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    Mobile App Development Services

    Mobile App Development Services

    End-to-end support according to the client requirements

    Are you looking for a dependable mobile app development company in California, US?

    Connect with us to design and develop customized mobile applications for your brand/ business. Our expert team would discuss and understand your needs, contemplate the possibilities, undertake a market survey to determine the exclusive facets of the business sector, and formulate the best way forward.

    The congruous art of mobile app development pursued by our mobile app development agency has been delivering wondrous results. And that has placed us among one of the top mobile app development companies in San Francisco, San Jose, California, US.

    Each stage of design and development would undergo extensive scrutiny and quality assurance checks. Making the mobile app from our agency impeccable, to say the least. Our clients have been registering enormous growth with custom-designed mobile app build by our experts.

    We have a selected team of professionals with qualifications and experience in all the renowned, sturdy, and scalable mobile app development platforms. Let it be Flutter, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Native, Onsen UI, React Native, or any other framework of your choice. We would assign a dedicated team for the app development. The team would constitute members with expertise in UI/UX design, business analysis, QA analytics, System Testing, Beta Testing, and Launch.

    Share with us your mobile app development requirement. We would organize a video conferencing or one-to-one meeting to ascertain your business objectives, app specifications, design peculiarities, and other characteristics.

    Trust us to deliver you the best. Contact us now.

    Mobile App Marketing Services from SocialPulsar

    Mobile App Development Company

    The mobile app development company you choose has a significant role in the performance of the application. An imaginatively designed app with brilliant features will hook the users and convert them into permanent customers. We have been renowned as one of the most focussed mobile app development agencies in California, US.

    Our team comprehends advanced methodologies that can engage the users. We induce exceptional virtues in the mobile application that would use for the potential customers. A simplistic design with a well-organized structure is pivotal in keeping the user hooked. Cluttered designs with a lot of tweaks spread around would affect the performance adversely.

    Our mobile app development company in San Jose, San Francisco, California offers services according to the clients:

    •         Customized iOS and Android mobile apps
    •         Cross-platform mobile apps
    •         Customer-centric UI/UX design
    •         App development consultation
    •         Provision of prototype
    •         Maintenance and Support

    Check out our services today and hire us for your mobile app development.



    MOBILE APP STRATEGY – Strategized mobile app development is vital to make the app distinctive and appealing. Our customized app development strategy renders a fresh feel to the mobile app.

    UNIQUE UX – User Experience (UX) defines how well the mobile app is going to perform. A positive vibe would ensure word-of-mouth publicity elevating the reach, eventually increasing downloads.

    MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT – Our professionals would work as a team in tandem with different sections, for delivering a high-performing app. The mobile app would bridge the gap between the brand and the customer.

    TESTING – Exhaustive testing would be undertaken prior to the delivery of the mobile app to the client. A set of testing, evaluation, and liquidation would remove issues if any.

    LAUNCH – We would publicize, promote and launch the app. The title and description would be optimized by our app optimization team, to highlight the app to potential leads.

    SERVICE & MAINTENANCE – Not only design, development, and launch but we also offer service and maintenance. Our team will monitor the app constantly, to integrate modifications and updations, besides maintenance services.

    Android Mobile App Development

    Android Mobile App Development

    Launch an Android mobile app for your brand. Wait and see how the publicity, reach, and conversion rates catapult in a short time. Android is the most popular mobile platform globally. An android-based mobile app can take your brand to a phenomenal number of users.

    Our mobile app development agency in US has a team of android app development experts. Having proven skills and in-depth knowledge about the subtle aspects of android apps, they would institute exclusive tweaks to make you exceptional. We would also integrate push notifications, advanced security features, search options, user feedback segments, and flexible themes.

    In addition to design, development and launch our app development company in California would carry out maintenance and support of your android mobile application.  This would ensure that your android app is performing perfectly without any technical glitches.  

    Ping us for android mobile app development in California, US.

    iOS Mobile App Development

    iOS Mobile App Development

    Although android is the most popular mobile platform, the iOS-based mobile applications offer remarkable revenue. The users of iOS devices might be less compared to android. However, the revenue generated doesn’t indicate much difference.

    Collaborate with us for flexible, scalable, interactive, customized, and user-friendly iOS mobile app development at cost-effective packages. Our team of talented professionals has keen skills in incorporating novel ideas in applications. A cool, yet elegant, iOS mobile app would capture the customer’s attention instantly.

    We are proud to serve several elite entities in US with our iOS app development services. Having been named as one of the most dedicated and trustworthy iOS app development companies in San Jose, San Francisco, California, we might be your perfect choice for mobile app development.

    Get in touch with us for all your mobile app development, launch, maintenance, and support needs. We assure you of exceptional service throughout. Connect with us now.


    1. What is mobile app development?

      Mobile app development is the method of design and development of mobile applications that can be installed on varying devices including smartphones and tablets. Mobile app development necessitates immense talent and knowledge for making the app unique and engaging.

    2. Is a mobile app necessary for a business?

      A mobile app is essential for any brand or business dreaming of exemplary growth. A custom-tailored mobile app would be the best tool to connect with potential leads. A mobile app is an unavoidable factor in this digital era.

    3. How much will it cost for mobile app development?

      Mobile app development costs could be calculated based on the type and complexity of the mobile app. The expenses of android app development would be different from iOS app development. Additionally, the mobile app development cost would also depend on the framework chosen, viz. Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Onsen UI, etc.

    4. How long will it take for mobile app development?

      Here again, the mobile app development time would depend on the complexity of structure, the requirements on the mobile app and so on. We guarantee mobile app development in the shortest time.

    5. Which is the best framework for mobile app development?

      All the frameworks for mobile app development have pros and cons. Several mobile app frameworks are available including Apache Cordova, Xamarin, Flutter, PhoneGap, Onsen UI, Framework 7, Ionic, JQuery Mobile, and React Native. We can suggest to you the best mobile app development platform based on your requirement.

    6. What is cross-platform mobile app development?

      Cross-platform mobile app development offers a single mobile app for deployment in both iOS and Android devices. Cross-platform mobile app development is gaining momentum with the prospect of using the same mobile app for multiple devices functioning on different OS.

    7. Which framework is the best for cross-platform mobile app development?

      Leading cross-platform mobile app development frameworks are PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, and Ionic. Get in touch with our mobile app development team to confirm which framework would be suitable for your cross-platform mobile app development.

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