Making your business easy to review is the first step in the right direction. You need to minimize the effort that a customer needs to take in order to drop a review for your business. Creating a responsive customer feedback system is vital in this regard.

Few things to help you

  • Ensure that your brand is visible on all major review sites
  • Add a direct link (click here to review) on your homepage
  • Surveys incorporating questions like ‘How do you rate our service’ could be really helpful
  • Complete your business profile

Don’t wait just ask

Reviews don’t just happen; you need to make them happen. Even happy customers need a nudge every now and then to provide reviews. Make a head start, be proactive and ask for reviews. The one thing to keep in mind is to ask for reviews at the right time. You could ask for a review right after you resolve a customer issue. Instant gratification could do wonders when it comes to reviews.

Few things to help you

  • You could ask them in person for reviews
  • Send them an e-mail or text
  • Use review cards
  • Incorporate a review page for patrons to easily post a review
  • Use social media to secure reviews

Reward your customers

Since reviews have the potential to make or break your business, you should go the extra mile and incentivize your review requests. Encourage them to give reviews with discount coupons, special deals, giveaways, etc.

Review requests-a daily routine

World-class digital marketing agencies offering online reputation management services encourage their customers to solicit reviews consistently. This will not only get them useful reviews but also helpin improving the product/service as per the feedback.

Show gratitude

When a customer pens down a review for you never forget to acknowledge their effort. You could easily do this by creating a video testimonial/flyer/social media post with their review, mention them on your site, etc.  These simple steps also go a long way in building customer loyalty.