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The digital world has turned more competitive since the beginning of the millennium. New advancements, novel ideas, and innovative concepts have been making it more aggressive than ever. To remain in the limelight, and catch the attention of the potential client, may appear as if a herculean task nowadays. Constant monitoring and timely tweaks are crucial to keep you on top of the game. 

A dedicated team that has in-depth knowledge of the technology, filled with fervor, is what you need to keep moving ahead. Obviously, not only you but also your competitor will be considering the same thing. That’s where Ubersuggest makes the difference. It will aid you to formulate digital marketing strategies and prepare contents that can reach potential clients. Thus, elevating your possibilities optimally.
The world searches everything on the internet. It has become an integral part of human life at every corner of the world. Ubersuggest will identify many things, including the best performing keywords, the content that has more views, your competitors’ performance, and the unique aspects that will aid you to acquire more leads. Your digital marketing team can incorporate the requisite changes to obtain the best results.  
A well-maintained website will definitely compliment your business activities. Your website is the address or identity of your business. But it is easier said than done to be in the limelight. There comes the role of SEOs. It will make your website reach the first page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO doesn’t just increase the traffic to your webpage, but it also ensures extensive reach. 
Beginning with boosting your visibility, keeping an eye over your competitors to building your social media network, there are numerous advantages of using the SEO tools.  It will assist you to reach the pinnacle of success if you identify and explore the optimal usage of the right keywords. 
Keywords are the interface between people’s needs or questions and solutions or answers. Every or any businessman’s motto would definitely be to take their products to the potential clients, or, at least, display the brand to him or her. Hence, it is essential to have the right or prominent keywords to be included on your page, so that you are available on the search results. 
A good amount of people out there would have thought about finding a solution to tackle their site traffic and visibility issues.  It’s quite understandable. Businessmen want their site to be ranked on Page 01 on those search engines, but do not really know how to do it or where to start off. 
What is Ubersuggest? 
For all those who were waiting impatiently for a solution to keyword enhancement, this is the ultimate SEO tool that is certainly going to do wonders with your keyword management tactics. 

To help you pool all those possible keywords, increase the traffic to your site, and remain visible on the first page, are some of the things that Ubersuggest does. It will enable you to reach Position Zero aka Featured Snippet.  
Ubersuggest will boost your SEO traffic, as well as, monitor the performance. And the good news is that Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool. It is very user-friendly that even a beginner or a person with no or very little knowledge of SEO functioning will be able to easily practice on. 
The co-founder of NP Digital and Subscribers, Mr. Neil Patel had acquired Ubersuggest and since then he has greatly expanded and added to its features, on his website, At your onsite at this webpage, you get a step-by-step knowledge of the Ubersuggest tool functioning, by clicking the Ubersuggest Dashboard icon and registering for a free account. 
Neil explains that there are four major features or advantages of using the Ubersuggest and it just requires you to follow five simple steps to achieve them. 
How does Ubersuggest pull data?
The Ubersuggest SEO tool extracts data and compiles it, to gather info regarding your competitors’ performance. There are two major ways by which the Ubersuggest tool extracts data. The foremost method is through their search bar. When you type in a website’s URL into the search bar, you will extract reports on that domain and see keyword selections. 
The second means is through creating a project on the Ubersuggest Dashboard. Here, you will be asked to provide the URL and name of your website. Depending on the nature of your business, i.e.; national or local business. You need to select your country or city accordingly. If you are doing business in multiple cities or countries, you need to do the search for them individually, one at a time. 
Since most of the sites are connected to the Google search console, you will automatically see a list of search words or keywords on the left-hand-side for you to track on. Apart from this, you have the option to type in other or new keywords that you wish to.
Why should you use Ubersuggest?
If what you are looking for is to do an SEO Campaign of your own, Ubersuggest is undoubtedly the best SEO tool you should consider. There are numerous benefits to using Ubersuggest
Listed below are the major advantages of Ubersuggest. 

  1. To track your position or ranking

Once you have entered the details for your first Project, you will be taken to your dashboard. Your Dashboard guides you to load your website profile at the option called the “Tracked Keywords” box. The privilege you get here is that you can see your ranking on both your mobile and desktop devices. 

The rankings that you get to see on your mobile device could be slightly variable from those you see on your desktop device because Google has a mobile index. Thus, if you prefer to watch over your ranking on the mobile device, you will have to click on the “Mobile” icon on Google’s mobile index. 
The best part is that the report generated is quite simple to understand. It shows your ranking over time, for the keywords that you had provided for tracking. At any point in time, you may add further keywords or you may even switch between the locations you had chosen. 
Ubersuggest supports you in bettering your SERPs and Backlinks, which are the two major aspects that directly affect your ranking. While you create your Project on your Dashboard at the Ubersuggest, you get access to the list of keywords that your competitors are using. Accordingly, you make changes on your site for improved ranking.

  1. 2. To Get alerts about critical issues on your website

Ubersuggest toolkits are a combination of different reports and tools that you can modify to understand your ranking better. You have the access to a variety of reports and tools and the privilege to customize them that suit your business. 
Site Audit Report is one such tool that shows the errors and warnings of your site. Initially, on seeing the report, you must fix your critical errors that are depicted followed by your warnings.  Over time, you might be able to look into the recommendations as well. 
On fixing the errors or warnings, you may keep in mind that the ones listed on the top are those that require the highest attention in priority. These errors or warnings on the top of the list will be the ones having a high impact on your results and traffic. 
“What Is This” and “How Do I Fix It.” toolkit on the Ubersuggest provides you support and guidance, in case you aren’t quite sure about how to fix the errors mentioned or how to go about with it. 
Once your Project is ON in the Dashboard, at least half of your problems are solved. Ubersuggest keeps giving continuous reports on your status updates.
It pinpoints the errors and gives warning indications, the points or areas that you need to attend to on highest priority. Over and above, Ubersuggest also provides you with recommendations, which over the period, you can actually look into for areas of improvement. Remember, all of this is definitely moving directly in proportion to your ranking. 

  1. To check your site speed

The Recrawl website toolkit on the Ubersuggest recrawls your site and re-checks that all the errors and warnings are fixed promptly. A website with enhanced speed can engage more clients. 

  1. To make competitor analysis

The traffic analyzer overview toolkit on the Ubersuggest helps you get a detailed understanding of not just one aspect, but many more. Including estimated monthly visitors your competitor is getting from the various search engines, the number of keywords they are ranking for on the first page of SERP, their top pages, every and all of the major keywords they rank for, and the estimated traffic each keyword that drives to their site.
Any SEO campaign’s strategy would be to monitoring your competition. To beat another and be on top is the aim of any business. There are dozens of businesses that will compete for the same keywords. Hence it is very much important to know which keywords are ranking.
By using Ubersuggest, you get to analyze the game of your competitor. This information is very crucial in your SEO campaign. It helps you to overperform them. 
To learn from your competition is not easy. Ubersuggest helps you with it. They may have keywords that are successfully driving in traffic. If you know what they are, you can take advantage of this knowledge and implement those keywords into your own plan.

  1. To understand the top traffic pages report

The additional feature of “View The Pages That Drive Traffic To This Domain” on the Ubersuggest, allows you to witness the “Top Pages” report. This report gives you details on the list of pages your competitor has on their site. The report will show the results in chronological order. 

The pages with the highest number of visitors or in other words, as we term it as the most popular pages will be shown on top of the report. Followed by the lesser important ones. Thus, the top pages report is an added key feature on Ubersuggest, that all of you might be wanting to benefit from. 

  1. To Get daily status updates on how your site is performing

The View All selection indicates the top page on your competitor’s site and also, it shows the keywords that these pages are ranked for. In addition to this, you also get to see who all are linked to your competitor. The data can be saved to your device for future review. Similarly, you can repeat the process for all of your competitor’s data available. 
“Position Tracking” is a prime feature of Ubersuggest and this process begins as soon as your Project details are entered by you on your Dashboard. It shows your ranking position at any particular point in time. This is a continuous process and you can check on the status of your ranking every day. Ubersuggest being, both a mobile and desktop-friendly SEO tool, you can monitor your progress and updates at your convenience. The reports are very easy to understand and it shows exact data that you can rely on. 
Usually, any SEO campaign takes much time to produce reports on your performance.  Well, that’s not the case when you use Ubersuggest. It definitely gives you in-depth knowledge of your campaign performance. 
Ubersuggest shows you how your site is performing. You will see how much traffic you obtain through organic means (as well as paid traffic). It will show you if you are seeing an increase or decrease in your website traffic.

  1. Great help in keyword navigation 

This is indeed a fantastic feature of Ubersuggest that provides you with the knowledge of the keywords that your competitor sites are revolving around to attract traffic. Also, you get to know the volume of traffic on their sites for using those particular keywords.
Now that you have in hand the sound knowledge of competitors, page visits traffic volume, the keywords that they are using, and also details on who’s ranking first, followed by whom, you have enough and ample data to reframe things for your own sites accordingly. 

  1. 8. Provides you with the keyword’s ideas report

Here, as you type in the keywords that are related to what your competitor ranks for, you will see a list of suggestions that are similar. And the “Questions,” “Prepositions,” and “Comparisons” options, enables us to have even more keyword and blog post ideas. Keep in mind that, the more the search volume a particular keyword has, the more will be the traffic when you include that keyword in tour content. 

You will also see how you rank for keywords. Ubersuggest will let you know what is your exact position in keywords ranking. This allows you to optimize your campaign to keep ranking for your keywords or improve your campaign to rank better for them.

  1. Helps you to come up with the blog post content ideas

As, someone rightly said, “Conversation is the King.” Blogs are always an added feature on any site and it definitely compliments your activities. Blogs don’t just provide better knowledge about your thoughts. It also provides varied information and news related to your business, which the readers might get interested to linger on as it’s always a kind of informal writing, which makes the reader have a personal touch over what they are reading and liking.
 Here, at the content ideas feature on the Ubersuggest, you can type in the keywords that you just found your competitor is making use of. You will then see a list of blogs that has this same keyword as the topic, based on social shares, backlinks, and estimated visits. 
Keywords selection is an integral part of SEO. When your audience conducts a search, they use keywords to find relevant search results. You will be able to find valuable keywords for your campaign with Ubersuggest
To find the right keywords for your campaign, you’ll conduct keyword research. This helps you generate a list of valuable keywords that your business can use.
Generally, you’ll want to focus on long-tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words. Long-tail keywords are better for your SEO campaign because they drive in more relevant leads to your business.
However, always keep in mind that the ones with the maximum social shares, backlinks, and estimated visits are the ones that you need to focus on. Go through all of them well, and come up with your own kind of blog for similar topics with similar keywords. You can do this similarly for all the rest of the keywords that are ranking well. 

  1. Helps you gain valuable backlinks

This feature at the Ubersuggest provides you with insight into your competitor’s report on sites that are linked to them. This report not only gives you information on their total link count or link growth over time but most importantly, a list of sites that are linked to them. 
With the help of the “Backlinks” feature on the Ubersuggest, you have a list of sites that are linked to your competitors. 
Backlinks are a very important part of your online presence. These are links that you obtain from authority sites that help improve the authority and trust of your site.
Backlinks should be always earned from credible and authoritative sites only. Google trusts your site more when you earn backlinks from established sites that are trusted by audiences.
Ubersuggest helps your business sites to earn more valuable backlinks. It’s also a great way to see what backlinks your competitors earn. You’ll know how many backlinks they have and can use that information to create a better strategy for your business.

  1. 11. Monitor your Overall SEO health

The “SEO Analyzer”, “Traffic Analyzer”, “Competitor Analyzer” and “Keywords Navigation” features on the Ubersuggest help you right from fixing your errors to improving your ranking and visibility on the Search engines. Ubersuggest is an All-in-one SEO tool, with which you get a detailed study report on your own site performances.

When you have attained valuable traffic, your goal should definitely be to keep that traffic. To need to see that you don’t lose your traffic at any point of time. It is very important that you put effort into keeping your leads engaged and interested in your page.
Ubersuggest offers all the tools you need to keep your existing traffic satisfied while you attract new traffic to your page. Thus, for increased traffic and improved SEO health, Ubersuggest is the best SEO tool.
Why Ubersuggest over any SEO Company? 
Ubersuggest has many advantages for any business. The above-mentioned points being the major ones. Now, you might be definitely beginning to re-think whether to approach an SEO Company or to do the campaign by yourself using Ubersuggest. 
If you are willing to invest your time and patience in learning, Ubersuggest is the best option. It gives you the privilege to be in control of your SEO campaign and makes it easy to understand how to run one. 
Creating an account to start with is totally free on Ubersuggest. Hence, you can definitely try using this tool and see for yourself the benefits of using it over hiring an SEO company.
The report generating process is much easier on the Ubersuggest. It is also simpler to understand and interpret. This makes Ubersuggest a step ahead from other SEO tools. 
The most important feature of Ubersuggest is that it not only gives your ranking at any point of time but helps you know your competitor’s performance as well. Which, may not be possible to this extend, when you hire an SEO company. 
Ubersuggest provides you with various reports and includes valuable information on graphs, scaling, and numbers that aren’t just about your performance, but your competitors’ performance as well. So, taking it under due consideration and acting promptly, you will definitely succeed in gathering more traffic to your site and have a better ranking as well. 
Ubersuggest gives you an idea of what your competitors are doing for better SEO performance and what strategies they have adopted. With all this knowledge, your job gets easier. You will have in hand, the report on the top SEO pages, you will get to know the list of organic keywords that your competitors are using and thus you can save time and utilize your skills to the fullest and write better contents on your site that readers would love to devour. 
It provides you with all those inputs, that you need to know and understand about your ranking and performance. Thus, you can frame your action plan and start seeing your ranking escalate over time. 
“Google only loves you, when everyone else loves you first.” As Wendy Piersall quoted rightly, practice Ubersuggest with your business and perceive constructive growth over time.

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