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    The data-driven PPC Agency that delivers remarkable results

    We don’t accept anything less than perfection.

    Our marketing analytics services have been developed after in-depth research and studies. We have been one of the leading digital marketing agencies in USA since 2015. Moreover, we have been a prominent digital marketing entity in the US well ahead of that. Having this phenomenal presence in the digital arena, we know the complexities of the web world.

    We are proud to be helpful to several renowned firms in USA. Our marketing analytics company in California has been playing a significant role in redesigning the digital marketing methodologies and online strategies of those business entities. Consequently delivering them with admirable results through exceptional ROI.

    The marketing analytics services offered by us include:

    Determination of efficiency – The marketing channels would be studied vis-à-vis results to determine how efficient was the performance. The response to the CTA button also would be taken into account.

    Prediction of ROI Based on the Marketing Planned – Examining the plan of action, our professionals will submit you a probability report. That would indicate the expected ROI.

    Suggestions on Online Channels – Choose the right online and social media channels to boost your business, rather than spending exorbitantly on futile advertisements.

    Budget Calculation and Planning – Plan your digital marketing according to budget availability. We would help you to formulate a cost-effective marketing strategy.

    Managing the Promotional Activities – The timing, the type of promotions required, the potential customer segment, and the frequency of promotion would be suggested by our marketing analytics agency in USA, after undertaking conclusive studies.

    Get in touch with us for marketing analytics in California, USA.


    Marketing Analytics Company

    Collaborate with our marketing analytics company in California for marketing analytics in San Jose or any other region in USA. We have an unparalleled record of accomplishment that underscores how reliable and committed we are. 

    We have a handpicked team of analytical experts, who has in-depth knowledge and experience in AI-based evaluation systems, algorithmic changes in social media and search engine platforms, and expertise in different digital marketing arenas. Their relentless efforts are the mainstay of our company.

    Welcome to SocialPulsar if you are searching for a marketing analytics agency in USA. Our determined and devoted activities are aimed at the growth of our clients. With the astute insights from our team, your success is confirmed.

    Get the help of the best marketing analytics company in California, contact us now.


    Importance of Marketing Analytics

    Every business entity wants to receive valuable results from its campaign. What’s the meaning of spending exorbitantly without any visible ROI? The marketing and advertisement strategies of firms would be towards a specific aim generally.


    Some may want more sales, for some, it might be for the brand establishment, some may think obtaining wide reach and publicity, and so on. Marketing analytics is the key tool that will facilitate examining the effectiveness of the methods.

    You will find several marketing analytics agencies in USA. It is wise to choose a dependable one for your marketing analytics needs. Vague analysis and ambiguous reports will not be useful for your firm.  

    User experience and their responses are of paramount importance for making any ad campaign productive. This would depend on several factors including geographical location and market. Therefore, the marketing analytics in San Jose may not be the same as in Las Vegas or any other location in USA.

    Let us help you with marketing analytics. Reach out now.

    Geographic Location


    Google Display Network

    Ad Tracking and Measurement – Monitor the advertisement campaigns and gauge the performance. Compare the ads and find the ones that have fetched better ROI than others. Measure the reach in different online channels. Study those to have a broad idea about the particular aspects that made the ads perform.


    Conversion Rate Optimization – Segregate the underperforming campaigns, blogs, articles, and other promotional activities. Optimize the videos, images, social media posts, and content to enhance conversion rate. Analyze the bounce rate and infuse methodologies to improve upon. Optimize the marketing to reach out to potential customers, to increase conversion optimally.


    Custom Research and Analysis – Custom-designed digital marketing methods garner results for the business. Marketing analytics keeping the business objectives in focus helps in target-oriented campaigns. Customized research and analysis will aid in organizing prolific marketing. Have us on board to get the targets right and hit the bull’s eye.


    Google Analytics Consulting – Use the most insightful online tool, Google Analytics, to prepare the marketing analytics chart. View the efficacy of different channels and the performance of posts at different locations. Ascertain the ways for improving the online presence and augmenting conversions. Our marketing analytics experts will help you with all that.

    marketing analytics

    Website Analytics and Tracking – Evaluate the retention ratio, bounce rate, and CTR of your website. Track the website to identify the areas where it lags. Confirm whether the on-page optimization is effective or has turned futile. Determine how the website can be revamped to gain qualified leads and promote conversions.

    Native Advertising Company

    Be On The Track With The Best Marketing Agency

    A result-oriented and client-centric digital marketing agency can play wonders for you. It will generate qualified traffic, enhance conversions and cement the credibility of the brand. We have been one of the best digital marketing and marketing analytics agencies in USA for years.

    We have great insight into the complex arenas of the online world and a wide perspective on constructive digital marketing methodologies. Making us a significant part of the growth of many firms in the country. Our exclusive marketing methodologies would be finalized based on the USPs of the business and the market segment.

    Every marketing strategy would be discussed, brainstormed, and scrutinized before suggesting it to our clients. The key factor that makes our campaigns more successful than others do. We have been a sought-after marketing analytics company in California owing to this dedicated attitude.

    Get perfect marketing analytics done. Ping us now.

    conversion-rate (2)

    Know Your Conversion Count

    Conversion rates define how cost-effective and powerful your marketing is. A poor conversion rate, as well as, the increased bounce rate would necessitate elaborate scrutiny of the campaigns. The professionals in our marketing analytics company in California would help you with digital marketing that generates results.

    Our extensive experience in this field makes us experts in marketing analytics. Use our marketing analytics services to give a new life to your existing campaigns. And for organizing exceptionally optimized online advertisements and content that would aid in gaining more organic leads. The campaigns that are executed under our professional’s guidance have been proven to produce results. We will put in the best efforts for your business to grow optimally.

    Get in touch with us now for marketing analytics done for your business.


    We Do It Better

    What is the necessity of marketing analytics? How can you confirm the marketing analytics agency in USA to choose? How the marketing analytics can ensure better sales? What are the criteria that define the right one from the wrong?

    Many similar questions may arise while considering marketing analytics for your brand in California, USA. Lack of adequate info on the companies offering the services can put you in an impasse. After all, who would want to waste money on an activity that may not be fruitful?

    We understand the dilemma of businesspersons. In business, every penny is spent after exhaustive calculations. To avoid futile expenditures that would not deliver any tangible outcome.

    We assure an elaborately derived methodology that would render outstanding growth to your business entity. We invite you for a discussion with our marketing analytics experts. They will resolve all your doubts and clarify the queries.

    We undertake exemplary marketing analytics services for you. Talk to us now.

    How Long Does An Explainer Video Production Take?

    Keep an Eye on It

    Unlike other marketing analytics companies, who follow an implement and forget method, we keep a close watch on the process. Being a premium marketing analytics company in USA, we assign each client with an exclusive team. They would be responsible for planning, executing, monitoring, and reporting each of the campaigns.

    Digital marketing and marketing analytics involves a set of activities that require a combination of different talents. Individuals with varying qualifications and experience are vital for undertaking a favorable campaign.

    Persistence, perseverance, and performance are the three “Ps” that distinguish us and make our acts constructive. The relentless efforts from our team will continue until a positive outcome is attained. This optimistic attitude has been the pivotal factor that augmented our growth in the digital marketing spectrum in USA.

    We can help you with marketing analytics; let your firm be located in San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, or any other region in USA.

    What do We do For Our Clients?

    Why SocialPulsar?

    SocialPulsar was established in USA in 2015, with an aim to provide exemplary digital marketing support to USAn, as well as, foreign clients. Our experience in undertaking digital marketing and marketing analytics services in the US has been the factor that strengthened our decision.

    We could become one of the most productive marketing analytics services in California, USA quickly, through dedicated and committed efforts. The honesty towards the clients is the driving element that fortifies our growth. We believe in a strong and reliable campaign, rather than exaggerated claims. We welcome you for a discussion on the exclusive features of our digital marketing and marketing analytics services in USA. It will help you to know more about our firm, the functioning methodology, and our client-centric processes.   

    Get a proper marketing analytics report of your business. Contact us now.


    Importance of Marketing Analytics

    Industry Trends – A prospective business venture must measure the change in trends and set the sail according to the wind. Imbibing the latest trends in the industry and administering modifications to suit the same will help the company to grab more sales and growth. We would help you with that.

    Customer Support – Responding to customer queries and issues in a creative manner is vital for any firm. Businesses that understand customer sentiments and resolves the issues in real-time can scale great success in a short time itself. Extend optimal customer support with our marketing analytics report providing you the right suggestions.

    Product Design – Marketing analytics will aid the business to design new products, as well as, modify the existing ones to suit customer needs. A company with a customer-centric attitude will gain great heights in a quick time. We will help you formulate a product design that would attract potential leads and convert them into returning customers.

    Customer Surveys – Periodic surveys will reveal the customer sentiment towards the brand and the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. Professionals with market insight would be essential for analyzing the survey statistics and grasping the insights they offer. Our team of experts would evaluate each survey and submit the best suggestions. 


    1. What is Marketing Analytics?

      Marketing analytics is the process that ascertains the efficacy of digital marketing efforts. It will provide insights into the conversions, useful channels, productive platforms, conversions, and bounce rates. Marketing analytics helps companies to undertake corrective measures.

    2. How marketing analytics is used in digital marketing?

      Marketing analytics helps in identifying the exact results of a marketing campaign. The indicative data obtained through marketing analytics could be used to undertake tweaks and changes in the digital marketing campaign to make it more result-oriented.

    3. Is marketing analytics important?

      Yes. Marketing analytics is an unavoidable factor in digital marketing. How can you make improvements or evaluate the efficacy of a marketing campaign without knowing the exact outcome of it? Marketing analytics will give you the right statistics for a digital marketing campaign.

    4. What are the benefits of marketing analytics?

      Marketing analytics helps brands to understand their customers, their unique characteristics, and the market size etcetera. Big data obtained through marketing analytics could be used to modify and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

    5. Which type of company can make use of marketing analytics?

      Marketing analytics is useful for any company irrespective of its business vertical. Online presence and digital marketing are vital for growth in this digital era. Therefore, marketing analytics is a powerful tool to identify customers and reach out to them.

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