Pinterest Upgrades Visual Search With Shoppable Pins

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Pinterest has become one of the prominent social media platforms for digital marketing. Launched in 2010, this social image platform has managed to clock a whopping 291 million active users across the globe in less than a decade. The platform forges a venue for users to share images associated with projects, goods, and services and also allows the users to discover new interests based on the photos posted by fellow users.


In a recent update, Pinterest has integrated shoppable pins with visual search in order to make it easier for users to buy the products they have photographed. Pinterest’s feature called Lens allows users to search for items photographed on your phone’s camera. By developing their advanced lens capabilities, Pinterest will start rolling out shoppable pins in visual search results, which is relatively add thrust to the intention to buy the product.


Pinterest’s unique way of empowering users through visual search is found to be effective in researches. The Best Social Media Marketing Agency in San Francisco is here with some of the findings.


  • 80% of Pinterest users start with visual search when shopping vs. 58% of non-users.

  • When shopping online for clothing or furniture, over 85% of users put more importance on visual information than text information.

  • 55% of consumers say that visual search is instrumental in developing their style and taste.

  • 49% of users say they develop a better relationship with brands through visual search.

  • 61% of consumers say visual search elevates their experience while in-store browsing.


The integration of shoppable pins has found to be largely compatible with fashion and home care products. The feature will link directly to the checkout session of the retailer’s website, which means there will be an increase in conversions. Besides this major facelift, the up-gradation of visual search functionality comes with a refreshing design that is relatively easy for users to take and upload pictures. In addition to that, they can pin and save the photos immediately to the board as well. 

The SocialPulsar Impact

Pinterest has been a place where your girlfriend searches for her brand new earrings. It is a fun platform where people plan unrealistic weddings, isn’t it? From the simplest of lifestyle choices to the most important business decisions, Pinterest has gained prominence in our day to day life. People can search for recipes, they can get the blueprints of their homes and much more. It has grown as one of the fruitful slices of social media marketing.


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