Google’s Danny Sullivan has announced that a core algorithm update is rolling out on May 4, 2020 via Twitter. About an hour past he announced, the update would take about 1-2 weeks to roll out completely. This is the second update from Google this year. First update of 2020 was on January 22nd which was on Featured Snippet Deduplication. Let us see the new update “May 2020 Core Update” in essence.


  •  Purpose of Core Updates

Broad core algorithm updates aim in making some notable effects across search results all over the world. Google strives to serve the most relevant content for the search queries. To enhance the quality of  search engine results, it implements core updates. Sites will inevitably notice drops or gains in search rankings when a core update rolls out due to the reflection of content relevancy. If the content becomes relevant since the last update it secures higher rank and vice versa.


  • Covid impact in search behaviour

This was the first update from Google since the pandemic struck the world. So, it occupies a status of volatility. Not only the economies were changed, it also made some significant shifts in the user’s search behavior. COVID-19 has changed what people need from Google’s search results. Searches on  travel, entertainment and more which was highly relevant once had a great fall. And new Keywords like COVID  itself began to reign the search. Search engines are flooded with search queries requesting information about the virus itself, or places offering remote services, or where to buy much needed products online.


  • Relevance of the update in the pandemic

Due to the instantaneous shift in the user’s search behaviour, Google is put to face the unique challenge of catching up with how the world is searching. As ever it never compromises for bringing the best user experience, with time we can see how people are finding it easier to access the information they need through Google Search.


  • Role of SEO in the Update

During this pandemic content plays an important role in search engines and thus May 2020 Core Update ends up being a good thing for SEOs. As the services provided by SEOs are valuable at times of algorithm updates,  companies will have room in their budget for SEO when the update fully rolls out. That means SEOs may soon find themselves in a position where there’s a significant rise in demand for their work.


  • Aim of the Update 

Google advises the site owners to optimize their site content regularly to serve the most relevant information to the users. It also reminds that there isn’t anything special to fix, if the rankings of the website drop after a core update. Generally, we could interpret that Google gives a hint to make each piece of content the most holistic resource on the web for a user’s specific query.



  • Innovations regarding Heat maps

Heat maps can be used to show where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, or used to display the results of eye-tracking testsThe heat maps created on the data extracted from Google Analytics can help you easily identify and visualize trends within your important Google Analytics  metrics such as the number of new visitors, pages/session etc.

How to recover from the update?

As the websites are being ranked against other websites relevant to your query, the rankings could be dropped or increased for unique reasons. Thus Google cannot suggest any ways for improving or withstanding. Focussing on some prime elements like User intent, Quality content, Clean architecture and Google’s guidelines could help you to recover from the down throws.