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    Influencer Marketing Services

    Influencer Marketing Services

    Let them promote your brand and enhance growth

    We have a diversified panel of celebrities and social media biggies with a great number of followers. A word, an Instagram story, a social media post, or a few seconds of video can change the game in favor of you. That’s how we could ensure impressive results for our clients in the US.

    Our team would connect with the right influencer depending on the type of product or business. Negotiate with them for collaboration at competitive rates. Once everything is finalized, we would also provide engaging scripts and themes for influencer marketing in San Francisco, San Jose, California.

    Our influencer marketing company in California grew from strength to strength, through this meticulous methodology of operation. Keeping our client’s interest on focus, we would conclude a favorable deal with the influencer. All the influencers in our panel are optimistic individuals with a dedicated attitude. Therefore, they would extend optimal support to the growth of the brand.

    Are you looking for influencer marketing services in San Jose, San Francisco, California, or anywhere in US?

    We are here for you. Connect with us today.


    Trendsetters – Anybody can be a follower. What distinguishes a prominent social media influencer from others is the ability to stand out through distinctive themes. More often than not, they would decide the trends with imaginative content created with élan. Influencer marketing is all about hooking the potential audience with unique creations.


    Influential Instagrammers – Instagram stories, posts, and Insta Reels can be the billboards proclaiming the exclusivities of your brand. An influencer with millions of followers can be the platform to announce and publicize the special features of your product. Explore the possibilities of Influential Instagrammers to the optimum. Use our Instagram influencer marketing.


    Talented Creators – Creativity is the foundation for productive influencer marketing in California or any other location, anywhere in the world. Our influencer marketing company in San Jose has a team of content creators for crafting eloquent scripts. To boost the brand effectively, without being overdramatic or exaggerating. Choose us for the best.   


    Diverse – Our influencer marketing company has selected a diverse team of social influencers, who have explicit knowledge and understanding of the subject fields. Their words, the statements, would be strong enough to communicate the traits of the brand and the product. This would in turn boost the sales and growth prospects.


    Credible – Credibility of the influencers will be a decisive factor in the efficacy of influencer marketing. Instead of talkative social media influencers, who might have many followers but lacks honesty, we have trustworthy personalities with an optimistic conscience. Their positivity would be beneficial for the brand and would enhance its success. 

    Based on Brand

    Strong Brand recall – Establishing a strong brand awareness among the audience would connect the product with the brand. Brand recall necessitates catchy slogans, reminiscent product pitches, and brilliantly designed influencer marketing campaigns. Making the customer choose the brand according to the subconscious suggestions.  A strong brand recall can play wonders for the business.

    Influencer Marketing Company

    Influencer Marketing Company

    Influencer marketing companies in California, US must be able to determine customer groups and implement target-centric, as well as, cost-effective influencer marketing services. We have become one of the most sought-after influencer marketing agencies in San Francisco, San Jose, California through devoted service over the years.
    All our services including digital marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, email marketing, and content marketing are prepared to evaluate the subtlest element. So that our clients can gain optimally from each of the campaigns. Customer satisfaction is our target, not exorbitant profits.

    The team members work in tandem to plan the influencer marketing campaign. They would analyze the audience characteristics of each of the influencers prior to fixing one. The social influencer we choose for your brand is sure to get you results.

    Get in touch with us, to grow your business through influencer marketing. Drop us a word now.

    What do We do For Our Clients?

    Why Influencer Marketing?

    Influencer marketing has transformed the advertisement and marketing scenario. It is the best brand promotion methodology when equipped with brilliant digital marketing tactics. Rather than shelling out a big amount for celebrities and elaborate campaigns, influencer marketing would deliver you with intended results through simple, yet catchy, videos.

    The influencers used for a particular product are also of paramount importance. Not every influencer can market every product. Their specialized vertical has to be related to the product. Else, the influencer marketing campaign may turn into a money-wasting exercise without any evident results.

    Ping us now, to know more about the nuances of influencer marketing.

    Our Digital Marketing Strategy



    Objective – Influencer marketing campaign might turn futile if begun without a proper study and formulation of strategy. Understanding the business objectives, target audience and geographic location involves the initial analysis process. Our team would develop an influencer marketing strategy, to attain the intended objectives, considering the key elements.

    Affordable Web Development Packages

    Campaign – We would implement the influencer marketing campaign on varying social media platforms and online media, depending on the budget and business goals. A target-centric and data-driven approach would be preferred to increase the success prospects remarkably. The campaign content would be uploaded and widely shared as per the time schedule.


    Research – Research would indicate the possibilities, market, demography, geographical location, and customer views. The influencer marketing services would be custom-designed as per the analytics obtained through exclusive research by our market and digital experts. We would institute an all-encompassing influencer marketing in California, and other relevant regions in US, accordingly.


    Approval – Planned influencer marketing services, with elaborations on features, expected results, derived way ahead, and calculated budget implications would be submitted to the client for perusal and approval. The marketing service would be modified based on opinions and suggestions, to suit the expectation of the client business firm in US.



    Why Partner with a Social Media Management Agency?

    Outreach – Receive extraordinary outreach through our influencer marketing services.  Hire a prominent persona with promising stardom in the social arena, to promote your brand to the next level.

    How Much Does it Cost to Make an Animated Explainer Video?

    Fee management – Forget the concerns of influencer remuneration when we are handling your influencer marketing campaign. Our market specialists would negotiate with the selected prominent personality on behalf of you. 

    Assessable in real-time

    Direction – Orientation of the influencer marketing campaign must be regulated constantly, to improve the efficacy. A distracted social media campaign would fall short of delivering the intended results and ROI.

    Custom UI/UX Services

    Campaign – The team at our influencer marketing agency would design the campaign after a series of internal discussions and brainstorming sessions. A properly defined campaign would start delivering from day one.




    Feedback – Analytical data would be submitted to the client after a thorough evaluation. The feedback would constitute the performance statistics, ROI, reach, and methods implemented for improvement.


    Influencer Reporting – Our assigned manager would be in constant contact with the influencer. The feedbacks, additional requirements, and areas of focus would be frequently communicated for enhancing the outcome.


    Client Reporting – Observed patterns of engagements, conversions, and geographic features would be reported to the client. In addition to the briefing about the enhancements envisaged on the current campaign.

    How Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses?

    Future campaign – Influencer marketing campaigns could always be supplemented with digital marketing, as well as, other marketing methodologies. Clients may also opt for more influencers for reaching out to a wider market.

    Product Design


    Brand awareness and brand recall are easily achieved through custom-tailored influencer marketing campaigns. The marketing strategy would be designed according to the objective and publicized widely. An influencer with a strong online presence can improve the visibility of the brand and generate word-of-mouth publicity.

    We have extensive experience in this field. We have providing influencer marketing services to firms in California/USA for several years. Undoubtedly, it has been one of the ideal marketing methodologies for increasing brand awareness.

    Get in touch to know how influencer marketing helps in boosting brand awareness. Talk to us and choose the right package.


    SocialPulsar has been a renowned name in the influencer marketing arena in California, US. We have been fortunate to serve a plethora of reputed entities from different business verticals. Our professionals plan and execute influencer marketing services based on the business goals and growth potential.

    Our services would be formulated post detailed discussion with the client. To make the campaign more effective and successful. The exclusive factors that make us the right choice for influencer marketing in San Jose, San Francisco, California are:

    •         24×7 Support
    •         Prominent Influencers
    •         Dedicated Manager
    •         Expert Team
    •         Exclusive Services
    •         Affordable Packages

    To grow and prosper, ping us now.

    Why SocialPulsar?

    Mobile App Marketing Company



    Facebook – Explore the prolific arenas of the social media giant to achieve magnificent results. Get Facebook influencers on board for cementing brand identity, creating brand awareness, and ensuring phenomenal growth.  


    Instagram – Instagram is a social media platform that shot to the limelight in a short period. Influencer marketing through this image and video sharing network can elevate the growth prospects of a business.  


    YouTube – YouTube influencer marketing can offer wide-ranging benefits for businesses. Engaging video content from the YouTube celebrity with millions of subscribers can turn viral in no time.


    Snapchat – Use this multimedia messaging application for influencer marketing in California, US. Leverage the wide popularity of the platform to pick the interest of potential users.


    Twitter – Make the optimal use of this microblogging social media for connecting with the potential leads quickly. Tweets from renowned celebrities and Twitter influencers can make the brand viral.


    LinkedIn – Professional networking platform has been a proven marketing tool if utilized methodically. We are also specialized in LinkedIn influencer marketing. Connect with us now to check out our LinkedIn influencers.


    1. What is Influencer Marketing?

      Influencer marketing uses key personalities and renowned individuals with millions of followers on social media to promote the brand and convey the brand’s specialties to potential customers. Relatively new marketing methodology, influencer marketing offers great growth.

    2. What is an influencer marketing strategy?

      Influencer marketing has to be strategized to improve the result probabilities. The specific customer segment has to be identified and the influencer has to be chosen accordingly. A proper influencer marketing strategy is vital for garnering extensive reach.

    3. What is Facebook influencer marketing?

      Influencers with millions of followers on Facebook would be used for Facebook influencer marketing. They would share image and video posts about the brand, promoting it. Influencer marketing on Facebook would be focussing on that particular platform.

    4. How effective is influencer marketing?

      Influencer marketing is definitely one of the most effective marketing methods. Studies indicate more than 80% of success rate in influencer marketing. Being a cost-effective method, influencer marketing is gaining popularity widely.

    5. How much will it cost for influencer marketing?

      Influencer marketing costs will depend on the influencer chosen, the duration of influencer marketing, the extent of the campaign, and so on. Talk to us now, for confirming the influencer marketing costs for your brand.

    6. What is the objective of influencer marketing?

      The objectives of influencer marketing differ from brand to brand. It can vary from creating brand awareness to registering better growth. The influencer marketing strategy and the campaign design will depend on the objectives.

    7. Which type of company can benefit from influencer marketing?

      Influencer marketing can be pursued by a company from any business vertical. The influencer marketing campaign has to be formulated and influencers are chosen, according to the type of the business. Influencer marketing is suitable for any type of business.

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