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    Social Sweepstakes Services

    Social Sweepstakes Services

    Challenges and contests for the customers, to make you a winner

    Our social sweepstake services will focus on reducing the expenses, at the same time, rendering exceptional outcomes. Each of the social media campaigns from our social sweepstake company in California would be prepared after researching the potential customers.

    Yes, what’s the use of the social sweepstakes that don’t connect with the prospective audience? The engagements including likes, shares, subscriptions, and comments should be from the users, who hold a high probability of conversions. Devising such a productive sweepstake is what complicates the process.

    We generated the identity of one of the most reliable sweepstakes companies in San Jose, San Francisco, California by displaying matchless commitment and delivering exclusive results. The business objectives would differ depending on the brands and perceptions of the clients. The social sweepstakes services need to be structured according to varying needs.

    Some businesses may seek more qualified leads, some others may want more email subscribers. The third group of clients may seek more traffic to the website or eCommerce platform and so on. The style and pattern of the social sweepstakes would be varying consequently. So do the overall placement and CTA.

    A blind approach would be suicidal in the case of social sweepstakes in California or any other part of the world. Our main aim is to drive users, who may convert to customers. Meaningless traffic would just lead to exorbitant expenses and an ineffective social sweepstake campaign.     

    Be cautious when you hire a social sweepstakes company in San Francisco, San Jose, California. Choose the right one. Choose SocialPulsar.

    Social Sweepstakes Company

    Social Sweepstakes Company

    Social sweepstakes companies in California, US, and around the world help businesses and organizations to create social sweepstake campaigns for different needs. The focus should be on the intended outcome and contests, challenges or lottery must be designed around it.

    Brilliant social sweepstakes campaigns would not appear as a marketing exercise at all. It would appear as if customer-oriented service extended by the business entity. The audience would be nudged silently to share the campaigns through all the social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Having said that the social sweepstake agency you hire should offer a custom-tailored methodology for the social media sweepstakes.  It should hit the bull’s eye and return the planned benefits.  

    Are you searching for a social sweepstakes company in California, US?

    We are the best fit for all your social sweepstake needs. Just get in touch with us now.



    Facebook Giveaways

    Facebook Giveaways – Plan, prepare, and promote your business through Facebook giveaways and multiply the product reach immensely. A wide marketing and publicity campaign would be vital for reaching peak participation levels from potential users. Leverage from the Facebook giveaway to establish the brand presence and announce your exclusivities.

    Facebook Sweepstakes

    Facebook Sweepstakes – Contests and challenges in Facebook can be an optimally rewarding social sweepstakes methodology. Link the competition with your brand and augment the visibility enormously. The Facebook sweepstakes would bring the outcome to the table. Use our expertise for implementing Facebook sweepstakes in California or any other region in the US.

    Why Choose Our Social Sweepstakes?

    Why Choose Our Social Sweepstakes?

    Generate More Leads

    Generate More Leads – More qualified leads mean more conversions and growth. We guarantee to generate more leads with social sweepstakes services that are determined after thorough analysis and ascertainment. Our social sweepstakes company deploys tested and proven tactics to gather qualified leads. This would be pivotal for raising the growth prospects.

    Grow Your Email Database

    Grow Your Email Database – Are you looking to enhance the email database through social sweepstakes? Then, the sweepstake services must be set accordingly for the customers to share their email ids. We cannot enforce the users to provide us the emails. It necessitates an impeccably well-developed process to get potential clients on board.  

    Drive More Traffic To Your Website

    Drive More Traffic To Your Website – Do you run an e-commerce platform? Do you want more visitors to your brand website? The social sweepstakes and the CTA have to be in such a way to usher the qualified leads to the brand portal. Choosing the right leads would be effective in increasing conversions.

    Create Brand Awareness

    Create Brand Awareness – Are you a new business in the market? Are you launching a new product? Do you plan for a new venture? Social media sweepstakes can be leveraged to gain significant brand awareness. Our social sweepstakes agency in California will create a remarkable awareness about your brand.

    Increase Customer Engagement

    Increase Customer Engagement – We aid in increasing customer engagement through brilliantly placed CTA buttons and catchy sweepstakes that are designed by our creative team with the marketing experts. Our social sweepstakes company has been offering custom-defined services to clients from California and other regions in USA.

    social-media (4)

    More Fans, Followers, and Customers – Our social sweepstakes company has several clients from varying business verticals. We have been fortunate to extend our valuable services to domestic enterprises, prominent entrepreneurs, and multinational giants.  Let us know your requirement; an increase in fans, followers, subscribers, or customers. We would submit a tailored sweepstakes service for you.

    Video-based campaigns

    Expand Existing Customer Base – Are you concerned about the lack of more engagements? Do you want more customers to choose your brand? Is the customer base not increasing even after exhaustive social media exercises? Hire us for intelligently developed social sweepstakes services. Relax and see how the customer base goes up rapidly.


    Create a Group Of Loyal Followers – Followers can fortify the company and help fructify the business goals in a short time itself. Moreover, the followers would be the biggest brand ambassadors for the business, without spending anything extra. Social sweepstakes services can be used to create a group of loyal followers.


    Why Social Sweepstakes?

    Social sweepstakes can turn the decisive factor in a business’s success with a phenomenal increase in customer engagements. An optimized contest, challenge, or similar sweepstake can grab users’ attention and generate traffic to the website.

    The methodology to adopt may depend on the social sweepstakes company the brand hires. It is crucial to set up the contests in such a way to gain maximum reach and publicity. Everything, beginning from the period of competition to the pattern and criteria can turn the determinant concerning the fate of a particular social media sweepstake.

    Brands hiring the social sweepstakes agency should confirm their experience and past records. It may not be right to assign any social sweepstakes company in San Jose, San Francisco, California.

    We are here to formulate the best sweepstakes services for you. Our in-depth understanding of the digital world would deliver you impressive results.  

    Get in touch with us now.

    engagement (2)

    Boost online engagement – Put up the best efforts to connect with the audience and boost the online engagement of the social sweepstakes. Let us devise a strategy for making the online contests, giveaways, or challenges rewarding for both the potential leads and the business. A satisfied customer will turn the mouthpiece for the brand.


    Build a stronger email list – Social sweepstakes will render a strong and wide email list, with the current email IDs of individuals. The prospects of winning a prize would ensure that the customers are sharing their latest email addresses. Thus the business can create a stronger email database that can help connect with potential leads.

    engagement (3)

    Inspire Virality – Viral social sweepstakes will offer extensive reach without any additional expenses. The criteria of the competition or challenge should be designed in such a way as to generate more shares and comments. Thereby making the social sweepstakes viral in a quick time. To know more about viral social sweepstakes, contact us now.

     Steps involved in sweepstakes

    • Understanding the audience – Understand their psyche, to make the social sweepstakes more productive.  
    • Experimenting with various platforms – Ascertain which platform is more favorable for the sweepstakes through detailed analysis.
    • Know the type of contest to be exercised – Prepare the contest based on the assessment, with the support of experts.
    • Rethink your rewards – Check and revaluate the social sweepstakes to make it efficient and cost-effective
    • Differentiate yourself from the rest – Don’t be one among the crowd, distinguish yourself with unique social sweepstakes.
    • Have the right resources – Resources make all the difference, explore the right resources for optimal results.  

    Social sweepstake ideas


    Video-based campaigns – Videos with a catchy theme would click with the audience, guiding them to try their hands on the social sweepstakes. We provide 2D/3D animated or shot videos for our clients. The type, style, and length of the video would be finalized in consultation with the business.

    Giveaway campaigns

    Giveaway campaigns – Giveaways will ensure more potential customers flocking in. We would formulate the giveaway to reduce the expenditure and make the campaign more cost-effective. Giveaway is one of the most prolific social sweepstakes if planned intelligently. Our team will brainstorm and determine all the aspects of the giveaway campaign.

    Fan content campaigns

    Fan content campaigns – Grow your fans with specially tailored fan content campaigns. Specially designed fan content campaigns can generate positive word of mouth and help increase the fan following. Do you want to commence fan content campaigns? We are here to help you. Just ping us now.

    Social cause campaigns

    Social cause campaigns – Make yourself available for the destitute and needy. Organize social sweepstakes for them. Get more customers to donate to the underprivileged lot. It would be of immense help to them and would in turn elevate the brand’s goodwill. Let’s put our bit for society through social cause campaigns.

    Why SocialPulsar?

    Why SocialPulsar?

    SocialPulsar is one of the leading social sweepstakes agencies in San Jose, San Francisco, California. We have a well-organized system to ensure that each of the marketing campaigns hit the right spot and render you with excellent results. Our working formulae are based on the 3 Ps; Perseverance, Persistence, and Performance.

    The selected professionals at our social sweepstakes company would work diligently towards the predefined target. They would not stop or slow down without delivering the promised results to our clients.

    Do you want to know more about social sweepstakes? Are you confused about social media sweepstakes? Are you searching for a social sweepstakes company in California, US?

    Connect with us now, if “yes” is the answer to any of the above questions. We would clarify all your concerns before we begin the social sweepstakes service.

    To assign us with the social sweepstakes, connect now.


    1. What is Social Sweepstakes?

      Social sweepstakes are contests, challenges, giveaways, or such activities undertaken online. Social sweepstakes would help businesses to connect with the customers and boost sales, subscribers, followers, and growth.

    2. Are social sweepstakes useful?

      Definitely yes. A brilliantly designed social sweepstake is extremely beneficial for a business. The social sweepstakes company should formulate a brilliant strategy making it more effective.

    3. How much will it cost for social sweepstakes?

      The cost of social sweepstakes would depend on factors including the period of campaign, prize money, and the platforms used. The exact expense of the social sweepstakes could be confirmed based on the campaign specifications only.

    4. Are social sweepstakes legally authorized?

      Social sweepstakes are legal as far as the brand is pursuing the regulations and policies of the social media platform and the laws of the land. We organize social sweepstakes according to the extant policies and directives only, hence legal.

    5. How much time will it take for social sweepstakes?

      The process for social sweepstakes can be started right away on receiving your directive. We would prepare the format and submit it to you. Social sweepstakes will commence as and when you want them to.

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