How do Social media influencers impact our Business? 

How do Social media influencers impact our Business


Influencer marketing is a trending topic that is influencing the marketing industry to its furthest edges. Our social media influencer agency in San Jose has observed that like many other buzzwords and trendy ideas, influencer marketing is mentioned more than it is actually understood.


What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing can be described as the classic celebrity endorsement that is placed into a contemporary, content-driven marketing campaign.

The concept of an “influencer” can, at first, appear more nebulous and novel. Our social media influencer agency in San Francisco has studied that influencers are people with refined personal brands who have trusted, enthusiastic audiences. 

Influencers can be traditional celebrities or even ordinary people who have managed to amass large amounts of faith in their followers on social media.

And, influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, and engaging with those influencers who can create high-impact conversations about your brand with your customers and potential customers.

The purpose of marketing and the ROI of any marketing initiative is measured by an action on the part of the target audience. An influencer marketing strategy usually doesn’t deviate from the end goal. The stark difference here is where it begins.


How do Social media influencers impact our Business?

An influencer wields their power within the given networks and communities. They have social clout in their communities, that they have gained via strategic and intentional behavior, intended to build a foundation.

The rise from being a user to an influencer is one of climbing and updating that happens in the process. There are indeed many archetypes within the title of “influencer.” Each has its own specialties.


The LinkedIn VIP

A LinkedIn power user is one whose career trajectory has earned him accolades. They are those influencers who offer professional insights via LinkedIn updates—a.k.a. “broetry”—and career-focused content. 

People in similar fields take notice and take action, with comments, and vouch, disagree, support, ultimately they engage. Soon, these LinkedIn insights escalate into TED Talks and LinkedIn VIP’s name gets on an industry-specific conference brochure. 

This brings in more participants. Today, we’re getting more accustomed to these viral influencers. They are the ones that have achieved that revered level of social clout by way of a one-off incident. Do you need support in gaining help from this trending concept? You may consider contacting our social media management service in San Jose.


The YouTube Star

The YouTube stars a.k.a. Influencers have managed to build their platform and establish trust. For eg: Karina Garcia, a YouTube influencer, affectionately dubbed ‘The Queen of Slime”, and saw success nearly overnight with her YouTube videos of DIY slime tutorials and experiments. 

Karina has received over 860 million views on her channel and is continuing to grow her fans and has reached 6 million-plus followers so far. The creative credibility that she has and her ability to reach among slime fanatics has garnered partnerships with big brands like Disney and Coca-Cola.

She has even branded her own slime kit for Target and is proving those influencers who are themselves a brand regardless of how they’ve arrived at the stage.


The Instagram Model

Oftentimes people are waiting to get influenced by a  fashionista with cool clothes and a unique look. That is very much evident in today’s world, people are more likely to trust the model who is distinct and genuine. 

People trust that over rather than someone who seems too perfect to be real. In most cases, an Instagram celebrity is one who has developed or is portraying their own distinct style and cultivated brand. 

They are aware of the best hashtags to connect with their community and to grow their following on a daily basis. Now, how your social media can benefit or utilize this can be demonstrated and put into practice by our social media advertising company in San Francisco. Do connect with us. 


The Candid Snapchatter

Same as the Instagram model mentioned, many Snapchat influencers are people who are known for being candid and real. They gain influence by just being ordinary, rather than by positioning themselves as celebrities.


The Twitter Troll

Twitter is an excellent example of followers-versus-fans in action. Interactions on Twitter are fueled by rage and politics, with outrage that people are carrying through their day.

Irrespective of their particular rise to influence and their social media platform(s) of choice, an influencer is someone who has a  reach, credibility, and the ability to sell both their personal brand and also the brands with which they work.

Wondering how can your brand find the right influencer? Contact our social media promotion agency in San Francisco.


How do we find an influencer for our influencer marketing campaign?

An important decision here will be whether to use a tool or to find an influencer on your own. There are many tools and services that are designed to help you track down influencers. Our social media influencer agency in San Jose can help you with this by making organic research that will have more impact and reliable results.

–   How we help you find the right influencer:

–   Creating a spreadsheet to track your influencer outreach. By including aspects like 

a) social media platform 

b) niche 

c) follower counts 

d) typical engagement 

e) contact info

–   To look for influencers who are already familiar with your brand. The best-case scenario to use is to get in touch with someone who already likes your brand or could easily see the appeal in it.

–   Making an effort not to reach out to those influencers who have already worked with your competitors.

–   Reaching out via DM or email to know their interest. Engaging in conversation, with an endgame of negotiating a partnership.


Remember that the cornerstone of influence is trust

Yes, there’s a reason why most brands like influencer marketing. Simply because it’s effective. Like any kind of marketing, influencer marketing is only effective when done right. There are no quick wins, no promises, and no guarantees.

If you are looking forward to achieving success with an influencer campaign, you must definitely consider talking to us. We are the top social media marketing agency in the USA that can guide you and work closely for you in this regard. 

We help you find the influencers with real followings, the people with genuine audiences who care about what they say. We help you partner with relevant influencers.

Remember that influencers will only want you to partner with them, only if it’s beneficial to everyone involved: the brand, the influencer, and the influenced.


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