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    Search Engine Marketing Services

    Search Engine Marketing Services from SocialPulsar


    Bid for the best and boost your business

    Search engine marketing companies in California, USA, and across the world, focus on one primary thing, keywords. Brilliantly analyzed and intelligently chosen keywords can be game-changers. Bidding to get it at the perfect price would not only save money but also help in taking your business to an elite position in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

    Our methodical approach has been effective in getting better conversions to the clients. Leading to laurels from our valued clientele. We evaluate every scenario painstakingly and get search engine marketing on the right track. This meticulous methodology has been crucial in making us the leading search engine marketing agencies in USA.  

    Get into the core concept of the brand and business. Determine the possible keywords that might be used by the prospective leads. Utilize available resources and explore novel concepts. List out the top-ranking keywords and formulate a budget-friendly keyword strategy. These have been our mode of operation to offer unparalleled search engine marketing experience to our clients.

    We use advanced online tools and intricate technical tweaks on the internet to gain the best output. Having a deep insight into the complex web world, we frame a result-oriented search engine marketing program. We don’t provide anything less than the best. Relentless efforts and in-depth studies from our professionals have been the key aspect that distinguishes us from other search engine marketing companies.   

    Ping us now to discuss Search Engine Marketing for you.

    Google Ads

    Google Ads – Google is the king of the web world with more than 90% market share. With unchallenged supremacy, it controls the digital marketing sector. Search engine marketing through tailored Google ads will promptly place your brand among the top lot. Getting better traffic to the website and boosting sales.

    Bing Ads

    Bing Ads – Bing from Microsoft is another search engine that can be considered for search engine marketing ads. The revenue offered by Bing ads is exceptional, though the reach is not as in Google. Preparing exclusive Bing ads, we will help you reach out to the specific customer segment in the domain.


    Facebook Ads – The top social media platform Facebook can be leveraged to make the brand successful. Shareworthy contents are the soul of viral Facebook marketing. It can garner extensive reach and catapult the brand to the limelight in a short time.

    PPC Audits

    PPC Audits – A timely PPC audit, inspecting the network, channels, and pages would be vital to bring about quantum growth in click-through rates. We consider this aspect as paramount in search engine marketing and undertake meticulous analysis to identify the lacunae and incorporate improvements.

    SEO Services

    SEO Services – SEO is the mainstay in Search Engine Marketing. Selecting the key search terms is the basis for handpicking the potential audience. The genuine customer selection will provide great results. Moreover, a satisfied customer will publicize the business and make it known to many.  

    SEO Services

    Local SEO Services – Target the customers from a chosen geographic location and promote the business to them. The Search Engine Marketing services could be customized according to age, sex, views, and other relevant factors. A successful searching marketing company in San Jose, California, we have proven skills in local SEO services.

    Content Marketing Services

    Content Marketing Services – Words can do wonders for your business. Contents crafted based on the brand and the specific business sector would deliver extensive reach. Topic selection is the prime factor here. The digital marketers in the search engine marketing agency in USA should be able to determine topics productive for the business.

    Keyword Analysis and Research

    Keyword analysis and research – Exhaustive research and thorough analysis have been the predominant aspects we undertake initially. A search engine marketing company in California, USA can provide results to the clients only if it evaluates the possibilities vis-à-vis demographic, geographic, customer psyche, user experience, and other factors.

    Web Analysis

    Web analysis – An interactive and responsive website is crucial for reaping the best benefits from search engine marketing services. Considering this as the prime element, the team at our search engine marketing company undertakes website performance analysis including the speed, web traffic, reaction time etcetera.  

    Qualified Traffic

    Qualified traffic – Qualified leads are what all look for. Rather than augmenting meaningless web traffic, which leads to an unwanted increase in bounce rates, we make sure that the business gets qualified traffic. The search engine marketing keywords and PPC methodologies would be formulated accordingly. 

    Search Engine Marketing Company

    Search Engine Marketing Company

    Search engine marketing companies in San Jose, California, USA will be providing paid digital marketing services that include Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Engagement (PPE), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads. Hiring the right search engine marketing agency in USA would be essential to prevent excessive bounce rates and exorbitant expenditure.

    We explore all the online platforms that would be beneficial for our clients. The searching engine marketing methodology would be finalized only after gauging the advantage. It will be favorable for generating better click-through rates and remarkable conversion rates.

    SocialPulsar invites you for a meeting with our professionals, before proceeding with the search engine marketing in USA. We would apprise you of the pros and cons of this marketing technique. We believe in providing realistic insights to our clients, instead of keeping them in dark regarding the process.   

    Ping us now to know more about SEM.

    Search Engine Marketing Benefits

    Search Engine Marketing Benefits

    To put it bluntly, every digital marketing tact has outstanding benefits. Search engine marketing is one of the advanced digital marketing processes, mainly facilitated by search engine and social media giants that will reap significant benefits.

    Although this is the case, there are perils as well. An inexperienced and unreliable search engine marketing company in California, USA can drain out your budget without any tangible results. Selecting relevant keywords, choosing productive topics, preparing engaging content, and creating share-worthy posts would be vital for making the campaign result-oriented.

    Our customer-centric marketing processes are aimed at reducing expenses. At the same time, augmenting results. The team at SocialPulsar search engine marketing agency in San Jose will work relentlessly to make the campaign fruitful for you.

    We will help you to reach the top lot, with proven marketing methods. Check us out now.  

    Quick Results

    Quick Results – Search engine marketing is one of the constructive online marketing methods that deliver quick results. The businesses will register a matchless leap in the initial stages of SEM itself. Nourishing it with profoundly researched keywords, we make the searching marketing campaign more effective than any other agency can.

    Laser-focused Targeting

    Laser-focused Targeting – Precisely oriented targeting is the main feature of search engine marketing services. We would boost it with PPC methods, having the right content posted on the respective client website and social media pages. Drop us a message to know more about our laser-focused targeting.

    Charged only when the Ad is Clicked

    Charged only when the ad is clicked – PPC and PPE campaigns will make sure that your marketing expenses are kept to a predefined limit. Furthermore, it will be more cost-effective when a reliable search engine marketing company like ours handles your marketing campaigns. Charged only when the ad is clicked, the higher conversion rates will make the SEM more prolific.

    Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness – Enhance brand awareness and brand reach with custom-designed search engine marketing ads. The chosen segment of customers will be targeted to make the marketing more advantageous for the business.  Have us on board for creating a search engine marketing of exceptional reach, to elevate the brand awareness significantly.

    Highly Optimized Ads

    Highly Optimized Ads – Optimization is the guiding light for search engine marketing. The optimized ads would take the brand and business to the potential audience. Thereby, improving conversions and obtaining more sales.  Unlike other advertisements, which are displayed commonly, optimized search engine marketing helps in targeted reach.

    Measurable Performance

    Measurable Performance – The assigned search engine marketing manager would deliver you periodic reports elaborating the statistics, highlighting the channels, and indicating the region where more customers are focused. The measurable performance offered by SEM helps companies to set budgets and decide upon the way ahead.




    SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGY – A properly set search engine marketing process is our exclusive feature. Every activity, every step, and every stage during the SEM services would be checked, analyzed, and measured. The search engine marketing strategy would be prepared based on the received inputs.


    SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of every advertisement and marketing activity in the digital world. Being the crucial aspect, our social media marketing team prepares the keywords and brainstorms the optimization. We establish proper search engine optimization to make the SEM efficient.


    PAY-PER-CLICK MANAGEMENT – Pay per Click (PPC) would be considered the most economical marketing strategy if managed intelligently. Choosing the right keywords and phrases, and posting topics closely connected with the business, we manage the PPC more cost-effectively than any other search engine marketing company in California can.


    CONTENT MARKETING AND STRATEGY – Not only perfect content preparation but also content marketing strategy is vital for customer-centric and result-oriented search engine marketing. We know this aspect well and have a handpicked team of professionals for content marketing through a strategized approach.


    SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – If tamed well, social media can play wonders in search engine marketing. Using the right social media platforms, we would elevate your brand reach, establish brand identity and connect with potential customers. Unmatched social media strategy is what we offer to our esteemed clients.  


    ANALYSIS, ANALYTICS & REPORTING – Metrics, indices, and data would be thoroughly studied by our specially appointed team of experts. In addition to providing our clients with a well-prepared report, we would examine the insights to derive methods for enhancing the present search engine marketing campaign.

    Why SocialPulsar?

    Why SocialPulsar?

    You can study the search engine marketing agencies in California, USA. We are sure that you will find us one of the top search engine marketing companies in the country. The dedication and persistent efforts from the team at SocialPulsar have been lauded by the patrons.

    In fact, our clients have been the brand ambassadors for the agency. The word-of-mouth publicity from them has made us a successful search engine marketing company in USA. We have been the trusted agency in California for more than six years, i.e. since inception in 2015.

    Established in USA, after a successful performance in the US, we have been a proven digital marketing company, with a comprehensive understanding of the web world. Choosing us would remove all the burdens regarding digital marketing from your shoulder. Our talented team will handle the complete marketing including search engine marketing impeccabl

    Get in touch with us for digital marketing requirements. Contact now.


    1. What is Search Engine Marketing?

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a productive digital marketing methodology that is used for enhanced brand reach, increased online presence, boosting sales, and wide visibility. It aims at placing the business in the top lot of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Thus connecting with potential customers.

    2. What are the benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

      SEM offers many benefits including exceptional reach, strengthened brand identity, increased brand reach, excellent traffic to the website, target-oriented marketing, affordable marketing, and augmented conversions.

    3. What is the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

      The basic difference between them both is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic digital marketing method. Whereas, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid strategy, for which the budget could be predefined by the business.

    4. How much will it cost for SEM?

      The budget for search engine marketing can be decided by the business firm. An expert digital marketing firm will be able to formulate a cost-effective and budget-friendly SEM.

    5. How does search engine marketing work?

      Search engine marketing uses paid marketing methodologies and strategized approach to improving a brand’s online visibility. It will help the business connect with potential customers effectively.

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