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    Social Media Management Services

    Social Media Management Services

    Custom-tailored Services, Exceptional Outcome

    Social Media Marketing and advertising have proven efficacy in amplifying brand growth and identity. The majority of the Social Media Management Companies in USA would suggest paid marketing campaigns and pay-per-click ads. However, SocialPulsar became the leading social media management agency in California, USA, by suggesting a uniquely tailored social media strategy, according to the brand and business. 

    We focus on garnering organic reach. The leads obtained by creating imaginative social media posts and viral content would construct a strong customer base for the business. Our team brainstorms ideas and concepts that can hook the audience and elevate brand value. This dependable mode of operation has been lauded by our clients. And the word-of-mouth publicity generated has been the fulcrum for our growth as a genuine social media marketing company not only in San Jose or California but also in the entire country. The steps we pursue before commencing social media management services entail:

    Competitor Identification and Analysis

    Competitor Identification and Analysis – Our market experts would list out the top firms from the subject business sector. Their approach, peculiarities of their social media marketing campaigns, the strengths and flaws would be ascertained.

    Engagement through Social Media Campaign

    Engagement through Social Media Campaign – Since we believe in organic reach, which would be cost-effective for our clients, the contents would be optimized accordingly. Helping the brand to reach out to the chosen customer segment.

    Analysis of the Results

    Analysis of the Results – The results of the social media management would be analyzed periodically, to institute improvements.

    Observing the Campaign and Augmenting Reach

    Observing the Campaign and Augmenting Reach – We will persistently observe the campaign, submit you the report and undertake measures to augment the campaign, to make our clients number one in the field. 

    Custom Social Media Management

    Custom Social Media Management

    SocialPulsar is one of the few social media management agencies in USA that offer exclusive campaigns. We formulate the tactics as per the latest trends that could be favorable to the brand, while most of the others follow run-of-the-mill social media management methods.  

    We would conduct more than one meeting with the client to discuss the goals and suggest a fruitful way ahead. The brand marketing tact would be modified based on the inputs and suggestions from the business heads and authorized members of the entity. Rather than suggesting an existing social media management package, we customize it for each of the clients. 

    Are you looking for a social media management company in California?

    Get in touch with us today. Collaborating with SocialPulsar, the leading social media management company in California, USA, would be the right step towards growth.

    Services that Social Pulsar Provides

    Services that SocialPulsar Provides

    A wide presence across all the social media platforms is what we promise. We would design social media posts depending on the platform and optimize them for optimum organic reach. Gaining reach, publicity, and identity to the business organization and connecting it with the customers. 


    Facebook marketing – Explore the possibilities of the leading social media platform, Facebook, to promote your brand through brilliantly conceived social media management services. It would render you with matchless growth prospects and wide reach. Dial us now to know more.


    Twitter marketing – Twitter can transform your world through simple 280 character tweets that have been hashtagged perfectly. Grow the followers of the brand, spread the word about important announcements, and use specially designed CTAs to gain better conversions in the shortest time.


    LinkedIn marketing – LinkedIn is one of the least explored social media. Many social media management companies are not aware of the potential of this professional networking platform. We have identified the strengths and possibilities of this sleeping giant. SocialPulsar uses LinkedIn posts for our esteemed clientele.


    Instagram marketing – The new-age sensation Instagram remains the most effective social media network to introduce your brand, predominantly to youngsters. We use catchy Instagram posts and Instagram Reels to cement the brand identity in the customers’ hearts and reap the benefits.


    Snapchat marketing – Another social media platform that is not much explored by social media management agencies in USA. Our experienced team would utilize the unique characteristics and reachability of Snapchat to introduce the brand to users and convert them into customers.

    Benefits of Social Media Management

    Benefits of Social Media Management

    Unparalleled benefits make social media management a compulsory digital marketing methodology for every brand. No company, hoping for growth, can give a blind eye to social media management services.


    Cost-effective – Focussing more on organic reach, search engine optimized social media posts would help you get more customers without spending much.


    Customer-centric – The potential users could be identified and the social media management and marketing campaign could be optimized accordingly. Thus customer-centric features could be highlighted to get more sales and conversions in the shortest time.


    Budget-friendly – Traditional advertisement and marketing through visual and print media can cost you dearly. Whereas, social media management could be limited according to the budget availability. Furthermore, the affordable packages from SocialPulsar, the Leading Social Media Management Company in USA makes more budget-friendly compared to the others. To discuss the boundless benefits of social media management, contact us now.

    How Do We Make Social Media A Safe Haven For You?

    How Do We Make Social Media A Safe Haven For You?

    Social media has its merits and drawbacks. It has to be handled carefully to prevent pitfalls that may hamper the brand image and cause a downturn in publicity. The professionals from the social media management agency you hire must understand the unique aspects of the social media platforms.


    Sweepstakes – Social media pages could be activated to garner more reach by utilizing sweepstakes. Contests, challenges, and polls could be conducted for people to compete. They may be directed to tag their friends and connections, by which, more brand reach could be obtained. We offer far-reaching competitions on a low budget.

    Targeted Ads

    Targeted Ads – In-depth market research, customer experience analysis, and distinctive brand specialties could be the basis for targeted ads. Our proficient social media management team will study the scenario keenly and implement search engine optimization measures. The targeted ads, thus made, will connect potential users with the business.

    Reputation Management

    Reputation Management – A brand’s online reputation would directly affect its performance. Our social media management services would include Online Reputation Management (ORM), to keep the business outlook optimistic. Responding to online reviews and interacting constantly with the customers, we would generate a reliable identity for the firm.

    Creative Content

    Creative Content – Social Media Management stands strong on the shoulders of creative content. Effective creative contents are the result of exhaustive brainstorming sessions among the content creators, marketing experts, and design team. Engaging creative content would easily outperform the competitors and increase brand popularity widely.

    Social Optimization

    Social Optimization – Social media optimization would necessitate skills as well as thorough knowledge about the digital world. Constant monitoring for the algorithmic changes happening in the platform is also necessary to comply with the same to improve the performance of the posts.

    Real-time Alerts

    Real-time Alerts – Proactive steps are vital for making the social media marketing and management campaigns live. Acting quickly, in real-time, would improve the efficacy of the posts. We have a constant monitoring methodology in place to prevent delays and ensure real-time alerts and actions.

    Why Social Pulsar?

    Why SocialPulsar?

    SocialPulsar doesn’t leave any stone unturned in offering the best social media management support to our clients. We have a systematically structured organization to make the services client-centered. The impeccably formulated SMM processes would deliver results within a short time.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Dedicated Account Manager – SocialPulsar assigns a dedicated account manager for each of our clients. S/he will be available 24×7 to act upon any kind of requirement from the client. The dedicated account manager planning and executing the social media management make the campaign lively and productive.

    Client Support

    Client Support – Clarifying the doubts, integrating the suggestions, discussions based on opinions, and incorporating changes as per the client has been the exclusivities of SocialPulsar, the number one Social Media Management Service in California. We aim to support the clients in the best possible manner.

    Custom Built Packages

    Custom Built Packages – Each business is different, so must be the campaigns. We would propose you a custom-built package to meet your specific goals and business objectives. Let it be reaching out to maximum customers, establishing the brand identity, or increasing sales; the package would be customized accordingly.

    Affordable Pricing

    Affordable Pricing – Affordably priced packages, without any reduction in quality, make the social media marketing and management campaigns from us budget-friendly and acceptable to entities of any financial stature. Choose us to be your social media management company and embrace exemplary growth.

    Audience & Engagement

    Audience & Engagement – User experience is the predominant factor to ensue organic leads and conversions. We would define the audience segment for the particular business sector and create content to engage them. In turn, converting them into returning customers. 

    Lead Generation

    Lead Generation – Generating productive leads demands creative, as well as, useful content. A proper understanding of the situations and customer needs would be essential to generate leads and reach more users online.

    Strategy Creation & Development

    Strategy Creation & Development – Strategized social media management programs would help your brand stand out among the crowd. Besides making it more engaging and constructive to the core. Being a responsible SMM company, we study, create and develop a fruitful campaign for our clients.

    Insights, Benchmarks & Trends

    Insights, Benchmarks & Trends – Customer insights would be evaluated to prepare the benchmarks and ascertain the trends. Our social media posts would be designed accordingly, to gain a great leap from the information obtained. Even the subtlest factor would be examined to make social media management more productive.

    Performance Measurement

    Performance Measurement – The performance of the social media marketing would be measured frequently to observe the highly performing posts and understand the factors influencing the potential users. Based on that, additional inputs would be provided to the creative team to modify the subsequent posts.

    Content Creation & Distribution

    Content Creation & Distribution – Both visual and written social media contents would be created after a comprehensive examination only. The posts would be distributed through predetermined channels after implementing search engine optimization. Get in touch with us to know more about the content creation and distribution methodologies pursued by us. 

    Monthly Reporting

    Monthly Reporting – We would submit monthly reports, indicating the all-encompassing analysis, conversion rates, bounce rate analysis, and other relevant elements. The comprehensive analytical report would be prepared using online tools including Google Analytics. The remarkable improvements we could achieve could be confirmed from the reports we render.


    1. What is social media management?

      Social media management is the process of managing social media pages of clients, implementing measures to improve social media presence, posting creative content to garner reach, collaborating with influencers to increase the outcome, and monitoring the social media presence of the brand, to incorporate productive measures.

    2. How to manage social media effectively?

      Effective social media management is the result of concerted efforts. It would necessitate competitor analysis, social media strategy, content optimization, identifying the customer segment, constant monitoring, and relentless efforts to continue the performance.

    3. What makes social media management important for business entities?

      Social media management is the most productive and cost-effective digital marketing methodology. The social media platforms could be explored to channelize customers to the brand. Social media management has become an unavoidable aspect in the present scenario.

    4. Which are the skills necessary for a social media management company?

      The social media management company must have a coherent team with skills including social media strategy, market expertise, in-depth knowledge on SEO, exceptional online tactics, thorough professionalism, and proactive execution.

    5. What are the roles of a dedicated social media manager?

      The dedicated social media manager would monitor the campaign performance constantly. S/he will plan, prepare, execute and promote social media posts and publicity material through the exclusive team for each client. The dedication of social media manager is vital for fruitful campaigns. Haven’t you thought of social media management for your company yet! Don’t delay. Talk to us now and commence the campaign right away.

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