Twitter Launches New Test of Warnings on Potentially Harmful Tweet Replies

Twitter Launches Warnings on Potentially Harmful Tweet Replies

Nearly half of the world population counting to 3.81 billion are active in varied social media platforms. As the number of users increased, their engagement in those social media accounts also increased. With no time social media accounts transformed to those platforms were societal, personal, political, cultural  and many more issues were discussed.The reactions for all these were not affirmative and optimistic. This flagged for arguments and verbal abuse. Foremost platforms including Facebook and Instagram had opted for some corrective measures on this regard. Twitter has also forged ahead against harmful tweets.

  • Measures adopted by Twitter

Twitter has taken the initiative to send warnings for its users against those tweet replies which  involve any baleful words which could sow the seeds for any unnecessary arguments. For this it has launched a new, limited test on iOS that will provide warnings on  harmful tweet replies. 

  • How does it work?

Twitter’s system has identified some common offensive, aggressive, harmful or provoking tweets. When you are about to post a tweet, it will look over the presence of any such identified words in it.  If it finds anything suspicious,  a prompt will now appear, asking whether you might want to revise your response to avoid potentially causing offense.
Warning system, being in its initial stage, is only a small scale test at the moment. It also initiates efforts to improve on-platform discussion that could keep away abusals via tweets. This creates a significant impact as it is mostly based on the language that people use which will be emphasised in Twitter’s new test in order to promote a re-think. This could ensure the users  protection against such social evils. 

  • Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook  in it’s recent report says that misrepresentation was a key element in causing unnecessary arguments among Facebook users. On this behalf Facebook plans to implement tools similar to that of Instagram to stop such angst.
Instagram introduced comment warnings, which simply prompt users to re-think their wording in order to reduce the potential for offence.

  • The impact

These progressive steps have probably acted as an effective deterrent on Instagram. It could also support a positive effect on tweet interactions, significantly on the grounds of  expressing nuance in tweets. Reduces the chance for your short responses to be interpreted in a way you may not have intended.
It will be great for letting people take a moment to consider how their words could be taken the wrong way. And by this a lot of unnecessary arguments could be eliminated.