Why Do We Need To Target Long Tail Keywords

Why Do We Need To Target Long Tail Keywords

If you are into SEO, focussing on the long-tail keywords is one of the thoughtful options you should rely upon as a perfect SEO tactic. Long-tail keywords have comparatively lesser competition and are generally easy to rank for. In this article, let us understand the basics about Long-tail keywords and why do we need to target long-tail keywords.

What are the Long-tail keywords? 

Long-tail keywords refer to the longer and more specific keywords people use as queries on the search engines. These are actually what your visitors are most likely to use. 
One of the advantages of these long-tail keywords lies in the fact that they have a very low search volume and can be one of the best options to rank your content. 
Normal keyword tends to be one word or two. But, long-tail keywords have more than a few words. The key is to make use of the long-tail keywords with low competition and low search volume, but high CPC. 

Why focus on Long-tail keywords?

The reason should be obvious. Using long-tail keywords helps you compete with a fewer number of websites as opposed to the one or two-word keywords that can make you compete with a huge number of sites for a single keyword. Ideally, focussing on a larger group of long-tail keywords can help you get significant traffic to your site. 
When you compare it with your competitors, you will more defined audience who is specifically looking for your product or service. Even when the traffic to your site may be less. However, you can be assured of high-quality visitors with high chances of conversion.

Why are Long-tail Keywords important for SEO efforts?

Well, we have studied how long-tail keywords can bring more traffic to your site and help in conversion. They play a very major role in an SEO plan. The fact that more than 70 per cent of the web traffic comprises of the long-tail keywords in itself should stand proof of how effective the strategy can be. 
Facts mentioned below should help you understand why long-tail keywords are important in your SEO Strategy – 

  • They help you outrank your competitors – The trick to outrank your competitors is to find high volume low competition keywords. Keyword difficulty or keyword competition is also referred to as SD in some discussions on SEO. Such keywords will get you access to the best traffic. 
  • They can help you create the right context for your content – Google loves long-tail keywords. If you have the long-tail keywords in your content, you can have a better chance in achieving positive results in ranking your site. Hummingbird update from Google is based on the exact phrasing of your content. 
  • Long-tail keywords provide better conversion – The average conversion rate of a long-tail keyword is around 30 to 36 per cent. It doesn’t mean you will get increased conversion within a single day. But the statistics should give you a fair idea.
  • They are about how people search on the internet – People have been searching specifically for precise information. The long-tail keywords can be a vital part of the mobile site optimization. 
  • They prove to be the best options within structured data to outrank SERP – Structured data is a great means of SERP. Using long-tail keywords inside your structured data can prove to be a good option. 
  • Long-tail keywords can help you answer voice searches – The fact that people have been using voice searches makes it important to use the long-tail keywords. 
  • They provide more value to the reader – Long-tail keywords also offer your readers more value. They can help you gain more organic traffic

How to start targeting long-tail keywords?

Targeting the right long-tail keywords assumes much importance and a huge exercise in itself. The prime aspect would be to begin researching for your keyword. 
Before you can find the right keywords you want to rank for, we assume that you have a clear strategy designed for your SEO campaign and have created a website that meets those needs. To perform capable keyword research, you need an efficient keyword research tool. We would recommend using tools such as MOZ, SEMRush or Ahrefs. If you haven’t used a keyword research tool before, you can make use of a tutorial to familiarise yourself with it. 

  • Pick the keywords relatable to your website. 
  • Look for things such as traffic and search volume. 
  • Create a list of the keywords. 
  • Create awesome content around those keywords that you have enlisted. 

What are the Benefits of targeting Long-tail keywords?

Like we already are aware of, long-tail keywords are longer and offer more specific information of the keyword you are targeting. In essence, they can be extremely easy to rank for when you compare them to the common keywords. 
A few benefits of using long-tail keywords can be 

  • They reduce competition. 
  • They can bring in a substantial degree of traffic. 
  • You can use them for targeted traffic. 
  • They can be good for highly competitive sites. 
  • Easy and simple to optimise for. 

What are the results you can expect from long-tail keywords? 

Didn’t we state that 70 per cent of the web searches come from long-tail keywords? That is the prime beneficial result you stand to gain with the use of the right long-tail keywords. Besides, you can even expect the conversion rate to increase by at least 30 to 36 per cent with long-tail keywords. 
Other results you can expect can include 

  • It can be a great option for outranking competing websites. 
  • You can provide valuable content for your readers. 
  • You can easily optimise your content for voice searches. 
  • You will be able to serve exactly what your visitors are searching for. 

The Bottom Line 

Are you looking to create quality content? Want to create a truly wonderful and effective marketing plan? Long-tail keywords should be what you should look for. The tips and information shared here should ideally help you pick the best options for your keyword research.