The Secrets To Marketing In The Gaming Industry

Digital Marketing in Gaming Industry

Gaming is no longer considered to be confined to a certain group of people. It is no longer viewed as the refuge of the lazy and indolent. Gaming has risen in prominence and gamers come from all walks of life.

The gaming industry has witnessed humongous growth and a gazillion games are out there. There are online offerings to digital downloads, free to play games, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile games. Tapping into the potential of digital marketing for the gaming industry has always been a challenge considering the diverse platforms.

Gaming Influencers

Influencer marketing is a quite familiar term by now. All reputed brands are banking on social media celebrities to reach a vast audience. One great influencer could do the trick for your brand. You could tap into demographics that were way beyond your imagination.

Social media influencers, especially gaming influencers on YouTube can take you a long way with a single post. Most great gaming influencers today were once just hobbyists, unnoticed. At the same time, we can't overlook the fact that it is really hard to stay significant for a long time with the kind of fierce competition in the field.

Gaming Influencers

Let's look at a few factors that could help you crack it.

How can modern digital marketing find its way into the gaming industry?

The world called "Mobile"

51% of the global revenue from the gaming industry is contributed by mobile games. The figures are more than promising, aren't they? The mobile gaming market is huge and is waiting to be tapped. A best dgitial marketing company can help you build brand awareness rather quickly if you choose to target the mobile gaming market.

Video content matters

Video marketing has skyrocketed to soaring heights. The kind of engagement video content attracts is unmatched and it has the potential to influence consumers more than any other type of content.

The mounting number of gaming channels on YouTube is evidence of the growing significance of video content in the gaming industry. Newbies, aspiring gamers, and champions watch gaming videos for hours, either polishing their skills or just for the sheer thrill of watching them. They usually tend to watch their favorite gaming influencers and follow them for tips and tricks.

Spread the word by sharing

Sharing your games on gaming boards like TouchArcade and GameFAQs is a surefire way to spread the word. Let the audience get the feel of your game. Feedbacks should pour in but don't let negative feedback get the better of you. Instead, use them to make improvements to your game.

Women power

Why should boys have all the fun? It shouldn't come as a surprise that 45% of gamers are women but the transition is quite evident. This is good news for companies. Women gamers are not limited to battle games, racing games, and other action-packed games. They don't tend to stick to the most played online games and are open to trying every other new game. Companies can leverage this to reach a wide audience.

digital marketing in gaming industry

Brand Integrity

Let it be apparent that you have a definite notion in favor of a social cause/causes. A substantial percentage of gamers are known to develop an emotional connection towards such brands and this can significantly influence their decisions on which brand to choose. You could very well partner with some of those great influencers extending the emotional connection to your target audience.

To Sum Up

Unlike marketing in other industries, marketing in the gaming industry could involve any and everyone. It is no niche. Be more inclusive, break the stereotypes, and devise games and characters that cater to a wider audience. Uphold your brand identity and you can win hearts.