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    Designs that Would Engage the Audience

    Designs that Would Engage the Audience

    SocialPulsar UI/UX design company in California has been serving a spectrum of businesses from different business verticals.  All our UI/UX design packages are competitively priced to extend support to the maximum business firms in San Francisco, San Jose, California, USA.

    We provide the UI/UX designs after a comprehensive process involving research, analysis, assessment, and implementation.


    Research – The UI/UX design roadmap would be determined based on a detailed research. Our UI/UX design agency has handpicked experts from different branches of digital technology and design enthusiasts, who undertake the exhaustive assessment. Customer interactions, demography identification, and branding analysis would be part of the research.


    User Experience – User Experience or UX of customers would differ according to the geographical location, psyche, and perceptions. UI/UX design features have to be determined depending on the specialties of individuals. The design characteristics of UI also would depend on subject aspects.


    Quality Assurance – Nothing is complete unless revisions based on inputs are not integrated. Our UI/UX company in California would incorporate additional elements that would improve user experience, as well as, offer a productive user interface. Based on the observation during the beta testing. The Quality Assurance team in our UI/UX agency would run several rounds of checks to ensure that everything is proper.


    Scheduled Delivery – We deliver the product in the predefined timeframe. Relentless efforts from our team prevent any kind of delay in our UI/UX design services.

    Are you looking for a UI/UX design company in California, US?

    Get in touch with us now.

    UI/UX Design Company

    UI/UX Design Company

    SocialPulsar stands tall among the UI/UX companies in San Jose, San Francisco, California. Our UI/UX design services have been the turning point for many companies in the US. We deliver custom-design elements specific to brands, instead of generic design ideas.

    The UI/UX designs would highlight the company’s USPs and hook the audience with its sheer brilliance. Each of the websites and apps designed by our UI/UX design agency would be distinctive. Rather than depending on the run-of-the-mill concepts, we derive unique ideas and use them for our valued clients.

    We are one of the top UI/UX companies in San Jose, California. The dedicated efforts and committed actions have been the pivotal reasons that made us one of the most sought-after UI/UX design agencies in San Francisco, San Jose, California.  

    Hire us for your UI/UX design needs. Dial now.

    UI/UX Design Solutions

    UI/UX Design Solutions


    High On Functionality – A responsive and robust UI/UX design is vital for garnering great results. The website, web page, or mobile application that takes an eternity to open may hamper the user experience. Highly functioning portals are what we offer. We have been leading the way with outstanding designs created through concerted efforts.


    Not Just Useful But Empowering – UI/UX designs have a phenomenal impact on branding. The designs should not be formulaic, but a fresh concept that strengthens the brand identity. Our design and development team instills aspects that empower the business. And bridge the gap between the potential user and the brand.

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    Affordable – Affordable UI/UX design packages offered by SocialPulsar have aided entities from different financial stature to revamp their portals, create a fresh feel and connect with the audience. Our UI/UX agency aided business firms to set the sail and proceed ahead gaining remarkable outcomes.

    ui-design (1)

    UI Design Company – State-of-the-art technology and out-of-the-box designs have been our identity. Facilitating an easy and comfortable interface for the users is the mainstay in capturing more customers. UI designs should make a convenient appearance for the potential users to browse through various sections without any confusion.

    ux (3)

    UX Design Company – User experience (UX) depends on several factors. Our UX design company would study the user segment in the specific region, vis-à-vis, the brand specifications. The UX design would be finalized only after examining the decisive factors. To provide a positive user experience that would ensure returning customers.


    Mobile & Web Application Design Agency – Applications that are designed for the brands should render a comfy user interface and exemplary user experience. The potential audience would be browsing the application through varying devices including laptops, PC, mobile, and tablets. The integration of the designs should be viable across platforms without any hassles.

    UI Design

    UI Design

    The UI/UX design company should be able to understand the user’s viewpoints and contemplate the websites and applications from their POV. Many of the UI/UX design agencies in California, and other locations, overlook this important point, whilst proceeding with UI design. The user should be the first and last concern for the company.

    S/he should be able to navigate through different sections without any dilemma. The various services and sub-sections should be clearly defined for them to go directly to the required page. Our UI/UX design agency in San Jose undertakes an all-encompassing survey to confirm this quality, before launching the site. A guidepost kind of web structure is essential, without making clutter.

    It should not happen that the potential customer is bothered about clicking a particular section, for the fear of making a mistake. The UI design of the website should have the option for correction even if the user clicks on a wrong link. They must be assured about the possibility to “undo” erroneous clicks.

    Interactive web designs are more productive than other types. The UI design should have interactive characteristics to meet the expectations of the audience. Technical brilliance along with creative talent is necessary for making the UI features appealing to the customers.

    The website should display sections for conversing with the brand effortlessly. This is an optimistic trait that attracts qualified leads. Moreover, a responsive business is expected to fetch instant fame through word-of-mouth publicity. Be proactive to the users’ needs and fulfill those without any delay. The UI design should underscore the commitment of the business to the customer.

    A disarranged website or mobile application is the last thing you should deliver. More often than not, businesses think of introducing several services and clickable buttons on the same page. The info littered all over the web page will make browsing a hectic task. Leading to reduced conversions and increased bounce rates.

    Put only the required items on the web page. Just remove those buttons, which you think not useful for either the company or the client. Our UI/UX design agency in California undertakes website auditing and suggests the changes accordingly. Only the vital elements that would be beneficial for both the brand and customer would be placed in the ideal spaces.


    Jugglery of words cannot get you the customers. Modest, elegant, and easy to comprehend terminologies can engage the potential leads and would be productive for conversions. Our UI design team would use simple terms and phrases that would convey the message without any complications.

    We have seen businesses in California and other regions in the US relying on “Big” words to narrate about them. Big words cannot gain you the required attention, but a big heart can. Have a positive attitude and make it evident in the UI designed for the brand website. Complex wordings can affect the business adversely. Our UI team uses catchy content created by the content experts in our UI/UX design company.

    Searching for a UI design company in California, US?

    Check us out now.

    UX Design

    UX Design

    The UX design defines how a user would feel whilst use a website or product. The UX design team at our UI/UX design agency in California would observe the web page from a customer perspective before finalizing the UX design features.

    User experience or UX can make or break a brand. A target-centric website should have prolific features integrated, based on the concepts of the identified client segment. The UX designers ask a few questions before moving ahead with the design characteristics.

    How can we improve user experience?

    Why should a customer continue browsing?

    What would ensure their continuous association with the brand?

    The team at our UI/UX company would brainstorm the possibilities, for providing creative answers to the aforesaid questions. All-out efforts from the UX design team would be instrumental in reaching satisfactory answers. And implementing the formulated processes in the online platforms.

    Custom UI/UX Services

    Custom UI/UX Services

    Custom-designed UI/UX services make a brand stand out. It would lead to a positive impact in the market and turn more constructive than generic web design features. The UI/UX customization offered by our UI/UX design agency would be based on the brand’s market reach, customer segment, and business objectives.

    A complete analysis concerning the present brand reach, identity, and the audience would be undertaken. The proposals for the UI/UX designs would be followed by a series of in-house deliberation among the assigned team members. The business/ brand will have a dedicated accounts manager for all the queries related to the development.

    The clients can reach out to the accounts manager for clarifications, suggestions, and proposals. Furthermore, s/he will submit a frequent report until completion and delivery of the created UI/UX design. The constant relation will ensure a proper design that can get the business exceptional outcomes.

    Do you want us to handle your UI/UX design?

    Connect with us now.


    1. What is UI/UX design?

      UI/UX designs are pivotal aspects in web and mobile applications. UI or User Interface would help in user interaction with the application. UX or User Experience would define how productive was the user experience while using the application.

    2. What do UI/UX designers do?

      UI/UX designers would design the website’s appearance and make it productive for the users. The UI/UX designers would make the web design unique, give the website a clutter-free appearance and ensure that the potential users are able to browse through without any difficulties.

    3. How much the UI UX design costs?

      The UI UX design cost would depend on the complicacy of design features, the time necessary for implementing the features, the involvement of expertise and so on. Contact us now to know about our affordable UI UX design packages.

    4. What is the difference between UI and UX design?

      UI design is the visible portion of a website or application, with which the user interacts. UX design would decide the overall experience of a user whilst interacting with a website. UX design is more complex than UI, as it must identify relevant areas that can deliver a satisfactory experience to the potential leads.

    5. How long will it take for UI/UX design?

      The time taken for UI/UX design would depend on several factors including the complexity of the website, and the features required. We are renowned for completing the UI/UX design in the promised time schedule. Reach out to us for UI/UX design in the shortest time.

    6. Why UI and UX are important?

      A brilliantly designed UI and UX ensure a positive customer experience. That would be pivotal in connecting with more customers, eventually leading to brand growth.

    7. Will you provide reports on the UI/UX design process?

      Our assigned client manager would brief the clients about the status of the UI/UX process in a periodic manner. This would continue until the completion of the UI/UX design project.

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