Social Media Lessons For Hospitals

VPS Lakeshore has been a trusted name in providing the best support and treatments for various diseases in USA. The growth of hospital is spread over a span of many years. With outstanding brilliant doctors and infrastructure, the hospital is still growing with time. With the promise of reaching everyone in need, VPS Lakeshore has been occupying the social media platforms to spread the word. And grow the brand name as a household essential.

A leading digital marketing company in San Francisco, SocialPulsar is analysing the growth of VPS Lakeshore through social media.  What makes VPS Lakeshore different from rest of the hospital brands, how are they building bonds beyond reach? ‘As a digital marketer, we sense that the hospital is foreseeing the spectrum of opportunity social media is providing them through active facebook, twitter and Instagram profiles. They provide assistance to patients and generate business online. Wise marketing’ says the lead SEO Expert, Althaf M Yoonus. Providing health education through channels, VPS Lakeshore is currently dominating social media with clearly one agenda, to empower common men regarding health and increase loyalty and trust by providing information about hospitals facilities and capabilities.

SocialPulsar comes up with few tips for all hospitals on how to build connections through social media.

Who isn’t health conscious these days?

  1. Through social media, you build bonds with patients and health conscious people. With posting contents that show hospital’s commitment in serving every patient, brings people’s trust over the hospital. Posts that show patient satisfaction can churn in more people seeking treatment.

With patients comment or asking questions through social media and when a hospital brand engage itself with satisfying responses and actions, it obvious that it brings human connections.  Enquiring and informing people about the latest medical trends and guiding them through informative posts can make them appreciate the efforts of a medical organisation.

The social media also helps build medical communities through LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. This will help the Doctor’s and administration to exchange knowledge with other hospitals which in turn make the foothold strong inside the online medical community. Therefore, keep posting contents regularly. Help people who seek online medical assistance, in return the hospital to gain patient count.

The strong presence of a hospital brand in social media can now bring in more insights into the healthcare community.

Be creative, keep standards

The possibilities to showcase a brand’s potential is vast through social media. With great contents, visual banners and explainer videos you can easily grab the attention of any common man. Your creativity is the only limit. Update blog with contents explaining the success of the last keyhole surgery done, about having almonds in diet, stories of happy patients, the latest development in kidney transplant etc..

The more creative you are, the more attention you gain. You don’t need to be a design expert but enough to create neat and lovable creatives. Keep yourself grounded, keep the standards and provide an identity of a saviour helping the world. Create informative contents so that online readers( who can be patients) find comfort even before getting a consultation with the doctor.  Illustrate through infographics and pictograms regarding treatments and medical procedures. This will give patients a visual idea which can be more relieving than verbal explanations.

Keep updating

Post contents regularly, which makes you available for the patients on a real-time basis. It calls for dedication for posting every other day, but then it works. It is also important that the contents you post is relevant, organic and never to forget the brand identity.

Build a team of works on social media management. Don’t post contents about things you don’t do or provide in your hospital, but provide the right information that’s trustworthy and reliable. Make the contents simple for the patients to follow and thereby making your brand name as a habit in their household.

Simple engagement campaigns can be run once in a month so that patients and common men feel efforts taken by a hospital brand for the betterment of society and its well being.

‘Most importantly and essential goals when having a social media identity for a hospital brand is to make your presence valid and strong’, claims the leading digital marketing company in San Francisco

So, if you are having a hospital brand and haven’t explored the possibilities of social media in service and marketing, then we hope this would help you start one.