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    Explainer Video Services

    Explainer Video Services

    The cost-effective method to reach more potential customers

    We have a handpicked team of animators, content creators, and digital marketers to conceptualize, design, and create explainer videos. They have been the mainstay fortifying our growth, eventually making us the leading explainer video agency in San Jose, San Francisco, California.

    Our clients can choose from a plethora of options, types, of explainer videos offered. It could be 2D or 3D animated explainer video, motion graphic explainer video, whiteboard, explainer video, live-action explainer videos, or screencast explainer videos. Every video would be created through a meticulously derived process.

    The professionals would discuss the business objectives of the client in detail. It could be establishing the brand image among the customers, boosting sales, expanding the reach, and so on. The explainer video we offer would depend on the target we fix. Accordingly, our talented content creators and screenwriters would prepare the script and storyboard.

    The best storyline that is suitable for the brand would be finalized after internal brainstorming sessions and discussions with the client. The experienced animators in SocialPulsar would undertake the animation part. The animation would be inspected and corrections included at every step. So that there is no delay for the final product. Neither, the client will have to wait for the complete explainer video to come out.

    These concerted efforts have been the reason for becoming a well-established explainer video company in California, US.  We guarantee you results with the explainer videos created exclusively for you.

    Explainer Video Company

    Explainer Video Company

    We are proud to extend our explainer video services to renowned firms in California and other regions in the US. Each of the videos we design and develop will be custom-tailored to the client’s needs. Depending on the business vertical and objective, our experienced professionals would decide the style of the video.

    The story, being the backbone of an explainer video, would be prioritized and prepared after elaborate considerations. Our explainer video agency in California, the US has a bunch of talented creators with strong imaginative capabilities.

    Our focus is to entertain and engage potential audiences. By producing catchy and share-worthy explainer videos, the brand can expect extensive reach without spending anything extra. The publicity of the brand and business will reach areas beyond boundaries. Check out our explainer video services in San Jose, San Francisco, California, to grab optimal growth prospects.



    Research – We would research and ascertain the exclusive characteristics of the specific business sector, the market that would be preferable for the brand, and competitor performance. This comprehensive research would form the basis of the explainer videos we create.

    You can check the sample explainer video services to confirm the quality and perfection of our deliverables. We became a highly reputed explainer video company in San Jose, California, through responsible actions. Our proactive team will provide impeccable designs and catchy concepts based on the research. Consult us to know more about the techniques we adopt.


    Pre-production – Our teams would work in tandem with each other to prepare the ground for the most prolific product. A focussed approach has been the identity of our explainer video production company in California. The pre-production stage would entail preparation of script, creation of characters apt for the animation, etc.

    Our pre-production process has been determined after a series of studies and analysis. It will be a methodical process to reap the best outcome in the shortest possible time. Reach out to us to know about the complete process we observe to deliver imaginative explainer videos.


    Production – Production of the explainer video for the brand or business in San Jose, San Francisco, California would be processed through a well-defined, systematic, procedure developed by our team. Having a strong reputation as one of the most trustworthy explainer video companies in California, the US, we pursue a meticulous methodology.

    We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques for the production of explainer videos. Innovative concepts will be implemented to prevent any kind of lacunae during the design, development, and production. Our explainer video company in California is one of the most sought-after due to the concerted efforts we undertake.


    Delivery – We have been known for our time-bound services. A brilliantly created, imaginative, and engaging explainer video would be delivered to you within the promised timeframe. It will be as per the discussions with the clients and the theme agreed upon. We promise a perfectly crafted, well-edited, and developed explainer video.

    We also would aid you in promoting the explainer video through online platforms. The search engine optimized videos would help display your brand to potential audiences and convert them into customers. We have a successful track record of providing thought-provoking and catchy explainer videos to entities in California, the US.

    Explainer Video



    CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE – Script the explainer videos in such a way that it conveys the idea, the uniqueness, the message, and the identity of the brand or business perfectly. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of the brand and develop a theme that registers the brand’s message in the customers’ hearts.


    IMPROVE YOUR SEO RANKINGS – Besides engaging the audience, explainer videos will improve the SERP ranking of the company. Thereby ensuring more qualified leads to the business. Our SEO team would optimize the explainer videos to rank higher, as well as, acquire more traffic. Discuss with us now, to know more.


    DRIVES MORE TRAFFIC – Search engine optimized explainer videos will drive more qualified traffic to your website. The video content would be displayed to the chosen audience decided according to the predefined demographic criteria, geographical location, search terms, and browsing data. The target-centric explainer videos will fetch more attention and will drive more traffic to the website.


    BUILD TRUST – Develop trust towards the business by expressing the traits the brand possesses. A product-centric theme would aid in developing trust and cementing the credibility of the business. It would fuel growth and augment customer acquisitions. We guarantee amplified customer trust with explainer video services developed exclusively for your business. Choose us to be your explainer video company in California, USA.


    INCREASE IN VISUAL LEARNERS – Carefully perceived and imaginatively conceived ideas are our specialty. It would easily increase the audience for the business and boost conversions excellently. Businesses and brands in San Jose, San Francisco, California, and the US can simply choose from our explainer video packages and embark on a successful business endeavor. Our team guarantees growth with exceptional custom-tailored services.


    SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION – Explore the possibilities of social media platforms to engage potential customers and boost business prospects. Interact with qualified leads on social media, to highlight the business’s positive features and fortify growth. Our team will handle the social media network on behalf of you and generate an optimistic online reputation. We have separate teams for providing the best service to you.

    What do We do For Our Clients?



    ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO – Have you decided which type of explainer video you want? Just let us know the type of explainer video you want for your business. We offer exclusively themes 2D and 3D animated explainer videos of the duration chosen by you. The themes would be developed based on your business, objectives, and target.

    Many of the reputed brands have been relying on our animated explainer video company in California for a long. We endeavor to deliver animations of exceptional quality that would hook the potential users in the first look itself. Get in touch with us now to discuss more.


    PRODUCT EXPLAINER VIDEO – Launching a new product? Planning of product marketing to boost sales? Are you venturing into a new business vertical? Use product explainer videos to promote the product and ensure that it reaches the right customers. The potential audience will act as your brand ambassadors and publicize the brand and product more.

    The creative team in our explainer video agency in San Jose, California will produce attractive product explainer videos. It would be optimized by our digital marketing team to take the product to the maximum number of customers. Thus, expanding the customer base and making the product a bestseller.

    white board

    WHITEBOARD EXPLAINER VIDEO – Make use of whiteboard explainer videos to convey a message, popularize a brand, or state the exclusivities of a company. We can help you with brilliantly conceptualized whiteboard explainer videos that will narrate about the brand through funny, entreating, and thought-provoking stories.

    We are a team of ideators, storytellers, designers, developers, and developers. Our explainer video company in San Francisco, California is an amalgamation of talents from these areas. They would submit you the best whiteboard explainer video proposal to highlight your brand impeccably well among similar brands. In turn, enhancing your business and stimulating growth.

    How Much Does it Cost to Make an Animated Explainer Video?

    How Much Does it Cost to Make an Animated Explainer Video?

    This is a question that bothers many business entities. The management and the financial team would be deliberating the costs involved in animator explainer video services.

    Trust us: the benefits offered by explainer videos are so high that the expenditure would be minimal in effect. Moreover, one of the most reliable explainer video companies in San Francisco, San Jose, California SocialPulsar offers you affordable packages. So that business entities in US can reap the best without spending much.

    It would be difficult to state a firm amount for an animated explainer video, without the details regarding the type of video, the duration, and so on. However, it is a known fact that explainer videos are one of the most cost-effective and budget-friendly digital marketing methods.

    In this digital era, companies can opt for animated explainer videos to promote the brand, as well as, establish a firm identity.

    How Long Does An Explainer Video Production Take?

    How Long Does An Explainer Video Production Take?

    The explainer video production process has a set of stages towards ensuring a brilliantly conceptualized video. We have separate teams who work together with a single aim in mind. The systematically devised methodologies we observe help us in creating explainer videos of exceptional quality in a quick time.

    Ideation, scripting, design, pre-production, and production would be undertaken in a successive manner, without any delays, to make sure that the product reaches the client in the shortest time. Check out our team to know more about the exclusivities of our explainer video company.

    We have a number of business organizations from San Francisco and San Jose as clients. Their growth has been our target and we could deliver outstanding results through imaginatively created explainer videos.


    1. Is it Possible to Speed Up the Animated Explainer Video Production Process?

      We assign a dedicated team for each of our clients. This helps us in animated explainer video production in a quick time. There would not be any requirement for speeding up the process when you hire us.

    2. What Does Our Explainer Video Production Process Look Like?

      Explainer video production has basically four steps. Ideation, Script, Pre-production, and Production. The team will brainstorm and prepare the best theme, on which animated explainer video would be produced.

    3. How to Get Started?

      Just let us know your business objectives. We would deliver you a brilliant crafter animated explainer video in the timeframe promised.

    4. What makes a good explainer video?

      The theme and making of the explainer video distinguish an excellent explainer video from others. The explainer video should engage the audience, with a quirky style and establish the brand identity to boost sales.

    5. What is the price for an explainer video?

      The cost of an explainer video will depend on factors including the duration, style, and complexity of making. Get in touch with us now to discuss further on this.

    6. What are the services included in the explainer video?

      The explainer video services will include pre-production, scripting, storyboard, animation illustration, voice-over, background score, and post-production activities.

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