Ajish Nair- Founder SocialPulsar Digital Marketing Agency USA

Ajish Nair


Ajish Nair founded SocialPulsar in the year 2015. 12+ years of experience has made him churn rich expertise in almost all facets of business intelligence and digital intelligence which helped him knit a lucid vision and mission for the organization. He began his career with a startup in India, as a software engineer. He chose to explore further by working for companies like Apple, PayPal, eBay, Oakley, PG&E etc. SocialPulsar is a dream that he implants in every employee’s mind, orienting them all to deliver best customer experience!

Bindu Oommen Fernandes

Bindu Oommen Fernandes

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Bindu Oommen-Fernandes is an ex- Google  between 2007 and 2017 and has 40,000+ hours managing digital marketing campaigns for the top Fortune 100 companies and businesses. She is an industry innovator and has 7 issued Google technology patents. She is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve and surpass their business goals via online marketing campaigns. She specialized in marketing strategy, innovative campaigns ,Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Analytics .

Manu Vallayil Vp Of Sales Socialpulsar Digital Marketing Agency Usa

Manu Vallayil

Co-Founder & VP of Sales

Manu Vallayil, being the Co-founder & VP of Sales, has been on rolls right since Socialpulsar was on action.Gained knowledge from the industry for over more than 7 years and have showcased his excellence in almost all the fields. Being from an IT  background, Manu has effortlessly revealed his talents in programming,web development, android/iOS development etc.Representing SocialPulsar to the prospective leads and converting them into clients is something Manu does effortlessly! He has got a profound knowledge on the market trends which he updates meticulously with full zeal!

Aravind Js Chief Customer Officer Socialpulsar Digital Marketing Agency Usa

Aravind J S

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

What serendipity! Aravind had a totally different plan and SocialPulsar was an organization to quench his passion until he was ready to fly to the USA. But his days at SocialPulsar made him continue with his passion which made him the Chief Customer Officer in a jiffy!