What Is Going To Be The Biggest SEO Challenge For 2022?

What Is Going To Be The Biggest SEO Challenge For 2022


SEO has been around for a while and is not something new. Let’s think of it this way. Though Google was founded in 1998 and SEO had existed even before Google, as it wasn’t the first-ever search engine. These days, all of us know the intention of search engines, the means by which they want to show the best results for people at the top. So is the existence of SEO companies. Who plays a vital role in getting a business’s SEO strategies working?

Now thinking about the algorithm changes, what is going to be the biggest challenge in 2022? It could be backlinks, on-page SEO, social media, or something else. 

Here is the biggest challenge and how you can solve it.



Yes, content is going to be the biggest challenge in 2022. But, it’s not that hard to write content these days because you can hire writers from the Problogger Job Board, which is one of the best places to find writers.

But hiring a writer and telling them to write content around a keyword just doesn’t work too well even though you have a high authority website.

Here’s an example

Suppose you want to rank for the term “auto insurance”. In the United States, it gets searched roughly 165,000 times a month.

Let’s take a guess on how many results there are competing for that term?

1 million? Or 50 million? Or even 100 million?

No! It’s over 8.7 billion.

But, not all of those 8.7 billion results are aggressively going after that term. But, be sure that more than 165,000 results are going after that term.

To put it together, for every one searcher searching for that term, 52,727 pieces of content exist for them to choose from.

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And, as this keeps happening. It makes it harder to rank. This is as bad for long-tail terms as well. Even if it gets searched roughly 1,000 times a month. It’s not a bad keyword. Even if it has a cost per click at $18.61 for the paid ads, it means that it probably converts at a decent rate.

But just anticipate how many results are trying to go after that term? And again, not all of those results are aggressively going after that term. But it means more people are writing content around it than people searching.

And to summarise it, it indicates that for every 1 searcher looking for “credit score repair” there are 75,000 options for them to choose from.

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Content is getting harder

Do you know that there are over 1 billion blogs and that there are over 1.7 billion websites?

This means that there are roughly 7.9 billion people in this world and that means there is roughly 1 blog for every 7.9 people. And there is 1 website for every 4.6 people.

When it’s thought about from a content perspective, there are roughly 7.5 million articles published every day. Meaning there are  2.7 billion articles being published per year.

Other than writing on the news, or new things, the majority of the content that is being written is on regurgitated ideas and topics. In other words, people keep writing on the same topic over and again. This means that Google they have even more options to choose from when it comes to choosing which web page to rank for a given term.

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So, what should you do?

As mentioned already, the biggest issue for SEO in 2022 is going to be content and that is because for the majority of keywords there is already more content than people are searching for.

This gives Google its prime pickings as to which page to rank number 1 and so on. And to mention, the trend is getting worse.

So, does that mean that SEO is not working? Of course not and it still works. Because, if it didn’t, then people wouldn’t be creating as many blogs or sites or even won’t be writing as much content.

But it does mean that SEO is more competitive and it is going to get harder over time. And so, what should you do? Just focus on writing amazing content! Create something different. 

Adding videos, images or even audio to your content isn’t going to differentiate you. And to mention, adding even stats doesn’t really differentiate you.

But do you want to know what it is? Adding a unique perspective. Look at the topic in a different way, add your own expertise or even better life experiences into the topic you are writing. 

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That’s what is going to make your content more unique. And, that’s what is going to make your content stand out a bit more.

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And if you can’t write, you can still hire writers. But the writer is a good writer isn’t just enough. The writer should have first-hand experience within your industry. It’s the only way that you can create content that is unique and one that stands out.

Hiring writers who do great research will not help you actually. Because when they do research they are really searching Google and taking things from other articles. This doesn’t really make things unique for you.

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Focus on writing unique content, if you want to do well in 2022. Contents that incorporate your expertise and experiences will make you stand out and get shares and backlinks. And getting in touch with our SEO agency in San Jose will make things easier for you. 

Just don’t forget that part or else you’ll end up writing content that doesn’t rank as well as you’ll want.


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