If you have built a website for your business in San Francisco and set up a Facebook page, the next step is creating your Instagram bio. You need to present in your brand in such a way as to not only attract but also retain new customers. Instagram is an essential component of marketing these days. Sharing great content on Instagram may be helpful but you need to build trust in your brand among your followers. Your Instagram and author bios will help you to build trust. Read on to know more.

 Instagram Bio Basics

 Instagram has more than one billion users and it is important to find the right followers for enhancing the online profile of your business. Users of all demographics and ages are there on Instagram. However, the number of women using the network is slightly more than the number of men subscribers. This means that it is the best place for selling products related to women.

 Most users just scan through bios and photos and decide whether to follow you or not. Therefore, you can’t take long to catch their attention. Further, though it may seem easy, it is difficult to build a loyal Instagram following. However, working with the Best Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco would make it a bit easier for you to achieve your goals.

 Instagram Bio – What Is It

 Users stumble on to the bio when reading your profile. Sometimes, they may look at your photos first. However, they look at your Instagram bio and decide whether to follow or not follow you. Your bio appears below your name and your company’s name. You should share critical information about yourself and your brand. In addition to telling your audience about you, it is important to include information as to what you do and why your brand stands out. Further, it is a good idea to add contact information.

 Ideally, your Instagram bio should:

 Make it easy for your followers to contact you

  • Communicate essential information as regards your brand and its USPs
  • Present you and your personality and brand in such a way as to match with the tone of voice and style as in other social platforms.
  • Be a platform that shares valuable information and includes activities for your target audience to engage in, for example, brand testing, clicking a link, and registering for an event.

 How to Develop a Good Instagram Bio

 It is highly recommended that you with a reliable Social Media Marketing Company in the USA for developing a great Instagram bio.

 Know Your Audience – You should know your customers, where they’re based, which age group they belong to, their income bracket, what their interests are, and what kind of jobs they do. 

 Set Your Instagram Bio – Add your name and the name of your business. This will help users to find you.

 Instagram Description – It should specify your USP.

 There are other things to do as well. You need to stylize your Instagram bio, use the right hashtags, list your Interests, include a call-to-action button, and link to your website. Finally, do some research before setting up your Instagram bio.