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    The data-driven PPC Agency that Delivers Remarkable Results

    We don’t accept anything less than perfection.

    All our digital marketing activities online have been derived after exhaustive studies. To have the best possible result for our esteemed clients. Social Pulsar does PPC management, subsequent to a set of processes devised to make the PPC ad campaigns have a conclusive result. Our team of marketers, to support our clients on PPC advertising, will assess the market, demographic exclusivities, and customer perceptions before commencing the PPC ad campaign. It has been a long journey for us to become the top PPC advertising agency. The
    impeccable data-driven methodology used by us remains the best in the subject arena. We can be instrumental in your forward path, supporting your PPC ad requirements. It is always
    advisable to assign digital advertisements to PPC managements services like Social Pulsar. The PPC agency will handle all your online ad requirements and pitch your brand to potential customers, while you concentrate on your business. Social Pulsar pursues a step-wise process to gain the client’s attention. Rather than aiming random users, we optimize the PPC campaign to display your brand to the right user. Thus, improving the chances of conversion. We have been the most sought-after Google PPC agency. With changing times, we are helping
    out clients in other search engines as well. The methods followed by us will vary depending on the area, market, product, service and other relevant points.

    Conversion Focused PPC Agency

    Conversion Focused PPC Agency

    Are you looking for an education-based PPC agency or an eCommerce PPC agency? Are you in doubt how to choose the PPC agency? Do you have questions to ask a PPC agency?

    Talk to our team to have a clear idea about the PPC ad services and how all it can help your business. Our professionals will clear the air regarding PPC advertising. Thereby, you can finalize the decision concerning your online marketing.

    You may ask us anything about online digital marketing. Including the trends, new methodologies, the efficacy of PPC ad management services, the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and so on. We have been here for a while and we understand even the minutest aspect on the web world.

    Having a broad picture about the search engine algorithms, the way those work, the tact to reach the top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and many other factors, we could tame the social media, search engines, and the entire internet world, for the best advantage of our clients.

    We have a conversion-focused approach while designing PPC advertising. Social Pulsar doesn’t believe in a surge of hordes of users to your website. We aim for maximum conversion rates and minimum bounce rates. Thus, the PPC ad campaign is designed to have convertible users on board. We usher only such users to your site, who may turn a customer.

    PPC Ad Management Services

    PPC Ad Management Services

    PPC or Pay Per Click ads took the internet by storm. PPC advertising campaigns has been the main force behind the growth of many firms around the world.

    Success is guaranteed when you have the support of the best PPC agency like Social Pulsar.

    PPC ad management is an exhaustive process involving several levels of ascertainments. The aim of any reputed Google PPC agency or other search engine PPC services must be to keep the expenditure on the PPC advertising at a lower rate. By obtaining higher conversions.

    It is not easy for any PPC agency to get you the desired result. That’s why we mentioned the “best PPC agency”, in the preceding paragraphs. The reliable and best PPC services will constantly monitor the performance of keywords, the efficacy of the PPC campaign and the lead generation. They will implement corrective measures to reach optimal click through rates. We use several proven methods for reaching the preset target.

    The methodologies we adopt are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs:

    PPC Strategy – Long-lasting results necessitate comprehensive amendments, updations and frequent analysis. Lipstick work is not going to benefit your PPC advertisement campaigns. Therefore, the best PPC services will have periodic analysis to ascertain the performance and institute requisite enhancements. We have our in-house developed PPC strategy to aid our clients remain at the top.

    Implementation – Explore Google Adword optimally to channelize traffic to your website. By targeting the right audience through dedicated keywords chosen according to the brand, product, and geographical location, you can have an effective PPC advertising. We are donning several hats simultaneously including eCommerce PPC agency, education PPC agency and real estate PPC agency.

    Keywords – Every PPC management service begins with bidding for the right keywords. Social Pulsar is a PPC management agency renowned for the infallible process of selecting keywords and deriving a result-oriented PPC marketing campaign. The experience we gained through managing one lakh campaigns, including Fortune 100 companies, makes us the best PPC agency.

    Tracking – A steady monitoring is essential for generating useful leads and engagement with potential clients. Inclusion of new keywords and changes in the existing ones is essential to make the PPC advertising fruitful for your business/ brand. Our professionals will evaluate keyword performance and do the needful at frequent intervals of PPC advertising.

    Ad Copywriting – Our specialist content writers will create PPC advertising copies that will convey the essence of your brand in the most optimistic manner and usher them to your website. A detailed analysis, brainstorming and assessment process is involved in identifying the key beneficial aspects, including them in the copy and placing it online.

    PPC Optimization – PPC advertising agencies will optimize the keywords and contents to elevate your ranking in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You can observe the changes when our expert team implements the PPC optimization. The position of your website in the SERP will have a quantum leap to become one in the top.

    Ad Extensions – Make sure that the client can reach out to your effortlessly, through a single click. Display your emails, contact telephone numbers or chat window. This has a remarkable effect on PPC advertising and other digital marketing campaigns. Place the ad extension impeccably for the customer to contact you.

    Reporting – Our PPC management service will not only undertake the PPC advertising and monitoring but also deliver you periodic reports indicating the improvements subsequent to the initiation of PPC campaign by us. The report will include all the insightful data regarding channels of inbound traffic, bounce rates, conversion, and expenses on each click.

    What do We do For Our Clients?

    Why is SocialPulsar one of the Best PPC Management Service Providers?

    Several factors make us the top PPC management agency. Cost-effective PPC advertising offered by Social Pulsar will have a phenomenal effect on the growth of your business. Reach out to us to have a detailed discussion on our PPC management services, the methodology we follow to reap the best result and so on.

    Let’s have a brief look at the key points that make us the top PPC agency:

    Industry Expertise – With several years of experience, we know even the minutest aspect regarding PPC advertisement that can play a significant role in the performance of the campaign.

    Dedicated Account Manager – We will assign a dedicated account manager for you. The manager will be available to answer your queries, resolve your concerns and implement your requirements 24×7.

    Periodic Report – Social Pulsar will submit you detailed, tangible, reports on the performance of PPC advertising on a weekly and monthly basis to track the performance constantly.

    Phone Calls – We will have conference calls and Zoom meetings, weekly or bi-weekly, to incorporate your additional requirements, evaluate the performance and incorporating additional requirements from your end.

    Comprehensive Strategies – An all-encompassing study, before the commencement of each PPC, to ensure the efficacy of the campaign, is our speciality. Our case studies are evidence of our successful campaigns.

    Transparent & Affordable – We assure transparent dealings with assured, traceable, deliverables. You can ask for report any time to make sure that you are receiving the best PPC services.


    1. What is PPC?

      PPC or Pay Per Click is an online marketing methodology, wherein you will be paying a pre-set amount whenever someone clicks on your ad. It has proven efficacy and countless organizations and business entities across the world opt for PPC advertising. Displaying your brand to users who are searching for similar products, as yours’, will have a positive impact on your brand. Guiding the right client to your website can amplify the possibilities of conversions. Once the customer uses your product or service and gets satisfied, it will provide added publicity.

    2. How Does PPC Work?

      You have to select the right keywords that define your product or service and bid for the same. The value of the keywords and keyphrases will depend on the number of clients opting for the same. Bid for the keyword that can be beneficial for you and commence your PPC advertising. It may be a complicated task if you are not a professional or new to the field. Experience in the digital marketing field is essential to make PPC advertising work effectively for you. The digital marketers will choose the right set of keywords and bid for those. It will put you in the perspective of the prospective client. Thus, augmenting the conversion rate remarkably.

    3. What are the PPC management services?

      PPC management services will include bidding, monitoring, managing, reporting, and modifying. The PPC managers will formulate strategies and prepare ad copies as well. As you understand, thorough monitoring is the key to performing advertisement campaigns. The same is the case with PPC advertisement too. It will require constant observation and enhancement. A dedicated manager is a vital part of PPC management. The ad campaign may go off the track resulting in exorbitant budget and fewer conversions. What’s the use if the users who arrive at your website doesn’t order anything? The users, therefore, are to be chosen carefully. To prevent higher bounce rates, which may turn detrimental for you. The PPC ad management services offer comprehensive management of PPC ad campaigns.

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