Having a massive follower base of 2.26 billion users worldwide Facebook is one of the popular public platforms for business promotion. Expert Data analysis reveals the fact that Facebook occupies the second position to YouTube in terms of popularity among US audiences, and the world-renowned social network is twice as popular as its nearest like-for-like competitor. This clearly states that your PPC campaigns will be accessible for a larger number of audiences if run efficiently on the Facebook page.

We provide some of the key factors to be understood while carrying out a paid campaign on Facebook. 


Optimize your sales funnel

When it comes to Facebook ads the behavior of the audience you are addressing has to be considered effective, as they include your target audience. In Facebook paid marketing campaigns it is always advised to organize a series of campaigns with different motives and different methods of presentation for inviting audience attention. It’s potentially most useful if you run a series of campaigns at the same time, all with different goals which could lead to creating your own social sales funnel. 


Ensure building engaging content for prospective customers and optimize your campaigns. By targeting that set of audiences who have already engaged in viewing your campaign, it’s possible to achieve much higher conversion rates.


Build exposure through frequencies 

Through ad frequency method it is possible to figure out how many times a particular person has viewed your campaign. This is an important factor as audiences who witness your ad repeatedly are more likely to recall it. It is also equally important to make sure that your campaign is not occurring repeatedly. Repeated occurrence might destroy the campaign quality. Be sure to place a frequency cap on your advertising report for the efficient monitoring of your campaign. Once the audience is saturated, your PPC costs will slowly begin to increase. If you notice sharp increases in your costs, it is advised to duplicate your ad set and re-launching it for new targets – thus helping to realign your campaign for fresh audiences. 


Set your budget

If you are organizing multiple campaigns at a time, you should be able to monitor the efficiency of each. Understanding the productivity of each campaign you should assign the budget. Allocate more funds for those campaigns that are running efficiently. Google Analytics has a reliable platform for gaining insights into campaigns, this will enable you to understand the effective performances of each campaign. 


Effective Placement

Once you are set with your campaign idea, you should require to decide where to effectively run it. It is important to analyze the outcomes each platform may bring to you and act accordingly. Each social platform has got its own merits and demerits. One should be very much aware before confirming a platform. It is equally important to assure that no money invested in the campaign is wasted.


Choosing the right Bidding option

Bidding in social media has to be performed efficiently, as the viewability of your ad is greatly dependent on your bidding amount. These platforms prioritize the promotion of ads based on the bidding amount. Advertisers are required to select the type of campaign they want to host – whether it’s based on conversions in the form of link clicks, landing page views, or certain on-site interactions. 


Recycle your ad

This is an important factor when it comes to preserving the engagement figures of a particular ad. Sometimes, the ad tests that you would perform to improve your campaign might remove all the engagement actions registered in that particular ad and restart the process from the beginning. To avoid such an action from occurring you can utilize the technique called “Social Stacking”.


For performing social stacking, go to the ad preview page of the existing advertisement you’re aiming to keep. Click on the drop-down menu to the top right of the preview and select the option ‘Facebook Post With Comments’. Copy the end of the existing URL for your ad and then choose to ‘Use Existing Post’ when setting up a new campaign. Paste the copied Post ID from the previous step and voila – a brand new PPC ad with all the relevant likes and comments carried over.


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