SEO trends to watch in 2019

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With the dawn of the New Year, every digital marketing professional agency is interested in knowing the SEO trends of 2019. Let us look at some of the most important SEO Competitor Analysis trends predicted for this year.  
#1: Be patient and understand your audience and their requirements. Only this will help any Local SEO Agency to fully ensure the success of the campaigns designed for the clients.
#2: It is a good idea for the SEO agency to think beyond Google; that is SEO is about showing up on the list no matter how someone searches for the information.
#3: Think only of structured data as the future is AAI and it will take too long if the data is not connected in a structured fashion. Contextual relationships between behaviours and topics are important.
#4: Even for a local SEO agency, the key to stay at the top is to realize that content is still king. Google plans to tighten its noose and look for exceptional content when evaluating websites. Google plans to reward those sites that offer in-depth experiences through their content.
#5: EAT is the next key trend in 2019. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are going to be Google’s rating guidelines for this New Year.
#6: Technical SEO is another important rating factor for Google. This encompasses speed of loading the site, websites driven with Javascript would be favoured, and the more progressive we apps (PWAs) would be preferred.
#7: On-page optimization would still count in the year 2019. They would probably be as important as links. Internal site search should be producing relevant results and content answering common user queries are considered as contributing to on-page optimization.
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