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    Competitor Analysis Services

    Competitor Analysis Services

    Equip your business to beat the competitors

    Competitor analysis would strengthen the business and enable it to capture major market share through custom-tailored marketing campaigns. The competitor analysis company in California, USA you hire must be using data-driven techniques and AI-supported technologies to obtain a detailed insight about the rivals. A prudent analytical report detailing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be the guiding light for your marketing strategy.

    Our services to date have been flawless and comprehensive that resulted in word-of-mouth publicity and a gradual rise in the clientele. Presently, SocialPulsar is one of the top competitor analysis agencies in USA. Having a dedicated team of market specialists, programmers, and technical experts we integrate exclusively derived hacks to bring out the best result.

    Competitor benchmarking is the fundamental element in competitor analysis. We scrutinize their investments, the marketing methodologies they have adopted, their pricing parameters, the markets where they have a prominent share and the social media platforms in which they have a strong presence, and so on. An all-encompassing report detailing all these aspects will throw light into the areas you need to focus on.

    The metrics and analytical data developed will be self-explanatory in all respects. Moreover, the dedicated team assigned with the competitor analysis activity for your business will submit corrective and progressive measures we can consider. A result-centric report and action plan will give you enough insights to organize a constructive marketing campaign.

    Drop us a message to discuss competitor analysis service packages for you.

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    Competitor Analysis Company

    A competitor analysis company in California, USA can deliver fruitful results only if it uses market expertise in conjunction with advanced technologies. The task, requiring immense business acumen and in-depth knowledge of online tools, cannot be performed perfectly by a normal competitor analysis agency in USA. That’s where SocialPulsar stands apart. We have positioned ourselves at the top spot through proven services. 

    Our competitor analysis services include:

    Competitor Profiling – We determine the top competitors from your business sector, their financial setup, products, campaign strategies, USPs, present position, future plans, and unique aspects.

    SWOT Analysis – The competitor analysis team will prepare a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) report on the rivals.

    Competitor Intelligence – Our team will submit you a detailed report obtained using online tools that will reveal the exclusive factors about the competitors.

    In addition to these, we explore competitor benchmarking, market positioning, etc for gaining the best outcome.  

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    Competitor Analysis Consulting

    Competitor analysis consulting from our agency will provide you with a complete idea about the other brands and their market positions. Get in touch with us for competitor analysis in San Jose, Bengaluru, Las Vegas, San Diego, or any other location in USA. The all-encompassing services would equip you to enter the market confidently and reap the best results.

    Market Positioning – The market position of rival companies and their reach would help you evaluate the depth of the activities that are to be undertaken.

    PESTEL Analysis – PESTEL Analysis will explain the political, economical, social, technical, environmental, and legal aspects of the competing firms.

    Competitor Benchmarking – Benchmarking of the competing companies will aid in describing the yardstick for your performance.

    Hire us for all your competitor analysis and digital marketing requirements in USA. We would render you exclusively customized services – whether you require competitor analysis in San Jose or any other regions in USA.

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    Importance of Competitor Analysis

    Business is a battlefield technically. Having an insight into the rivals’ business plans, strategies and USPs would help you to identify your own strengths, revaluate your marketing campaigns and decide upon the factors to be highlighted. A product’s market performance would depend directly on the advertisements, and the client reaches it has obtained through the same.

    Businesses need to have a clear picture of the present market scenario to put up the best effort.  A competitor analysis agency in USA can provide optimum support by indicating the areas needing attention, the flaws in your marketing campaign, the strengths of the competitors, the points where opportunity exists, and so on. Use competitor analysis services to formulate a winning plan and proceed ahead confidently.

    Ping us in case you need support on competitor analysis in California, USA. 


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    Direct Competitor – Business entities offering the same or similar products and services. Knowing their unique marketing methods and strengths would help deploy a better strategy that would catapult them to a challenging position. Direct competitors are the first ones to be tackled in the business world.


    Indirect Competitor – Firms with services and products that are not similar to yours. The alternative products offered by them could hamper your business prospects.  Having this peculiar aspect, indirect competitors are to be handled using a subtle understanding of their business tact.


    Current[SS1]  Competitor – The performance status can keep on varying. Today’s top firm may go down tomorrow and someone else may come up. Recognize the currently performing competitors and prepare your brand to compete with them. Get a detailed competitor analysis report for outshining them.

    competition (1)

    Potential Competitor – Any company from any part of the world may arrive at your domain to sell similar products as yours. Potential competitors are those, who are not selling the same products in your region presently. Nevertheless, they may decide so. Be prepared with custom-designed strategies to tackle them.

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    Competitor Analysis Services We Offer

    competitor (6)

    Competitor Profiling – Obtain a detailed report on the financial status, marketing budget, Unique Selling Points, new ventures, and new plans. An elaborate competitor profiling provided by the experts in our competitor analysis company will help you plan your moves.

    competition (3)

    Competitor Benchmarking – A clear picture of the competition could be gained only if we know about the competitors’ capacity and business probabilities. Making the statistics received through competitor analysis, you can pursue the business development plans and market penetration methods. We offer perfect competitor benchmarking as part of competitor analysis services.


    Competitor Intelligence – We use advanced online tools to acquire data about the particular factors concerning the competitors. It could be utilized to fortify your marketing tactics and dethroning them from the leading position. Discuss with us to know more about the competitor intelligence provided by our competitor analysis company in California.


    SWOT Analysis – Do you want to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? We will deliver you a comprehensive report covering all these points. Know about the strengths and weaknesses of the competing firms to score on that domain, identify the opportunities to grab it first, and foresee threats to tread safely.    

    competition (5)

    PESTEL Analysis – Political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors have a vital influence on the market. PESTEL analysis, part of our competitor analysis, will calculate the effect of these factors on your business. By providing a conclusive report that details the corrective measures for implementation, we will help you to grow.

    competition (7)

    Market Positioning – How do potential customers conceive your product or brand? What is the market position of your competitors? How they created such an image? All these questions will be examined and analyzed during our competitor analysis. The report will define the way ahead to grab the customers’ attention and elevate the brand image.


    Competitive Advantage – Make the most use of our competitor analysis services and gain a competitive advantage in the market. The experts in our agency will render you an exhaustively analyzed report for your brand to augment reach surpassing the rivals. Explore our competitor analysis services to explore the possibilities.




    Target market – Our result-centric competitor analysis report will offer you better insights about the target market, the tactics that could be employed, and productive possibilities. Consequently, you can consider choosing the right market and enter confidently with specifically designed marketing strategies. It will aid you in the formulation of advertisement campaigns as well.


    A study of how your product/service stacks up against competitors – We assure you a broad perspective about the product performance in the market. The study undertaken by our market experts in association with the technical stalwarts will help you plan the course of action. Make a planned move based on our inputs, rather than entering the market blind-sighted. 


    Observations on marketing strategy and social media strategy – Social media can have a substantial effect on your marketing.  Use it to publicize the brand, promote new products and get new leads. Besides obtaining crucial info on competitors’ marketing strategies and social media strategy, we will also submit suggestions to improve your online presence, to make it fruitful.  


    Customer reviews/rating measurement – Measure customer responses, reviews and ascertain the image of competing products vis-à-vis yours. We also have customer sentiment analysts, who would collaborate with the competitor analysis team to determine the customer sentiments. Giving you a broad perspective about the emotion towards the brands among customers.   

    report (1)

    Comparison of pricing models – Pricing has been a tricky domain for companies. A realistic approach to understanding the customer’s needs and opinions would be vital for deciding the right price. We would compare pricing models and suggest the right one for your product. Rely on us to give you the best service.


    Why SocialPulsar?

    SocialPulsar has been redefining the digital marketing field in USA since 2015. We have established our presence in the country after a successful performance in the US. We follow a thoroughly derived competitor analysis process to make the results fruitful for our clients.

    Having immense experience with a plethora of business verticals functioning at different geographical locations, we can assure you a perfect, result-oriented, service. We will also assign a dedicated manager to resolve your issues, answer your queries, clarify doubts, integrate your suggestions and provide you with periodic reports.   

    Hire the best competitor analysis company in California for evaluating the rivals and planning your product promotion accordingly. We understand that our growth solely lies in the growth of our clients. SocialPulsar, committed to render the best services, undertakes relentless and dedicated efforts to provide reliable services.

    Discuss your project with us. Dial now.


    1. What is Competitor Analysis?

      Competitor analysis is an essential aspect of the business field. It helps companies to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to their competitors. Besides aiding the companies to get detailed knowledge of their marketing strategies and present market position.

    2. What all are included in competitor analysis?

      A competitor analysis would include analyzing the rival firms’ strategies, financial strength, market presence, weaknesses, customer perception, pricing aspects, USPs, and exclusive features.

    3. Which are the types of competitors?

      Four types of competitors are there viz. direct competitor, indirect competitor, current competitor, and potential competitor.

    4. What is SWOT analysis?

      SWOT analysis is a part of competitor analysis. It will define the competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths. You can incorporate measures accordingly, to counter them.

    5. Is SWOT analysis is a complicated task?

      SWOT analysis, part of competitor analysis, is a complicated task that necessitates the competitor analysis agency to have immense experience and expertise in the field. Otherwise, the inputs provided by them may not be much useful for you – even they could turn completely futile.

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